By Esme Murphy

The Vikings stadium debate enters a critical week as talks between Gov. Mark Dayton and legislative leaders continue. The big question, of course, is how to pay for the public share of the $1 billion stadium.

But as Esme Murphy reports in Talking Points, one proposal to cover the state’s share is gaining in popularity.

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Comments (15)
  1. NO TAX MONEY !!!! says:


  2. Pavel says:

    Put the stadium downtown to eliminate all the extra expenses of building roads, bridges and extra lanes for the freeways. Downtown has all the infrastructure already.

  3. Papa Harry says:

    Ok, They do the pull tab machines. How much will the State get from the sale of the pull tabs and how much will go to the Vikings? The State is being very sneaky at how they are looking at getting money. No taxes,fees but come on, Using the Vikes card to create revenue. If they would only focus on down grading the Government.

  4. Sue J says:

    Not one penny of tax payer money!! A one term Gov, you sold us out!!

  5. Need More Info says:

    Why can’t anyone tell us what the value of a pro sports team generates, how much does the state collect in income tax from players/employees. How much sales tax is created from concession sales, parking fees. local bars and restaurants, How big of a money hole is created if the team leaves, and where will the lost revenue come from? What is the net cost of a stadium after you collect the state income tax on all of the construction workers, and associated sales taxes.
    I want to know “The Rest Of The Story”

  6. Move 'em out, Zygi says:

    After taxes, the next worst idea is to expand gaming. Neither option (taxes or gaming) “helps” people, it only “helps” the Vikings players and owners.

    The government has no business being involved with furthering the interests of private enterprise, particularly sports entertainment. Those industries make plenty of money, they can afford to pay their own way, yet they’ve grown accustomed to getting public handouts rather than putting their own money on the line.

    Think about it, do you want to support “play” over “work?” You “play” football, you “play” the horses, you “play” the slots, etc. Do you want to pay for other people to “play?” You already pay to watch them, isn’t that enough?

    If Zygi and our over-dosed governor have their way, the public, in one form or another, will be paying a minimum of $650,000,000 towards a new “play”ground for the Vikings, the NFL MAY pay $150,000,000, leaving Zygi to only pay $250,000,000. He would only have about a third as much “skin in the game” as the people of Minnesota, yet not only does he want YOUR money, he wants to dictate how and where it will be spent. And …. if it isn’t done HIS way, he holds a gun to your head and threatens to move his team.

    Well, I’m with the majority of the population who says “Go ahead, Zygi, if you don’t want to pay your own way, by all means – move.”

    1. Iknowit says:

      You are not in the majority, you are the vocal minority! There are too many people sitting on a fence and doing nothing or saying nothing. Speak for yourself but don’t speak for the rest of us.

      1. Here's my say says:

        Okay, here’s what I say: Pay for it yourself!

      2. Walter says:

        Majority? Fine, let’s put it to a referendum.

        1. Iknowit says:

          Put what to a referendum? That you want the Vikings to leave? Stay on topic or start a new thread.There are many ways to pay for this without inconveniencing YOUR special needs, so sit back and watch. Here’s hoping you end up paying for some of this just as I am sure I’m paying for something you enjoy or think is your right. Also, it appears the narrow minded never cease to amaze me…

          1. same ol' same ol' says:

            New posting name, same old bullying garbage. Go have another beer and mix up some more purple paint, numb nuts.

  7. Lance says:

    I think somebody has to speak up at the next governors get together and talk about joining forces in not funding any stadiums for any sports team. This would force the owners and players to live within their means and not force tax payers to foot the bill for their profits and huge salarys.

    1. Iknowit says:

      So Minnesota is going to stand up to the NFL and put their foot down? Some people never get it. examples- North Stars, Lakers, Browns,Oilers, etc. And they all have new teams with new facilities to boot! It appears this is the anti site so I will just sit back and read all the ridiculous comments written by those without a clue. Here’s hoping you get a life when this is all over with and the new facility is under construction. What to complain about next?

  8. Walter says:

    When you remove money from a sector of the economy and give it to Zygi for his billion dollar stadium, that sector become depressed, those tax revenues are lost and those jobs are lost.

    There is a net financial LOSS .

    Only a scam artist will tell you something is good for you while he takes your money.

    Only an idiot believes him.

    1. Again? says:

      Walter, I agree with you but you post this a couple times a day. It’s gotten quite stale.

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