Semi Crash Spills Food On I-35 In South Metro

LAKEVILLE, Minn. (WCCO) — A semi truck crash in the south Twin Cities metro area held up traffic Thursday morning.

The crash happened at about 5:30 a.m. Thursday. A truck crashed into a ditch along Interstate 35 in Lakeville. The crash was just south of the 210th Street exit, between exits 76 and 81.

The truck was reportedly hauling about 30,000 pounds of frozen food. Much of the food ended up in the ditch.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation and police officers waited until rush hour was over to close the stretch to clean up the mess.

  • Matt

    New Buffet!

  • joke

    Quick! Alert the residents of North Minneapolis! Free food!

  • Sinbad

    Quick! Alert the residents of South Minneapolis! Free food!

  • Anyone bring the microwave???

    No that is what the state patrol and MN Dept. Trans. were doing why they were waiting for rush hour to be over. Anyone have a microwave….

  • blackie

    anybody could use free food these days

  • Nick

    I’ll help with the cleanup! Let me get my fork and knife out :)

  • tubby smidt

    I hope the food spilled near the ‘feed my starving children’ building instead of the Lakeville ‘stop childhood obesity’ camp.

  • TYA

    interesting to see what the special is at the lakeville cracker barrel tonight?

  • Mike

    I heard the Wall Street protestors took a break to head down to Lakeville.. FREE HANDOUTS!!

  • vini

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