MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 46-year-old man is dead after crashing into a signpost in Minneapolis overnight. The driver was being pursued by police.

Police said that around 1:45 a.m., officers tried to pull over a stolen car along 31st Street East near Stevens Avenue South in Minneapolis.

The driver, identified as Steven Russell Jennings, didn’t pull over but instead took off in the 2005 Honda Civic.

Police say he couldn’t make the curve from 31st to Chicago Avenue South and hit a semaphore pole.

Officers pulled Jennings from the wreck and began first aid. He was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center, but died of his injuries.

The officers in the car pursuing Jennings went to the hospital also, but they were not seriously hurt. Police said the officers were trying to catch up to the Civic when the car crashed.

There were no other people in the car when it crashed, and no one else was injured in the incident.

The driver’s identity was not immediately released. The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office is assisting.

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  1. Just Sayin says:

    And nothing of societal value was lost.

    1. Just Replyin' says:

      Not true, they clearly did damage to a police car. What a shame, that piece of trash was not worth the dings in bumper of a cruiser that is no longer able to chase more trash this week.

      I am all for these chases that get trash off the street. It is the price we pay for our overall safety. This thief would likely have escalated to killing people. These officers saved lives!!!

      1. Richard in Minneapolis says:

        “I am all for these chases that get trash off the street.” Until they mow down someone on their bike, or jump the curb and hit someone standing in their yard, or given that this was in the early morning hours, broadsided another car at an intersection. As friend of mine once said: “They can never outrun a radio.”

    2. Guy says:

      Not true. There was damage to the squad; the signpost; the STOLEN car and (minor) injuries to the cops…

      Good riddence to the trash.

  2. SA says:

    what about the pole?

    1. twofiveone says:

      Could we harvest the organs from this thief? They could be donated to the many people waiting for hearts, lungs, etc.. or, maybe, better yet, finance the new Vikings stadium that we so need.

      1. red says:

        we don’t need a new Vikings stadium, they have one last I checked. there are more important things

        1. twofiveone says:

          Please don’t say that. Aren’t you afraid you’ll hurt Wilf’s feelings and leave Minnesota! Without the Vikings our state will fall apart. Our roads will crumble, our schools will be below average, people will not be able to afford health care, and the list goes on. So please Minnesota let us pull together in these difficult times and get a new stadium built. Our future depends on it.

      2. Guy says:

        Probably AIDS infested and crack or meth damaged.

        Defective 2nd rate product… just like their original owner…

    2. Taylor J says:

      Huge damage to the pole. Emergency Pole Repair (EPR) crew was dispatched immeadiatly once they heard the pole was hit. They had to bring in the jaws of life to assist the injured pole and get it straight again. No telling how long it would take for this pole to get cleaned and repainted. One EPR crew stated that the pole should make a full recovery, but it’s going to need time.
      In leu of flowers and card for the pole, drivers are asked to turn on their emergency lights each time they pass by this pole.

      1. The REAL, real Jake says:

        I suggest a fund be setup to aid the pole in its expenses for recovery perhaps a benefit should be also held with a meat raffle and band. Then the pole’s mother and uncle can take off with the money to the casino. Afterward the pro Viking stadium crowd can complain that if we had a state owned casino on Block E those stolen dollars could have been spent there instead and Wilf would have his stadium and the Vikings would stay thus insuring the State wouldn’t fall apart in complete collapse for not having a Pro Football team in which its players beat their wives and girlfriends. Yes its so clear now what should been done.

    3. Watching says:

      This is not the time for ethnic questions.

  3. JJ says:

    I’m worried that the curb may be damaged too ?
    At least the trash was collected when the morgue folks showed up

  4. Bp says:

    You are all forgetting about an innocent victim in this. What about the poor Civic?!! Scarred for life….

  5. Appreciated says:

    Thank you officers for all you do.

  6. Grover says:

    “The officers in the car pursuing the driver went to the hospital also, but they were not seriously hurt. Police said the officers were trying to catch up to the Civic when the car crashed.” Why did the officers have to go to the hospital? The article doesn’t indicate they crashed. Weird…

  7. fact says:

    Another reason not to buy a Honda Civic. Highest stolen vehicle in the US.

    1. Taylor J says:

      It’s because of the gas efficiency. 🙂

      1. fact says:


        I prefer my luxury car. 🙂

      2. Sonia says:

        Possono fare molto di pi sotto il punto di vista grafico. Il cubo ha fatto cose mrliiogi.Ormai quando esce un gioco per wii si spera sempre e solo che sia giocabile, io preferisco sempre pensare che sia si giocabile ma che abbia pure una grafica all’altezza del wii, e la maggior parte della roba che esce non all’altezza delle potenzialit di questa console

  8. Common Sense says:

    You’ll continue to say that until you become a victim, then you will change your tune. Think about it, if we don’t chase, then whats going to stop them???

    1. AssUmptions says:

      This time a pole 🙂

    2. The REAL, real Jake says:

      Someone with a Conceal and Carry permit will chase them down and shoot them …DUH!!!

  9. Yugo fan says:

    Why would any intellegent [Ijust answered my own question] steal a pirece of junk?

  10. Yawn... says:

    The sign post didn’t say STOP did it?

  11. Randall says:

    this guy had a loooooog wrap sheet. he just saved the tax payers another 30 years or more of on and off again prosecution, incarceration and not to mention the future victims. my condolences to the family but at least i’m comfortable knowing this is one less person to harm my family or myself.

    1. CITBOC says:

      This guy really does have a very long wrap sheet. Fleeing police officers in the past as well, along with drug charges, stolen property, etc.

      You’re right Randall, one less on the streets to harm innocent people, and definately a savings to taxpayers for public defender, incarceration, etc. Funny with his history that he was even out on the streets.

  12. Fed Up says:

    So, I guess we can say the car thief smoked a pole.


  13. HDMC says:

    semaphore pole. HA

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