Police Arrest Man In Zombie Makeup For Trespassing

MOORHEAD, Minn. (WCCO) — Moorhead Police say an intoxicated man wearing zombie makeup was arrested for trespassing after he wandered into someone’s home early Sunday morning.

Around 1:20 a.m., Moorhead Police responded to a call of a burglary. Officers learned that a drunk man wearing zombie makeup had walked into the home. The homeowner confronted the intruder with a handgun and the man fled.

Officers learned the suspect ran into another home just a few houses away. They found the man matching the suspect’s description hiding in the attic. Police said the suspect knew people in that home.

The man, identified as 20-year-old Brandon Goodenbour of Fargo, N.D., was arrested and taken to the Clay County Jail for pending charges of trespassing and minor consumption of alcohol.

  • Sue J


  • Hose him down

    He looks like one of the wall street intelligent protestors. You know one of the 99 percent.


    If it was a black man, he would have been charged burglary, trespassing, minor consumption of alcohol, running, and Whites know the rest of charge.

    • Mr D

      If he was a black man he would have been shot by the homeowner.

  • BearskinBob

    Apparently this young man has a death wish. If i see this freak in my house at 1:20 in the morning the first thing on my mind is not going to be striking up a conversation.

    • Foghorn

      I bet you $20 you wouldn’t have the balls to pull the trigger. everyone on these boards are all talk whenever there is an intruder story.

      • Leghorn

        I’ll bet you $1000 you’re wrong.

  • EdMunzl

    Wow, I thought zombies only lived in Minnesota’s 6th congressional district..

    • Bill

      I whole heartedly agree!

  • BearskinBob

    Foggy – For me it really isn’t a question of balls. It really amounts to whether I feel that me or my family is being threatened and acting accordingly.

    • @Bear,,,

      So then YOU wouldn’t have pulled a trigger as he wasn’t threatening beyond being a dumb stumbling drunk.
      I did the same thing on more than one occaision when I was young and drank like an idiot to excess. Thank God I never met a trigger happy person – guess times were different and people not so quick to react either.

  • Murph

    Wonder what his blood alcohol content was? It might get him a lesser charge and sentence! Somebody breaks into my residence and the husky is taught to grab the burglar by the jewels! That ought to give him paws to reflect on,some sharp white fangs too!

  • Bill

    Only way to kill a zombie is shoot em in the head!

    • walking dead


  • BillDubya

    Alcohol is not his friend.

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  • Night of The Living Dead

    Hey donut brigade and the rest of you uninformed. Let him go. Thats what zombies do. The just eat brains and wander aimlessly. Quit being intolerant.

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  • Billoween

    Double tap!

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