CHAMPLIN, Minn. (WCCO) — Authorities have arrested three people in connection with an armed robbery Wednesday morning at a Champlin bank.

According to the FBI, two masked men robbed the First Minnesota Bank around 10 a.m. The men conducted a “takeover style” robbery where they ordered everyone to get on the floor.

The FBI said one of the men displayed a handgun and jumped over the teller counter while the other man ordered two bank employees to help him get cash.

The men fled from the bank in a blue SUV.

A short time later, Brooklyn Park Police responded to a report of a burning vehicle at the intersection of 107th Avenue and Unity Avenue. Investigators believe that was the vehicle used in the bank robbery.

Later, Champlin Police arrested three people, two men and one woman, in connection with the robbery. The FBI identifies the three people arrested as Boyd Jerome Morson, Lawrence Deangelo Williamson and Tiffani Alisha Morson, all of Brooklyn Park.

They are currently being held at the Hennepin County Jail.

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  1. Krissi says:

    Funny thing, my kids’ school in Champlin was locked down yesterday morning. According to the teachers talking, that was due to a bank robbery. Did this event happen two days in a row? Or is the news just catching up to yesterday’s events?

    1. molly says:

      The article clearly states the robbery occurred Wednesday morning. Perhaps you should learn to read before making stupid comments.

      1. Krissi says:

        Excuse me, the article has been changed considerably since I originally read it. Originally, it stated the robbery occured THIS morning. But thanks for being so judgemental.

    2. D'Andre Hawkins says:

      The Saggy Pants community robbin a bank to “keep it real”..Wavin a gun in womens faces as they steal..Those guys are so macho..And stupid.

  2. of course says:

    More affros committing crimes

    1. @barely says:

      would be funny excpet for the true facts – this began in the early – mid 2004-6 window. So was Obama in office then ? Naaaaa – so go suck on another beer dunce.
      I lived in that area and I built more than 60 in that area during the mid-2000’s. The problem was apparent then and it was red neck hicks who were white along with the other white trash COMBINED. Then mix in was the minority trash. You got a double down. Ghetto type tho – not unique to just the blacks. What hole you been living in dummy?
      Facts are facts – and FYI, my current place in Plymouth has dropped 35% from 2007 based on an appraisal done yesterday. So housing flat out sucks. I’ll say buying housing anywhere today is buyer beware….and toss in blue collar uneducated people and welfare and dope and booze and I don’t give a rats rump what color the people are__you are headed for trouble.

      1. barely says:

        Congratulations! You win the prize for the most stupid comment of the day. lmao

      2. @you says:

        Very few white people have built new homes in Brooklyn park last 7-8years, also don’t compare north of 610 to south of 610 these are 2 different communities, white build north of it, minorities section 8 south of 610, you havn’t built a doghouse in the 2,000s , you’re a joke!

      3. @ubuilt60 says:

        You did an apprasial yesterday, awe the last chance re-finance to save you from foreclosure, haha rearend enjoy your new apartment.

        1. at you dummy says:

          mine is getting appraised tommorow also.
          whats wrong there @ubuilt60 – you unable to qualify for a 4% rate and bitter or just to dumb to grab a rate that is almost free lol

          1. @you says:

            Wow 4% is free, you’ll pay double for your house at that rate solid math.

  3. Dont do it says:

    Champlin housing prices have plummeted 31% from their peak two years ago due to the crime, poor zoning, and poor schools. Beware if you are planning a purchase in that area, It is a poor choice.

  4. Jimmy says:

    Wow that didn’t take long! Good work FBI, Champlin Police!

  5. jackactionhero says:

    It’s not because they’re black though. It’s something anybody might do if they didn’t have money for new rims and stereos.

  6. crymeariver says:

    “ofcourse” “just sayin” “jackactionhero”
    where does it say in the report that these robbers were black? The names i see are Irish, Italian and English
    when you read a book, do you re-write it..have your own idea of nationality for the characters?….oh I am sorry, my guess is that you do not read books or much of anything else.

    1. wake up says:

      Spare us the speech. Theyr’e always black.

  7. kim says:

    It’s Brooklyn park the haven for crime.Brooklyn park has more crime than any city in the county and also has more people from the city of Brooklyn park that do crimes on all of the cities in the county and state.It has the most crime in it’s own city and crime done by people from Brooklyn park are the most just telling you a fact.

  8. Tony says:

    Brooklyn Park is crime ridden.

    1. Duh says:

      So is Plymouth in case you missing the daily news.
      And Minneapolis
      And Hopkins
      And Minnetonka
      And Bloomington
      And St Paul
      And St Cloud
      And Hastings
      And Waseca
      And Marshall
      And Duluth
      And International Falls
      And …….
      Does anyone see any pattern here ? 😉

      1. A pattern for sure says:

        LMAO – the idiots whom post here cannot read, are at or below IQ’s of 90 and could not put put a square peg in a square hole if it was the only hole in front of them. You actually think they could see a pattern in anything. LMFAO
        They pure and simple – simple small minded idiots. And racists too I guess. Just a board of Dumb and Dumbers.

        1. chimp says:

          Lol look to you for grammatical success, start a sentence with And lol one of many errors.

          1. @chimp says:

            eating all the bananas there monkey boy???? save some for momma
            and stop pickin’ yer nose – it’s not desert you fool

      2. fool says:

        you’re comparing Plymouth and Minnetonka with Brooklyn Park? Wow u live under a rock.

        1. add another says:

          right now a shooting on 169 and Cedar lake….hmmmm, 10 steps and it’s Minnetonka. As it is it’s St Louis Park and a primarily Jewish neighborhood.
          Funny how every community fits this crime list. lol

  9. Joey Olson says:

    107th and Unity is all brand new houseing that are very nice. To ditch the vehicle there says there’s a good chance one of the three live around there. I’m guessing these are some troubled white kids who watched one too many movies. Actually out of curiousity, looks like they were in early 20’s according to jail roster. Also this is two blocks from the Champlin Border. And for the comment by @you, stfu. Really? Don’t talk you ignorant person.

  10. Outsider looking in says:

    I want to weigh in as a Realtor,
    Has the thought ever occured to any of you that ths area was simply over-built and became over-priced ?
    You had people buying way to much house for their ability if there was any change in employment within the house. We all know what has occured for many years, all the way back to maybe 2004. This in turn brought in all types of new people – throw out the race card for now.
    The schools, roads, the whole system was over capacity. Yet the City encouraged more and more building. Maybe you need to look at the elected officials as a large part of the problem. And just who elected them anyway?
    I live in Eden Prairie and we have had a major influx of Somalians as everyone knows. Aside from the school matter – the crime rate has not changed. And we have a huge number of subsidized housing projects also.
    Before you go after a specific group maybe it is time to also look at the larger picture – of which you are a group. Your thought process might change. At the very least it should. Sermon over

    1. Jake says:

      Just give it a few more years, and EP will start to resemble Crooklyn Park in so many ways….failing schools, frequent assaults, a few murders, pot and meth houses, a house or two of prostitution. It’s only a matter of time….

  11. @reality says:

    its at 4.19%, mine is 4.75% not worth refinancing to save $37 a month, gl avoiding foreclosure Leonard.

  12. Jake says:

    Seems to me that they didn’t watch the movie “Heat” often enough to figger out their getaway..

  13. me says:

    I think that Morson’s dad ran for Brooklyn Park state rep or mayor a few months back.

  14. Rags says:

    Morson, Morson, and Williamson. Sounds like a law firm.

  15. fred says:

    do they all get to keep there e.b.t. cards while in prison?

  16. Brent F. says:

    There are a lot of details missing in this story…especially for where it happened and where the car was found (so close to the schools). Did the vehicle crash on its own? Was it the result of a police chase? Did one of the perps set the vehicle on fire? Did they recover the money and if so how much was stolen?

  17. Ha ha says:

    Funny thing if you look them up on Face Book the Girl Graduated with Criminal Justice! Ha

  18. D. Gamble says:

    For those out there who seem to know everything about how horrible Brooklyn Park is, get your facts right. The vehicle was destroyed DIRECTLY BEHIND MY HOUSE which at 107th and Unity, which is DIRECTLY BEHIND CHAMPLIN PARK HIGH. This neighborhood of townhomes and twin homes is Association maintained, clean and well kempt, NOT FAR FROM $2.5 MILLION AND HIGHER homes along the Mississippi. Crime can happen anywhere, black, white, whatever. Take it from a black male who moved from the south to get away from the same ignorance that people have been spewing in these posts. Like crime, dumb people exist everywhere.

    1. Fact says:

      None of the river homes are near new most are crumbling, that part of the river is unboatable now therefore even riverbank homes there are junk now, and the townhomes you speak of many are rentals, do you know what becomes of rental townhomes? They become section 8 down the road, enough said, park and Center are as close to north Minneapolis as it gets you are north of 610 which the slime hasn’t slithered to you yet but its coming fast.

    2. Sickofit says:

      I guarantee you moved here for you or your girl to receive better welfare benefits, I bet your life.

    3. you are clueless says:

      Go back where you came from Gamble.You are the one spewing ignorance.

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