ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Another Democratic veteran is leaving the state Senate to take a full-time position in Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton’s cabinet.

Dayton said Friday that Minneapolis Sen. Larry Pogemiller, who for four years was Senate majority leader, will fill the top job at the Office of Higher Education. He replaces Sheila Wright, who left the department in September.

The agency administers state financial aid programs and provides research on college enrollment, finance and trends.

Pogemiller has spent 30 years in the Legislature, serving a single term in the House before winning an election to the Senate. He led Senate Democrats from 2007 until they lost control of the chamber last fall.

The appointment was first reported Thursday night by Minnesota Public Radio News, which cited unnamed sources.

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Comments (5)
  1. don says:

    What a surprise. A democrat going to work for the teachers’ union. Now he gets paid back for all the money he had funneled to them while he was in the Minnesota Legislature. This is why we don’t trust politicians.

  2. Nick says:

    My daughter is a teacher in her third year and she has a Master’s Degree. She works 55 hours a week minimum with instruction, lesson planning and correcting papers. She puts out money to buy some of her supplies and she makes $37,500 a year.Obviously not alot of money is being channeled to public education. Funding to publid education including inflation is lower than 10 years ago. Secndly the appointment is to the department of education which has nothing to do with the teacher’s union. In fact the department of ed and the union don’t get along that well much of the time..Check the facts

  3. Pavel says:

    To Don: You don’t have a brain! If you did you would recognize his positioin has nothing to do with the teacher’s union. Maybe it would help if you read through the article. If that does not work, try remedial education.

    In truth you are a very sick person!

  4. Michelle says:

    Both Don & Nick are incorrect as far as the agency that Pogemiller is going to head. It is the Office of Higher Education, previously known as the Higher Education Services Office, and, prior to that, known as the Higher Education Coordinating Board. In addition, prior to Pawlenty’s tenure, the top position in this state agency was not an appointment by the Governor. This agency is neither part of “the union” nor part of the Minnesota Department of Education.

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