WASHINGTON (AP) — Michele Bachmann says she’s not worried that a new Iowa poll puts her fourth among GOP presidential candidates.

But she won a straw poll in the state in August, was born in Iowa and is counting on a strong showing in the January caucuses.

Since the straw poll, the Minnesota congresswoman has struggled in the race, especially after Texas Gov. Rick Perry jumped in. Bachmann once led national public opinion polls, but got only 8 percent support in the new Iowa poll from the Des Moines Register.

Bachmann tells ABC’s “This Week” that her campaign is “doing exactly what we need to do.” She says she’s campaigning heavily in Iowa and isn’t worried about “day-to-day snapshots” of the race.

She’s not saying whether Iowa is a must-win state.

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Comments (26)
  1. oh boy...mean girl says:

    She is not even lunatic sane. Imagine actually coming back into the non-political life later and having the whole world know you are plain off your rocker….to much
    Oh wait – she already is a career sucker on the gubbermint nipple so she’ll never go private sector unless ______ how sooon is the loony tunes book out???? lol

  2. Beyond words says:

    to be worried would require one to have common sense and smarts so of course this nitwit is not worried

    IIRC T-Paw had enough brains to bail with these numbers. What does that say about this goof ball ! 😉

  3. Shirl Mann says:

    I’m starting to feel sorry for this woman! In her mind she’s in first place in all the polls.

  4. TL says:

    thats ok Bachman, your opponents arent worried about your numbers either. they appreciate the humor.

  5. Esmay says:

    When are you releasing the book Michelle? Hurry up please and get onto your book tour. This is getting silly.

  6. Joe says:

    I’m not worried either, cuz i can care less where she ends up on the polls as long as its not first

  7. Samuel says:

    The amount of irrational hatred by the liberals here is a condemnation on how deranged they are.

    If they would take the time to look at Michele’s resume and accomplishments, they would hang their heads in collective shame. At least if they were rational and honest they would.

    1. Dave Campbell says:

      OK, seriously Samuel. What has she accomplished in Washington other than completely ignore the sixth district? As far as I know, the only bill that she has gotten passed is the light bulb bill. Her fifteen minutes of fame are just about up!

    2. Little Tin God says:

      What “irrational hatred”?

      She went to law school (Oral Roberts) because her husband told her too. She became a tax lawyer, because her husband told her too. She didn’t do anything while being a tax lawyer, not because her husband told her too. She ran for Congress, because her husband told her too. She hasn’t done anything as a congresswoman, not because her husband told her too.

      What “resume and accomplishments”?

    3. Tom says:

      @ Samuel

      Apparently you are just as delusional as Bachmann is but that goes for anybody who thinks that Bachmann is Presidental material and thinks she is smart!

    4. Samuel says:

      Why do you all hate her so much?

      By the way, she raised 23 foster kids. That qualifies her to deal the the liberals in Washington DC.

      1. tan pup says:

        You must be joking? How much cash do you think the state paid her for those 23 foster children – also, please – get real, if they were so important, why the vow of silence? When the truth comes out, and not in her book, no one will be surprised. . .

    5. @Samuel says:

      Let me review for you there Samuel – and to a degree I am a Bachmann supporter. That said – the facts and truth are what they are.

      She’ was on the gov’t payroll as a IRS tax attorney. She in reality did mop up paper work w/i the system.
      BTW – her degree was in essence a corre4spondence degree. I digress

      She was a foster parent fo rkids – short term. Noble
      BTW – it was a job that was funded by the taxpayer

      She has been in political office now 3 terms
      BTW – this again is taxpayer there Samuel so she get the career tag on the Momma Nipple, aka taxpayer. That’s okay – she just tears the career politician and anll whom suckle off this nipple but sheesh – that is not her. lol

      Hubby takes miney from the taxpayer medical programs.
      Herself and family suckle yet again off farm subsidizies.

      Samuel – which are you yourself – crazy or dumb? Please let us know

  8. Nevermore says:

    The money is just as good whether she’s fourth or ninth. This is jusy as goofy as Palin continueing in politics.

  9. The Truth says:

    You mean like her supposed work for the gub’mint in the tax area? She never showed up!!

  10. Little Tin God says:

    I hope she keeps going even being as delusional as she is. I love watcher her say she never said what she said.

  11. Murph says:

    Maybe Marcus can pray her sane?

  12. craig says:

    She is insane!

    Her train came off the track long ago. She is a disaster.

    1. Samuel says:

      Really? Do you really believe that?

      Or is it because you are a liberal and she is a conservative?

      You sound a bit nuts yourself.

      1. Real Talk says:

        @Samuel…..i consider myself a moderate and will not hesitate to cross the isle and cast my vote for the best canidate period, regardless of party affiliation.

        That being said…Bachman is crazy, and evidently so are you given the fact you are incapable of seeing a lunatic when presented with one.

  13. Politics says:

    Fourth place? That’s probably higher than her husband places her as an attractive female partner but probably lower than he places her as a source of income.

  14. Murph says:

    Latest news says top dog of Tea Party wants her to quit! Duh,I guess they are just as slow as the GOP as if they are not really one and the same in drag!

  15. j speedbag 64 says:

    she’s ripped almost every american,doesn’t care about the student population,out right hates the president of the us,voted in by the people someone should remind that nazi,made jokes about the east coast hurricane while people sufferd for weeks,………i think 99 percent of the population doesn’t like her …so sam it doesn’t look good for shelly

  16. josie says:

    Of course she’s not worried, she still has her posh job with all her entitlements no matter the outcome. When will the American people understand that Congress has to have limited terms, it should not be a way of life until they die. Where in the private sector can a person work until he dies unless he owns his own business..the answer the Government. No wonder they want to boost the SS age, they have no clue that private companies do not want to employ seniors.

  17. Oh Michelle is done says:

    Wow – the witch cannot even generate more than 24 comments anymore in her “home state” …. she’s like a cooked egg that has turned black from rot.
    The stench is even to much for her Tea Baggers

  18. Sue says:

    My resume is better and more prestige then hers.

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