I-94 At Lowry Ave. Reopened After Incident

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Eastbound Interstate 94 was blocked for a few hours at Lowry Avenue, while police investigated a possible jumper on the overpass.

Traffic had been backed up for miles as several lanes of traffic were closed. All lanes of traffic were reopened, as of 9:45 a.m. The situation was cleared, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, and the alleged jumper was arrested.

The highway was shut down around 8 a.m.

Officials, including the Minneapolis Police Department, were on the scene, attempting to negotiate with the jumper.

  • Leaf

    Just what do you mean by this?
    What a stupid comment.

  • Oooooh Kevin

    Kevin — come out of the toilet bowl now. You teacher just called. Check into the office first and get a pass

  • Reality sucks

    Oh the wisdom you display. Life equated to tax dollars. You need to step away from your selfish little existance and re-tool your balance. If this was your family member, you’d seek answers not dollar bottom-lines. People suck.

  • KPS

    That;s very sad. No one should feel like they need to take their own life. I hope he finds the help (family/friends) he needs. God bless you.

  • frankgarrett

    boy someone wants “Attention”

    • For sure

      yep Kevin was always a demanding child. Even today at 9 he remains so

      • mp

        he was a young black male full of depression and tired , i was there trying to lend a hand and i almost got arrested by rude police who said this guy is wasting there time this mourning. and if he’s going to do it get it over with . i am counselor/ life coach to at risk high school students that is why i was there besides being a member of the community were we get treated as if we are not human by mpls police . peace i hope that shed some light for you

        • English is easy

          Based on your use of the English language, I seriously doubt you have ANY education, much less work with high school students.

  • to: ‘no time for stupid'

    you are a selfish, unkind creep.

  • Been there

    No, don’t let the person jump off a bridge in rush hour traffic. No one ever thinks about the people who have the misfortune of running over that person, through no fault of their own. I was one of those people last year, and I have to live with that image for the rest of my life. Do you know what it feels like to have run over a body? To think you have killed someone? I commend law inforcement for stopping the jumper so others don’t have to experience what I have.

    • Yep

      and hitting Kevin is like hitting a cement brick. He’s a solid pos

    • K

      I can not even imagine, I hope you are doing well now Been There.

  • sheeda

    That is very sad. I hope he gets the help he needs.

  • truth

    Why did they arrest this person? Shouldn’t this person have been taken to a hospital? There is something wrong with this picture…

    • tmt

      Just because police arrest someone doesn’t mean that they take that person to jail or prison. The police can take people to hcmc were they do help people with depression and put them on suicide watch. Also they put him in hand cuffs so that he couldn’t hurt himself or anyone else.

  • gardoglee

    No, Kevin, your comments are no more grand than that other thing for which you are trying to compensate.

  • compassion

    this is sad. this man gave up hope. it’s not uncommon in today’s society. possibly he’s a really hard worker and no matter what, he can’t find a job.

  • Voice of Reason

    Taking your life is the most selfish thing you can do, and to do it in a manner that consumes thousands of other’s time is absolutely repulsive to me. Was I the only one who was unable to make it to school to get the most out of my expensive college education? I doubt it. And what about the doctor on his way to HCMC that was unable to escape the traffic jam, and in turn, and innocent person who yearned to live is no longer with us. If you are going to jump, quit waisting my time and tax dollars, and jump already.

    – Voice of Reason

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