GAYLORD, Minn. (AP) — A jury has convicted the former pastor of a southern Minnesota church of having sexual contact with a 16-year-old foreign exchange student.

The jury deliberated about four hours before finding 52-year-old David E. Radtke guilty Friday.

Prosecutors allege the ex-pastor of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church near Gibbon gave the girl late-night back massages, and touched her sexually in his home one night last May.

Radtke took the stand Thursday. He said he was responsible for inappropriately touching the girl, which he considered a sin, but he said he was not guilty of a crime. He said he and the girl were fully clothed.

The girl also testified they had been fully clothed and the contact was brief. She said Radtke apologized for the contact, but that she didn’t forgive him.

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Comments (9)
  1. Deep Thinker says:


    1. Fred says:

      change your name.

  2. Gopher Nation says:

    Fred supports child molester, how nice

  3. Callina says:

    The reason this is news is because is NOT typical. People love to point out the failings of people involved with the church.

    I’m glad this wasn’t a much worse situation, and I hope, for the girl’s sake, that she can forgive him someday.

      1. Callina says:

        Yeah, it is pretty typical of me to make sense. Thanks, Deep Thinker.

        1. Gopher Nation says:

          Can you get any more lame?

    1. Superchik1017 says:

      The reason people love to point out the failings of people involved with the church is because the people involved in the church do such a good job of pointing out the failings of everyone else.

  4. Superchik1017 says:

    It is typical. At this point, I’d be surprised to hear of a priest/pastor who doesn’t molest children.

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