HAYWARD, Wis. (WCCO) — A 14-year-old driver, who was smoking marijuana, was arrested after admitting he was driving the vehicle because the owner was intoxicated, according to police.

A Wisconsin State Patrol trooper pulled the vehicle over around 12:54 a.m. Saturday for speeding on Highway 63 and Beal in Sawyer County.

After the vehicle was stopped, the trooper observed the teen driver jump into the rear seat of the vehicle. Officials also revealed he had been smoking marijuana.

The driver was arrested and submitted to a blood test. The results are pending.

The juvenile was later released to a responsible adult.

Charges are pending for the vehicle’s owner.

Comments (4)
  1. What Next? says:

    Parenting at its best!

  2. Of corse HE IS WHITE says:

    This month the law is catching up with Whites. Good job officers.

    1. Whitey always ownz blackie says:

      What a shoe polish schmuck you are. Difference is he’s 14, and will learn his lesson. On the other hand, you-all never learn anything, and that’s why you get the deserved smack-down time an time again. So, go back and finish the 7th grade and learn to spell “course”, boy.

      1. @ "Whitey" says:

        Although I am a white male in my 50’s I will look you straight in the face there dude and call you a sick prick. And feel dang good in doing so.
        “He will learn his lesson” – you seem to have been taught well (lol) and learned next to noting in your life based on such a moronic comment.
        I have coached youth sports 21 years on the west side of cities and guarantee you we have as much white trash, as they say, as “minority trash”- it is all about parenting all the way through ones life. Being white is not a ticket to success and education and learning. Having wealth surrounding one is not a ticket to success unless the inheritance factor saves one.
        Put simply – you sound like a very uneducated imbecile there “Whitey”. Go back to school and get an education and maybe also donate a few hundred hours a year to some cause and get a real life experience education too. You truly need some help and this may assist you

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