ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A Muslim woman convicted of conspiring to funnel money to terrorists in Somalia is protesting a ban on headwear at the Sherburne County Jail where she’s an inmate.

Amina Farah Ali says her religion, Islam, requires her to wear a head covering, or hijab, in public. Ali’s attorney, Dan Scott, says she has refused to come out of her jail cell to eat.

Jail commander Pat Carr tells the St. Paul Pioneer Press that no personal clothing is allowed in the jail, including headgear. Sheriff Joel Brott says Ali is not going without food, but he didn’t know if she was eating in a dayroom or her cell.

The 35-year-old Rochester woman was convicted last week of conspiracy to provide material support to al-Shabab.

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  1. MN_Mom says:

    She isn’t in public, she’s in her new home. Deal with it woman. You break the rules you suffer the consequences. No special treatment!.

    1. Dionne says:

      Really “for these people there it’s a fine line between citizen and terrorist”? What do you mean by “these people”? Glad to see you are lumping all Muslims into one category. News flash, not all Muslims are terrorists!

      1. markH says:

        Dionne- Perhaps you should educate yourself about the fundamental tenants of Islam before you embark on the defense of a religious ideology. Islam has some decent moral precepts (love for all, for instance) but also contains commands to kill those who do NOT believe its claims. People CHOOSE to become Muslim-it is NOT something you are born with like different colored skin. The Q’uran, the hadith (the reported sayings of their prophet) and sura either command or show tolerance for the abuse of women, murder of apostates, and subjugation and domination by force of other people. Don’t be an apologist for this life-destroying intolerant nonsense just to appear tolerant. Peace.

        1. Logical. says:

          Unfortunately, most people do not get to “choose” their religious affiliations. Most people have a specific flavor of religion (or lack thereof) forced upon them by their parents when they are too young to make their own choices. By the time they are old enough to make their own educated choice, they’ve been brainwashed long enough that they’ll never desire to explore the alternatives.

          Some people eventually escape the beliefs force upon them as children, but unfortunately, it’s too late for most.

          1. SirGareth says:

            It goes for more than religion — the church has your kid for an hour a week; the government school unions have them 30 hours a week 38 weeks a year.

        2. konjokris says:

          RIGHT ON MARH H!!

        3. Get educated says:

          Mark H you reallllly need to get educated. Islam is actually the fastest growing religion in the world. There are the radical Islamics who are the ones causing problems. Just like there are radical Christians who believe that gays are the reason why we are at war. There is also a difference in Muslims and people who are Islamic.

          1. markH says:

            I assure you I am well educated regarding Islam. However, being knowledgeable about a religion does not make it “good” nor does it validate its metaphysical claims. I can assure you without hesitation that there isn’t a Muslim, Jew, or Christian who thinks his neighbor is a “true believer” with respect to his own interpretation of these religious ideologies. You can spend your entire life in service and propagation of a religious belief system only to be told that the intolerant and “radical Islamics who are the ones causing the problems” are the trouble. The foundational texts for this system of belief contains the warrants for the evil-it is spelled out in black and white how a “true” Muslim is to behave and conduct himself, and it is not a disposition of tolerance and understanding. I appreciate your comment but perhaps the need for education in this matter falls to you. Peace.

          2. SirGareth says:

            You appear to equate “fastest growing” with some sort of endorsement of Islam. I know some very fine Muslim people but their religion had nothing to do with it.

            This religion (Islam) has not yet been DE-fanged as most Christian sects were during the enlightenment. Also as much evil as was done in the name of Christianity historically speaking, the tenets of Christianity have always been explicitly towards peace, love, and tolerance and never commanded killing and death towards non-believers

          3. Lisa Page says:

            Yes, there are people who jihad and those who do not. What do you think about Mohammad the founder of Islam who had sex slaves, mutliple wives (one who was nine when the marriage was consumated), beheaded many people because they did not want to follow his religion, attacked and stole possessions from carvans traveling the desert? I can’t relate. How do you relate with this. As a female I find it disturbing

      2. sick and tired of liberals says:

        oh shut up!

      3. Jeff says:

        No, they’re all alah abiding citizens.

      4. Truly sad commentary says:

        Man, these are some offensive, racist, and loaded words by Dionne and Rags, “darkies” and “cover her afro.” WOW

        1. wrong and wrong and wrong says:

          Oh know they are not, Just daily used MN Nice

          1. GRAMMER 101 says:

            “know” REALLY? stay in school kid.

            1. Kelsey says:

              You aint my grammer or grandpa. Whadupwichoo?

          2. Easy enough to resolve says:

            MN Nice = .38’s and .44’s
            May the perps die in peace

        2. not that sad says:

          actually, nobody knows if she has an “afro” and her crimes against the US, knowingly done, are way more offensive. You are just not hearing the anger.

      5. larry says:

        pretty close to all of’m…lets not take the risk…send’m all back….and news flash to you: Islam is not a religion of peace&love BUT HATE….and killing of any who do not adhere to their islamic way.

      6. Gerald says:

        true, but almost all terrorists are muslim, think before you speak, if the muslim culture does not want to be seen as terrorists or supporting terrorists, they need to root out and solve the violent faction within their group or be seen as complying, to be silent is to consent and most muslims are silent to those who bring them a bad name.

    2. Susan says:

      I agree, you break the law, you do the time… You loose all your rights when you break the law.

      1. Something to ponder says:

        Susan, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you do not lose all of your rights when you break the law or even when you are convicted and sent to prison. Don’t believe me, look at the ACLU website or other Prisoner rights publications.
        As American citizens we must remember that rights will erode for all if we look the other way when someone else who we may think is not like us is denied their civil rights. I wonder if the jail told a Jewish inmate he could not wear a yarmulke or a Christian is told that he can not wear a cross or carry a Bible in population, would it get the same negative reaction as the Somali woman in the article?

        1. Al Sharpton says:

          You are correct. This woman will be a pioneer in the 2012 civil rights movement. I’m going to post many of these hate comments on my show this afternoon.

        2. RUFUS says:


      2. Paul says:

        She is required to wear her headband “in-public”, because of her actions she has been removed from “the-publci”.

        1. gerald says:

          the koran does not mention the wearing of the head scare, it is found in the later texts, people often add material to the original and call it law, All three major religions based out of the middle east are just works of historical fiction based on here say and conjecture. The stories are loosely based on events and of course told as if it happend on video tape. The truth is they are just praying to ET, they all mention beings from the sky or “heaven” as the stars were once thought to be the soles of the dead watching us. Ya that turned to be false, as with most of the religious tales. so as long as we have menatally small people praying to a long ago ET we will have fights about it.
          Knowing God = No Peace
          No God = Knowing Peace
          Wake up people, stop giving your money and time to the pedophiles and criminals of your local church, use it to help a neighbor or your local community.

    3. maxey says:

      Let’s get a look at her hair before we start taking positions like this.

    4. kaiwi says:

      That “headgear: poses a threat to prison staff and other inmates as it could be used as a weapon. There is a reason personal clothing of any kind is not allowed in our penal institutions. Perhaps she should spend the rest of her term in solitary confinement and then be allowed to wear whatever ever she wants to–but NEVER in the general population!

      1. me says:

        Yes; but allowing her ugly face to show is a threat to the staff & other inmates being able to keep THEIR dinner’s down …

    5. cindy says:

      Someone should tell her “SHE HAS NO RIGHTS!!!”

    6. Law Abiding Citizen says:

      If I were to committ a crime in a Country other than the USA, and jailed I would have to abide by that countries rules. I dont care what your Religion or Race is, There are rules and regulations everywhere THAT MUST BE FOLLOWED! If you choose to break the law you will be punished. You choose to live in the greatest country in World, make our money,(or recieve it from tax payers), and send it to another country to fund people just like yourself, people who think the rules dont apply to them. You were caught and convicted. Eat or dont, my guess is that wont last very long. Bottom line, you did the crime and now do the time.

  2. Jeff says:

    The religion says she has to wear the head wrap when out in public. If she’s in jail she’s not in Public she’s in “Population”. I know it’s a fine line but then again, for these people it’s a fine line between citizen and terroist. I think she’ll get by.

  3. bobby says:

    Yep- you lose your rights when you go to jail. If you wanted to wear the head scarf, don’t go to prison. Those are the rules. deal with it.

  4. just sayin' says:

    Send all of your money to Ziggy Wilf, people.

  5. barrister says:

    You Minnesota RUBES are nothing but racist bigots

    1. Taco Wilson says:

      You’re right, we should let her go and help her with organizing a community fund-raiser, so she can funnel more money to terror cells in Somalia. Maybe we should deport you…

      1. robin snitcher says:

        If she is so unhappy about our rules of conduct she and all her family members should be sent back to their own country. I am more than a little tired of all the people that come into this country and complain about our lifestyle.

        1. tan pup says:

          And use their “religion” as an excuse to do ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THEY WANT! Barrister – you need to go back to where you came from; you are the rube if you believe that people who want to KILL you – should be allowed to do what they want, when they want and how they want, all in the name of their (any) religion. I would LOVE to see how HER country would treat HER if SHE had been found guilty of just crossing the street by HERself not to mention supporting a terrorist group who wanted to kill all their citizens – all the while taking advantage of the privaliges that others have fought hard to achieve. She should be tossed back into the public of where she can be dealt with under HER religion. SHE needs to be sent back to the hell she wants to create here in the US! If that makes me a racist, so be it! I would think the good law abiding people who contend the Muslim religion is not as SHE has portrayed, would stand up and say that SHE should be sent back to her “paradise” and leave to prove they are as the rest of us, tying to make a difference in their lives without violence and hate. If you don’t want to be associated with murder, hate and all that has been portrayed, then stand up for the law you promised to uphold when you took the oath of citizenship! If you are not a citizen then sit down, shut up or go back back to whereever you came from – this US citizen doen’t give a rats butt about YOUR religion.

        2. GrandmaJ says:

          Robin, your phrase should be LAWS AND RULES OF SOCIETY, not lifestyle. Lifestyle is chosen individually. Laws of the land are set there in stone for ALL OF US.
          And yes, if we were to go to her former country and as a woman refused to wear that lousy looking headgear–we would be in prison–against their law. So I won’t be going to countries in which I plan to break any laws. But in the USA, you best follow the USA laws.

    2. ch says:

      of course, she couldn’t just go over there and shoot someone.

    3. KEEP MN NICE says:

      …we have the highest somali population in America, and we are 70% minorities, if we were truthfully NOTHING BUT racist bigots, 70% of would have some serious self esteem issues….you are obviously an anti social shut-in who has never walked the streets of MN and made an attempt to ADAPT to our culture. There is nothing deceitful about our smiles, and yes, saying excuse me and holding the door for others IS expectable. Try giving more than you take. We ARE Minnesota Nice.

    4. markH says:

      Islam is not a race, it’s a religious ideology. To prove this point, try asking a caucasian to become an African American by next summer. Now ask the same person to convert to Islam in the same timeframe. Do you get my point here? For that matter, Jews are not members of a race either-they are members of a religious heritage that has significant cultural underpinnings-but they are not a separate race. You can become a Jew by converting (same as Christian, Muslim, etc) and do NOT have to change your skin color or race to do so. Peace.

  6. Dave says:

    this is America, go home if you dont like it

    1. joe says:

      She can’t. She’s in jail, dude. You know how that works, right?

  7. Joe says:

    I don’t think we are racist as much as just sick of being told that we are. What ever happened to everyone working towards being an American in America. It was a common goal that united everyone.
    She’s in jail for what she did. She has lost her rights.

  8. tbone says:

    Lets just follow islamis tradition and cut her head off, that way we wont have to look at it in the news anymore

    1. Ruth says:

      Yes! Let’s implement the Muslim law of punishment; in this case, off with the head. People who come to America need to assimilate and be tolerant of our culture and tradition. Instead, WE have to be tolerant of them. I really wonder why MN has the largest Somali population in the country. They certainly aren’t here for the weather, but rather all the FREEBIES we give them. Enough already!

      1. konjokris says:

        The churches bring them here.

  9. TL the alligator says:

    if the toad doesn’t like it then too bad so sad… in America if you do the crime you WILL do the time…..LOL, i will enjoy every day that these two imbeciles sit in prison and i hope its a long long time……let this be the inspiration for thousands to repatriate BACK to somalia…these people are so backwards with no desire to advance or educate themselves that its no wonder the whole country of them is in dire straights…….i say let them live the way they want and consequently die as a result.

  10. Kate Roeger says:

    let her starve then if she can’t follow the rules……anybody else notice that her muslim religion is being used as an excuse to not follow the rules and decorum of American Society? I believe in the freedom of religion but if you chose to live in a society that is not Muslim dominant……than she has to follow the rules of society she is in

  11. FARIDE12 says:

    Put them in a plane and throw them in the middle of a DESERT or JUNGLE this country should kick them out os USA . They are posion to our sociaty ……

  12. duc nguyen says:

    Criminals don’t have rights

  13. lundberg says:


  14. fred says:

    there is nothing in the koran that says women have to wear head coverings.


    1. MaidenMN says:

      You’re absolutely right, Fred. The funny thing is that Islam does NOT “require” her to wear the hijab at all, much less in public. It is a matter of personal choice. Another Muslim that doesn’t even know her own religion, but thinks we’re even more ignorant of it than she is so she can simply pull the wool (or hijab) over our eyes. Some theocratic countries may require it, but the religion, itself, does not.

    2. logical says:

      keeps her brain from falling out

  15. me says:

    …it isn’t home….it’s America….live here and follow it’s rules…..or go home….

  16. She is indeed says:

    she’s so purty
    wonders if she likes men? or girls? can she indulge in either in jail? will she protest if not? so so so many questions

    1. red says:

      she’s gorgeous ain’t she? not

    2. The banjo player from movie Deliverance. says:

      she sure got a purdy mouth…lol

  17. Immigrantwho loves the USA says:

    When in Rome do as the Romans right? Well when in America and you mess them over you rot in jail, head gear or not, I hope that the senate will see what is happening here and QUIT CATERING TO EVERY OTHER CULTURES NEEDS. Im an immigrant, born in a different country lived over half my life in the States I WOULD DIE for this country, I am more American than natural Americans I have a Flag and I praise the troops, I knew that coming to America it would be my new home, I didnt hate it and exploit its kindness. I worked and honored my promise I made when I got Naturalized, I bet half these people funneling money to terrorists are on welfare. So I guess in a sense our tax payers are paying for these people to bomb us, WAKE UP PEOPLE! Its not racism anymore, THAT CARD has been over used, and its over used by the ones who are the most racist of them all! Its time to take a stand and say NO WE WILL NOT CATER TO YOU OR YOUR WAY OF LIFE!

    1. morgan says:

      very well said!

    2. jan says:

      We need more people like you in this country. Thanks for coming here.

    3. Rose says:

      Thank you so much. People like you capture the spirit of America. If everyone felt this way, the world would be a better place.

  18. JohnC says:

    I,m sure that it is uncomfortable for her to go without her hijab. That being said, it is much less uncomfortable going without a hijab in America than it would be wearing a hijab in Somalia. She seems extremely unappreciative of the benefits of our society and therefore she should be given the opton to return to her home country and barred from ever reentering America. That option would save the taxpayers a lot of money and accomplish the objectives of separating her from our society and also punishing her for her crimes.

    1. konjokris says:

      She has to wear their underwear and bra too. That’s enough to keep me on the straight and narrow. ICK.

  19. MN Mom says:

    Let her starve, then she can feel what the children in her home country are going through because of the dictators that she is supporting to run her country.
    She’s in jail, she lost all her rights. Too bad chick- deal with it. I am not racist, but I do get tired of the immigrants who feel our culture has to change for them. They took an oath when they became citizens and they have violated that oath. Send her back. Quick!

    1. Molly says:

      Totally AGREE MN Mom!!! you are soooo right on!! I repeat comment: ‘send her (and her cronies) back!!! Now

    2. jackactionhero says:

      She didn’t take any oath, actually…

      1. MaidenMN says:

        Yes she did. She’s a naturalized citizen. That wasn’t in this article, but in a previous one several weeks ago.

        1. jackactionhero says:

          I did not read “naturalized.” I read US Citizen of Somali descent.

    3. Charlyne says:

      We need to stop taking care of all the immigrants that come over to live on our tax money while they sit on welfare, free medical, free food, free home and cash assistance. If you come over to USA, you should work like the rest of us! We need to stop allowing all the people from coming to America for a “free ride” so they can send our money to their country. Does anyone else see this problem or is it just me?? Go back to your country!!

      1. Rose says:

        Amen. Especially when in a lot of cases, it isn’t even appreciated. It’s a slap in the face when they return the favor by expecting even more!! It’s an enormous slap in the face when they become traitors to our county, like this woman! Oh…and she has the nerve to ask for favors after her atrocities??? NO WAY.

    4. chad says:

      God Bless You and God Bless the USA

  20. one time solution says:

    why not a single terroristic bullet to her head?

  21. MOM OF A SOLDIER says:

    Amen to Immigrant who loves the USA!!!! My son is fighting for our rights on his 5th tour in Iraq! If anyone does not like our laws, and ways —LEAVE.

  22. Naaa says:

    Not in mine ! 😉

  23. Reasonable says:

    This woman is doing everything in her power to just be a huge pain in the rear isn’t she?

  24. Molly says:

    I meant ‘well said’ for what Dave said: ‘go home’ muslim lady if you don’t want to abide by americas laws. too bad she (and the rest of’m) didn’t stay in somalia in the first place. If people who come to our country don’t intend to be americans and abide by the laws of our land then stay where you are, plain&simple.

  25. Fran the Man says:

    AMEN to what???? A suicide bombing????? the sick pups are showing up in droves today here
    BTW- go Amy. You a rich white well known local…..another take down will further elevate your celebrity status. Go for it

    1. Franlover says:

      You were a smashing at the gaypride parade this year Frannie. The idea about the giant rubber band around your waist to make you tight was ingenious sweetie.

  26. Rags says:

    I think I’ve gotten scam emails from ‘Barrister’ offering me free money. That was before he left Nigeria flying first class.

  27. gale says:

    My hope is that we do not change our laws to appease this population of immigrants. As a society we think the majority must change our culture instead of the immigrant changing to fit into the country that they wanted so desperately to come to. Once here learn to speak English, get off of government assistance as soon as possible, and respect the society and its laws.

  28. Holloween says:

    I’m looking for a hi-jab for my Halloween costume, so i will fit in with all the other hoodlums on Halloween.

    1. Brucey says:

      You’ll likely be decapitated. I guess that’s no loss except to the gaypride parade.

  29. sw says:

    Why are we paying to house her in jail anyway? Look at all the money that has been wasted on the court time and now jail – an who is paying – the taxpayers. I say they should be sent back to their own country – there she can wear her outfit!

  30. Mark Edwards says:

    It is blatantly obvious that this person is an enemy of the STATE of America. In fact from all I have seen around the world, the whole of Islam is an enemy of the principles of the U.S. constitution and the whole Christian faith that it was founded on.

    1. Rose says:

      I agree. Makes me wonder how this woman, (who is a traitor and an enemy to the US) has the audacity to ask for ANYTHING after what she did. I say to her: Shut up and Sit down!!

  31. MaidenMN says:

    Is that a threat? Perhaps you can room in her jail cell with her.

    1. KEEP MN NICE says:

      Who are you questioning?

      1. Julie says:

        Minnesota Nice? Minnesota the Islamic terrorist supporting state. Now they are saying there are more like 50 Minnesota Musilms who have gone to jihad or have supported Islamic terrorism. What is wrong with Minnesota?? Also I heard about the Islamic public school in Minnesota paid for by tax dollars that was named after a radical Muslim in history who killed Christians, Tiza, after the terrrorist Tarek Ibn Zihad. Also, Minnesota knowingly let people who clearly support Shari law, not American law, into this country. People who brought and supported bringing these terrorists into America are criminal. Minnesota’s citizens are just lucky not to yet be the carnage that became of those in New York’s trade towers. Minnesota: STOP SUPPORTING TERRORISTS AND ENDANGERING AMERICAN LIVES!!

    2. Lordy says:

      gooooood gaaaawd man _ I just spit up my lunch ;(

    3. Maideninformer says:

      Did you just gas Maiden? Are you the same fat piggywiggy who goes by this name at Honeywell? You were so loud in the lunch room today. Rude, rude, rude. Class up honey and get some new outfits.

    4. @maidenMN says:

      Please dont eat at the Honeywell lunch room anymore Maiden MN. That was beyond belief today. Time to grow up and bathe.

    5. so maiden says:

      does she swallow???

  32. Jay says:

    Dont feel one bit for her! She broke the laws of the state/nation and like any other person that goes to jail/prison, all rights are lost. She should have thought of that BEFORE she got stupid and sent the money in question. When you come to the United States, it is YOUR obligation to learn America’s ways, language, and stay out of trouble. IF you truly want the American Dream, then work for it! Show us you are serious by learning our language.

  33. NO One says:

    AHHHHH ! The media censored me again !!!!!!

  34. Jim says:

    You Minnesotans Stop Whining About Somalians not following the rules and a way of life here. You know these people are Muslims when you brought them in a plane load day after day. Did you think the will thank you for that? Nop, they do the same exact thing that destroy their own country to begin with. As long as US continue to suckup to Muslim country for whatever reason, we will continue to suffer the consequence. Her religion that tell her to put on the scarf didn’t tell her not to support terrorism? You know what? There is not much difference for her, she moved from one taxpayer housing(section 8, where all Somalis live) to another one. The only thing she can’t do is fund raising for terrorist.

    1. ck says:

      “we brought them here” ….. i’m not so sure of that. Looks like the judicial system in the USA gets another case to work. Lucky for this woman she is in the USA and not Somalia, etc.

  35. max says:

    I am not sure how the guy who says “we’re not racists” can do so with all of the racist posts here and other places.

    Question: Are intimates in Sherburne County jail allowed to wear crosses or other Christian symbols?

    1. MN_Mom says:

      She is not banned from wearing it due to it being a religious symbol. There is a dress code and that garb could easier allow her to hide a weapon or other item. Its a safety hazard.

    2. Ms. Bubba will make the head scarf go away says:

      I’m pretty sure they aren’t allowed to wear anything that can bring “danger” to someone else. Wait until she gets to actual prison and Ms. Bubba gets a hold of her. Her religion will be thrown right out the window. Pretty sure she isn’t supposed to fornicate with other woman being a muslim but Ms. Bubba is going to change that.

  36. NO One says:

    REAL news: Alex Jones Censored news: You’re here

  37. Pauline Overby says:

    As much as I agree with their rights, once they are in prision they need to understand security. that scarf can now be used to kill injure them. The State has to consider the security of the inmate vs the safety of them and all other inmates.

    If you want all your rights don’t do things that get you convicted or a crime.

    1. Your Mother says:

      The scarf needs to go, and for her, too bad. It’s just a scarf. Religions aside, the reason most women (and men, who used to wear the flowing garments) still wear them is because the Muslim men say so. The scarves were to protect against the desert sun and windy sands. No “God” has anything to do with it. It’s a man-made BS fairy tale story. If you are in prison, the headscarf is just one more way to hang yourself. These goofy, insane Middle Eastern religious beliefs and their extremist followers are what is costing us trillions of dollars on both sides of the Atlantic. I support freedom of religion ONLY if it doesn’t cost us OUR freedom.

  38. Pavel says:

    Since some of these women want to cover their head I suggest they can make a choice and either cover the head or the body. The guards need to know who they are working with and that would make it easier to know who is whom.

    Joking of course! No! When you go to prison you loose all rights! Suck it up babe!

  39. uyossarian says:

    There is a place for reasonable accommodation of religious differences, as mandated by our values of religious toleration as Americans (these are our values). However, in this case, this is well below the threshold for me to care about. She supported al-Shabab. I’m sure she is getting far better treatment in jail than the two humanitarian aid workers who al-Shabab kidnapped from Northern Kenya a few weeks ago (one already died).

    1. Kate says:

      Reasonable accomodation of religious differences is one thing – and I’m sure her religious convictions are being accomodated while in prison. She’s given time to pray and whatever else she needs to do to be “religious.”

      What cannot be accomodated is an article of clothing that violates the prison uniform and could possibly result in a security risk to other inmates as well as prison staff. No matter how closely she is watched or monitored, so long as she is allowed her hijab, she is allowed the opportunity to hide things in it – things she could use to commit acts of violence in prison.

  40. Karma says:

    The title says it all…”CONVICTED” Muslim

    Convicted = Loss of rights (all of them)

    Now deport her and stick Obummer on the bus, too!

    1. Dizzl says:

      You must be talking about Michelle Bachman. I agree get her out of here!!!!!!!!!

  41. FREEDOM says:

    1. The United States does not negotiate with terrorists.

    2. Firing squads are used in political and military unlawful acts in Somalia, this includes terrorism. You are lucky wearing a hijab is your biggest concern.

    3. Hundreds of thousands of sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers have given their lives to protect our country against the gruesome acts of violence you helped fund. Last time I checked, there is nothing moral about destroying the hand that feeds you.

    4.”Let the civilians die.”….. “going to heaven no matter what,” – someone needs a reality check.

    5. Not all Muslims are terrorists. Your actions not only strengthened violence against mankind, but also defaced the muslim culture and Somali people. You have only fueled the fire citizens have against the social acceptance of Muslim’s. Does making people of your religion out to be monsters really get you a seat in heaven? Somali American’s will now undoubtedly face extreme social hardships, you have hindered their quality of life. There is enough evil in the world, creating more and killing the innocent does give you or anyone else a spot in heaven.

    6. You abused and desecrated the privileges that were graciously extended to you by the United States, and by the State of Minnesota. You are ungrateful, gluttonous, exceedingly selfish and a wicked human being.

    7. This is America. You lose.

    1. Jean says:

      Freedom…you said it!!!!

    2. konjokris says:

      Freedom has spoken, now go on to prison without your scarf.

  42. The Rodentman says:

    The food in prison probably isn’t “halal” (nor Kosher) so all the more reason for it not to eat. If it doesn’t like that fact, it is too stinking bad. I say let it free, deport it back to Somalia with all the other Somali we let into the USA to live on our dime.

    The USA is a melting pot of many cultures, not a crockpot of goat stew.

  43. county jail ?? says:

    So does she get to stay in the Sherburne county jail? Seems like a convicted terroist should be sent some place where her head scarf will the the least of her worries!

    1. Oh boy says:

      Awaiting sentencing …. thats how it’s done in the USA. 😉
      She’ll be headed somewhere …

  44. The Rodentman says:

    Send them all to Canada. They can change “O Canada” to “Somalia”:

    «Somalia, our home and native land
    True Al Quida love in all our sons so bland.
    With blowing bombs we’ll you attack
    Your country strong and free.

    We’re foreign, wide Somalians; we’ll pick a fight with thee.
    Allah keeps our land starving not free,
    Somalia, I’ll stand and pee on thee.
    Somalia, I’ll stand and pee on thee.

  45. Michele says:

    That wearing a veil in jail is even an issue, it seems to me, indicates just how law-abiding most Muslim women are in this state — where they have LIVED for over one hundred years. People need to stop thinking “under God” only means “under the CHRISTIAN God”.

    1. The Rodentman says:

      The headscarf is a security violation. I’d say the same thing about a redneck George Bush kicks butt NASCAR fan wanting to wear an NRA hat.

      It is lucky that it didn’t end up in the SuperMax prison in CO.

      Actually “Under God” means precisely the Judeo-Christian God. The USA was not founded under “muslim” principles. God in his infinite wisdom saw to that.

      1. YourMother says:

        Separation of church and state in the United States is what we are supposed to have in this country, according to our Constitution. When you’re in jail, you’re dealing with the State. All this “under God” stuff is fairy-tale mumbo jumbo. All three of these religions come from the Middle East, and these crazy extremists (all three have extremists there and in the rest of the world) are costing us all trillions of dollars in WAR expenditures. Freedom of religion should only be guaranteed if it doesn’t cost the rest of us OUR freedoms nor our money. It’s too bad we can’t send her back to her country, and, if she is in prison, again, she is dealing with the State, not her mosque. It’s just a scarf, and you can make up any kind of silly religious belief and say “God” said it was OK. Frankly, we need to evolve past that line of thinking. Only fools would believe such nonsense and use it against other fools who would fall for it.

        1. The Rodentman says:

          I’m calling BS on that. The Constitution states that the gov’t shall not establish a religion. There is no “separation of church and state.”

          We can send her back to Somalia and we should.

          There are only 2 things wrong with you post, Mother: The style and the content.

        2. Gerald says:

          separation of church and state should go both ways, the government will not dictate how or what you believe in, and the laws of a religion will not dictate the policies of the government, so if the state says no personal clothing, no personal clothing. I also believe we should execute prisoners, we are not playing god, the person made that choice when they intentionally take a life. I dont care if the person is drunk or on drugs, if you murder someone you die, pure and simple.
          I know accidents happen and I am not speaking of those, but the killers who take a life in the commission of a crime. or plan out a killing/execution.

    2. konjokris says:

      “Under God” was added in the 50’s, it was not intended to be “Under God” and should go back to the way it was and while we are on the subject, “In God We Trust” has to go as well.

  46. Hijib says:

    She has a head like a ripped boot!

  47. KEEP MN NICE says:

    Send her to Texas, see how much sympathy she gets there.

  48. Hijib says:

    Trim up that carpet.

  49. Mike says:

    Isn’t this the same woman who refused to stand when the Judge entered the court because of
    The way she interpreted her religion as to only standing in the presence of god and now she uses her
    Religion To protest not being allowed to wear head gear while in jail. Here’s a thought do not
    Come to this country and commit crimes and you can have your rites. Let’s put her in
    Solitary that way she can be in a cell by herself with her god and we will see if she likes

    1. Hijib says:

      Blow it out your whale hole, Mike

  50. DavyT says:

    How incredibly sad to read the racist and hateful rants on this thread. Do any of you haters consider yourself Christian? If so, do you think Christ is pleased with your comments? Remember, this is one woman accused of a crime, not an entire ethnic group!

    1. gerald says:

      yet the entire group she belongs to will not root out those who soil their name, they hide and protect them because the group is to spineless to stand up for what is right and good, they would rather cower and protect themselves.

      I have been to iraq and afghanistan, they all talk big in a group of 100 -1 but 1-1 they are cowards.


      DavyT, CONVICTED MUSLIM TERRORIST, Amina Farah Ali, was convicted in a Federal US Court of multiple FELONIES. She is not “one woman accused of a crime” – learn how to read before you try to impress us with your 75 IQ.

    1. me says:

      EXECUTE HER! – Cheaper and removes any potential future problems.

      Fireing squal for TREASON.

  51. YourMother says:

    The scarf needs to go, and for her, too bad. It’s just a scarf. Religions aside, the reason most women (and men, who used to wear the flowing garments) still wear them is because the Muslim men say so. The scarves were to protect against the desert sun and windy sands. No “God” has anything to do with it. It’s a man-made BS fairy tale story. If you are in prison, the headscarf is just one more way to hang yourself. These goofy, insane Middle Eastern religious beliefs and their extremist followers are what is costing us trillions of dollars on both sides of the Atlantic. I support freedom of religion ONLY if it doesn’t cost us OUR freedoms.

  52. Dizzl says:

    This shouldn’t even be news worthy. When you break the law and go to jail…you’ve lost your rights.

  53. Amy Senser says:

    I offered the solution and you boys keep making a mountian out of a mole hill.
    10pm tonight – University Ave exit northbound off 280. Done

    1. Joe Senser says:

      It was a bit clever the first time, the whole Amy Sensor impersonation, but it’s getting desperate. Give it up.

  54. What Controversy says:

    The the headline on WCCO’s front news page reads “Prison Headscarf Controversy”

    What Controversy? Rules are rules including in prison. When in prison you loose certain rights.

    “Jail commander Pat Carr tells the St. Paul Pioneer Press that no personal clothing is allowed in the jail, including headgear”

    It would appear to me WCCO is making news up.

  55. Billoween says:

    These women are so frikin butt ugly they should be covered up in a sheet, just saying.

  56. Here's a Thought says:

    There are variations of the hajib, some of which are much closer and tighter fitting than the free-flowing fabric that could allow the hiding of weapons and the like. Why doesn’t the jail provide her with one that they made/inspected for themselves? When she needs to leave her cell, the guard could provide her with the approved version. Ends the fights and controversy with very little effort made by anyone while still respecting the law and her beliefs (which is probably why they won’t do it).

    1. Proud F-ing American says:

      Ah, okay, Mr. Nancy Pants, here’s a thought: She’s a convicted Felon. How about she dresses, eats and showers and shlts just the same as the other convicted Felons? She lost her civil rights when she was convicted by a jury of her peers in U.S. Federal Court. To follow your logic, the guy who has a hemorrhoid problem in the clink should get an extra supply of extra-cushion, lotion absorbent Charmin butt wipe instead of the regular cardboard butt wipe the rest of the inmates gets. No special meals, no special butt wipe, no special Muslim lone ranger masks. You don’t like it? Don’t commit the felony. Where do you people get off anyway? To satisfy your co-dependent neuroses, should we also make sure that Khalid Sheik Mohammed’s bucket of water is room temperature before we water board the shlt out of him for 3 hours? Why not make it ice cold like it’s supposed to be? Oh yeah, you’re a bleeding heart liberal/communist that would also be the one to help hold the underwear bomber’s blanket over his head while he’s lighting the fuse on the plane because he’s “misunderstood and it’s society’s fault.” Get a grip and put down the Kommunist Manifesto, Komrade. Grow a pair and start acting like a proud F-ing American.

  57. rml says:

    Any time an American goes to another country we have to abide by that country’s laws and rules. Same thing applies here, she is in the U.S. now, she needs to abide by our laws and rules. The scarf needs to go.

  58. Derek says:

    Someone needs to inform her that she forfeited her rights when she decided to break our laws.

    As goes with anyone who breaks our laws..

  59. me says:

    Open season on Allah – whats the bag limit on Allahs?

  60. mike says:

    If this hag croaks…. its one less scuzzzzzzzzzzzzlim in America! Starve the bich!

  61. kay says:

    so tired of people thinking the rules don’t apply to them, those rules are for everyone people always want to the rules changed to suit them. you start making acceptions for one person than you have to do it for everyone. there was a case in new york a muslim lady was not allowed on a roller coaster because of her head wrap they expect the rules to be changed for them, when they don’t get their way they play the race or religion card

  62. Aaron says:

    Let her starve. You’re in America Loser

  63. her we go says:

    This weeeeetch is in serious trouble. I just saw Amy Senser tooling around in a 1944 Sherman tank
    “Ain’t no walls strong enough, ain’t no walls thick enough, ain’t no raghead smart enough, to keep me away from you ”
    thx Dianna for the tune

  64. anti bachmann says:

    good let the dumb b**ch starve to death

  65. Gerald says:

    ignorance of a law is not an excuse for committing a crime, she like most muslim women are sheep to be led to slaughter by the men of islam. they care nothing about the women, only that they obey and give them many children that is their only functions, they are not allowed to think for themselves. I am amazed that the men allow the women to drive in the USA, I am sure that all to soon there will be beatings and killings of muslim women for driving in public.
    backward idiots.

  66. Kevin says:

    Allah is great…Allah is good….Allah will soon be in your neighborhood…….

  67. Shelly says:

    I’m SO sick of CAIR bullying schools, businesses, and government agencies into conforming to the whims & wishes of people who come to America and then insist on being UN-American. With the way they bully and make demands CAIR itself should be considered a terrorist organization IMO. If I wanted Somali or Muslim culture/law forced on me I’d go to Africa – then I’d expect to conform – just as immigrants coming here should!

    So what’s next? Once she gets her way on this issue, will she demand to be served only halal food prepared in a separate kitchen far away from any pork?

  68. ORANGE HOODIES says:

    This is ALMOST hysterical…

    In Esme’s Blog: Justice For Somali-Americans October 22, 2011 2:48 PM, I commented (half in jest, half in truth) the following (see original comment below) — it’s so unfortunate that these lunatics have become this predictable (CAIR, ACLU, socialists, DFLs, and the Skinnies). It’s time to remove the “parasitic lice” from our Lady Statue of Liberty – send the Skinnies back to Somalia – and stop letting them back in!!!


    What are these 2 lookers going to do in Fed prison? I don’t think the Feds sell “orange hoodies” for Muslims. Maybe they’ll get the ACLU and CAIR to sue the U.S. government to start providing “orange burkas” because otherwise we’re trampling “on their freedom of religion”. I can just see the headlines now.

    October 22, 2011 at 8:05 pm

  69. GITMO says:

    Why isn’t she serving her sentence at Gitmo? They don’t seem to have any issues with “civil rights violations” from the fine upstanding Muslim terrorists, skinnies or pork fukcers down there…

  70. Murph says:

    Make a deal,if she agrees to cover her homely, pudgy face ,she can wear the scarf! Nobody there who has to glance at her will complain,that’s for sure!

  71. vailtribe says:

    1. They are not trreriost .. They were sending clothing to somali people that dont have anything. How that is a terriost act .. no one knows.
    I really hope that we never have to feel like them.. Reciving food and clothing from another country . That we are in a state where our country can not do anything for us. that we have to get from out side. Because there is NOTHING .
    2. like someone stated when you go to prison you dont LOSE your rights. expect your right to VOTE> and that really depends on what you are charged with.
    What they are doing is against her religious freedoms. and her head being covered will not HINDER prison Security . This is just discrimination
    3. For those who think they know about islam. Just to educate you, as we should always learn something new right? n the Quran and the Hadiths Of the last Prophet peace and blessings be upon him .. It is a obligation for a woman EVEN IN HER HOME> if there is a man that is not related to her. She has to cover. The only thing is in debate is how much should cover (everything but face and hands OR everything).
    4. May God (the one who created the heavens and the earth and everything in between. Created you and me . Guide us to the straight path .. as the only difference between a Muslim and a Christian is that the muslim follows the Christen religion properly. The only difference between muslims and jews is that they follow the tora properly. By praising God and God alone. Giving due rights to the lord who created Jesus and Moses…

    1. Question for Vailtribe? says:

      Question? I am a born again Christian and am curious as to what bible are you reading from, that says that women’s bodies need to be covered? I’ve never read that in my bible. And if you praise God and God alone (like you state in your response above)…where does Allah fit in? Just curious…

      When you go to prison in the USA there are rules to follow. Everyone follows the SAME rules. There is no special treatment for particular individuals. If you don’t like the rules in USA prison, then follow the laws of this country, to stay out of prison. Prison/jail in this country says, no personal items will be allowed. Thats the law in the USA. This is how it works here…

      Obviously there are things these women did beyond sending clothing to Somalia, otherwise they wouldn’t be incarcerated behind bars. The USA does not put individuals behind bars without due cause.

      And I’d agree with you on your last statement, to give ALL glory and honor to God who created the heavens and the Earth, who send his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to take away the sins of the world, that whoever shall belive in Him, will have eternal life.

  72. Rachel says:

    As we see the connection between those who wear head scarfs and those who are terrorists it is clear that: Head scarfs should be banned. Head scarfs are terrorism. Head scarfs symbolize Islamic terrorism. As an American woman I am sick of being terrorized by these terrorist symbols. Just like the swastika is a symbol of terrorism to a Jew the headscarf is a symbol of terrorism to all nonMuslims

  73. Dripable says:

    You could not be more right…

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