MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – One of the suicide bombers in Saturday’s bombing near the Somali capitol is an American from Minneapolis, according to the Somali Mission to the U.N.

Omar Jamal, the first secretary of the Somali Mission, said that the event marks the third time a Somali American from Minnesota has carried out suicide bombing in Somalia.

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  1. g8bbgg says:

    Relgion and people of peace my a$$ deport them all, including Ryback

  2. Sam I am says:

    This is a direct result of lady in Sherburne County jail who refused to stand and demands a headscarf. This is exactly the type of “fundraising” she did. To support these peace loving people of Somalia.

    Ship all their arses back. They are not wanted here in any way shape or form.

    1. Pammy says:

      Totally agree!
      There’s a reason they all want to be in Minnesota…and it’s not the weather folks!!
      They learned quickly that EVERYTHING is free in MN…especially if you don’t work or hatch out kid-after kid-after kid.
      Forget “Minnesota: Home of 10, 00 Lakes”.
      We are now known as “Minnesota: Home of Tens of Thousands Free-Loaders!!” 😦

  3. Patrick PatPat Lilja says:

    Wow, the panic and hate in here is totally unjustified. Bombings are NOT coming to Minneapolis and 99% of the Somalis here just want to live their lives like the rest of us do. Settle the heck down.

    1. Patty Put Put says:

      It’s only takes one. Time to get defensive I’m afraid. I agree with the comment above.

    2. sam i am says:

      Wow go bury your head in the sand some more. 2 Somali females were just convicted of raising money for the terrorist group that pulled this off. One of them sits in the sherburne county jail waiting for sentencing and you want to say it wont come here.

      You are wrong. Al-Queda will be here if it isn’t so already. And this group of Somalia people will be only too happy to help.

      Ship them all back. All 32,000 of them. Let them live in the country they choose to support because it sure isn’t the US.

    3. FedUP says:

      Whats that your smoking there Willis? And you can invite them all over to your house for thanksgiving too.

  4. V_for_Vendetta1 says:

    It is just a matter of time before they decide to attack here on the light rail, airport, Mall of America, sporting event, or other venue (concert or state fair). Why do we keep importing people with absolutely nothing to contribute (financially nor job wise) into this state. This is one of the many reasons why I left MN and the US.

    1. benji says:

      Sad but true,V_for_Vendetta1!!!
      Then they DEMAND that we change everything to meet their needs. Really? If things aren’t just right here…go back to YOUR beautiful homeland!!
      We have got to stop the insanity, and the free handouts.
      If MN has so much extra/welfare money here’s my thought: Anyone who collects welfare puts their kids in state funded daycare and works for their welfare checks/debit cards. What a novel idea…work and get paid!
      PS: SOMEONE tell them to bath and wash their clothes…those “OILS” they put on to mask their odors gag me!

  5. josie says:

    No contributions to Churches that sponsor Immigrants. No money, no Immigrants sponsored.

  6. Robert says:

    Either the Somalis will integrate and acclimate to our society and values or they won’t. If they won’t, send them back to wonderful, warm, and sunny Somalia.

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