FARGO, N.D. (AP) — American Crystal Sugar Co. and its union workers are heading back to negotiations.

Talks between the company and the union representing about 1,300 workers who have been locked out since Aug. 1 were to resume Monday. A federal mediation service in Minneapolis didn’t disclose the place and time.

American Crystal and the workers at five sugar beet processing plants in North Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa are locked in a contract dispute. The factories have been running with replacement workers.

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Comments (7)
  1. Sue J says:

    The Unions dropped the ball on this one, give me, give, give was all they wanted!

  2. HDMC says:

    “The factories have been running with replacement workers.”
    So, why bother with union trained workers? sounds like a sham to me.

    Unions: turning a simple job into a complexed specialized position…that now, without question, can still be performed by an “unskilled” worker.

    1. Mark says:

      @ HDMC

      “unskilled worker”? Does that mean to you that we should live under substandard standards of living? Should we not be allowed the same chance at the so-called American dream that all in our nation’s history has had?

      My father was a union worker who was a warehouseman all of his live. He was left an orphan at a young age, and could not afford to go to college because of that and health issues. He was able to provide a decent life for all 3 of his children, a home, healthcare, a stable pension (until the bankruptcy court of the corporation took it) and college for all his children.

      Now as a worker in a union shop, I fight for myself and members to just have the basics of food and shelter. College for my kids? Not possible unless they choose to saddle themselves with an eternity of debt. A house? Yeah and then I can be foreclosed on because it is not affordable for a working person.

      This is what happens when capitalism with regulations, becomes “greedism” without rules for the wealthiest. You sir are part of the problem, not striving for a solution so all in this nation may benefit not just the chosen few.

      1. GN says:

        I’ve been in union shops. All I was able to determine is that in a union shop, work is optional, innovation killed, and stick it to the consumers the lay of the land. Dump the union, keep the new workers and train them further.

      2. Whitey Fjord says:

        Hey Mark, your kids can join the Military like I did and get their education paid for. It amazes me how brainwashed you Union people are. If unions are so great, why are they mandatory? But you’ll be happy to know, the first steps towards communism/socialism are ALWAYS taken by the unions. Keep up the good work comrade. Just keep telling yourself it’s always the corporations fault…..

        1. truth says:

          Whitey, my son tried very hard to get in but they would not allow it since he was a type 1 diabetic. He didn’t ask for it. Type 1 diabetes is not the same as type 2 where you usually cause it yourself. He wanted to get in very badly. It made me sad.

          Not everyone has this option.

          I can promise you if our government keeps up with giving these corporations “loopholes” so they do not have to pay you and I a decent wage or provide decent benefits, if not in this generation in your kids generation they will have no way to pay any of their bills along with the rest of the upper middle and middle class.

          We continue to buy their products with no choice most of the time and they get millions back in returns so they do not have to hire, give raises or offer benefits.

          Where are your “loopholes” Whitey? Shouldn’t you get a break too? Aren’t you angry that they give them all of this money when you protected our country? My opinion is that you should be getting a lot bigger “loophole” than these companies are getting. I don’t see them willing to stand on the front line.

          Thank you for your service.

  3. truth says:

    It is corporate “greed”. They get more welfare that they have created in the government than those that truly are on welfare. I am not just talking about the bailouts. Unless you make a million a year you might want to think twice about what you are getting paid and how good your benefits are. America was not built on “loopholes” either, the rich created these laws themselves. The upper class is no better. ~ The working upper middle class and middle class (and truly there is no middle any longer), have lost $74.00 a year on wages since 1980. Companies now laying off anyone that has a clue about wages and are hiring just out of college kids so they can pay people what they paid or less in the 80’s. This is a fact. Home prices have doubled, food has doubled, gas has more than doubled, utilities have more than doubled… seriously how long can this go on before not one person can make their bill? ~ Point being, if not the unions, who is going to take care you because our government has created so many “loopholes” for corporations?

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