MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – An 18-year-old high school student in Burnsville is accused of possessing trace amounts of heroin and Lorazepam, police said.

Paige Chamley, a student at Burnsville High School, has been charged with two felony counts of drug possession. If convicted of both counts, she could face up to 10 years in prison and/or $20,000 in fines, authorities said.

According to a criminal complaint, authorities found trace amounts of heroin in Chamley’s car after a school employee saw her smoking a cigarette. It was in a search for more cigarettes that authorities found a zipped bag containing a plastic spoon and a syringe, both of which were found to contain trace amounts of heroin, according to tests performed by the St. Paul Police Department Crime Laboratory.

Authorities also found a straw in Chamley’s car that had trace amounts of Lorazepam on it, the complaint said.

Chamley is currently in custody.

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  1. Uncle Rico says:

    She’s lucky she got caught, hope she’s smart enough to realize that.

  2. praying for you right now says:

    Paige, use this as a wake-up call girl…check yourself into MN Teen Challenge. It’s an awesome program that will assist you, out of the darkness you are currently in. There if freedom waiting for you…

  3. Rasputin says:

    This case will get thrown out. It is illegal to use tobaco on school grounds not posess it. Even being a high school student she is still 18 and can legally posess tobaco. Using tobaco on school grounds is a misdemeanor. Since the violation was did not happen in the presence of a peace officer, the school official would have had to effect a citizen’s arrest for using tobaco on school grounds. There was no PC to go into the vehicle to search for something that she can legally posess. Therefore anything found will not be able to be used as evidence. Talk about a lucky break for a junkie.

    1. get it right says:

      TOBACCO. Not Tobaco.

      I was once caught lighting up a cigarette on school grounds in my car, LEAVING the lot. I was supsended the next day. I went and shot some pool. Had a great time.

      1. get it right says:

        suspended… sorry.

      2. justsayiin says:

        same thing happened to me; got suspended for lighting up a cig leaving the parking lot- best day ever ha.

  4. StatisstRCommies says:

    Drug laws are absolutely absurd – 10 years for trace amounts. A felony conviction for this young person could ruin whole adult life. Nonviolent criminals like this one should be shown some sympathy not have the hand of justice dropped on them.

    1. em1022 says:

      It’ll never happen; they say that just to scare her, she’ll plea it down and go to treatment if this is her first possession ticket.

  5. Jake says:

    Don’t worry, she will be joining the ‘Occupy’ crowd soon, because she will say that she can’t find a job with a ‘living wage’.

  6. DeeDee says:

    somethiing isn’t right about this story.. it went from smoking cigarettes to drugs… smoking cigarettes in her car on school property is not groungs to search her car…. but I’m glad for the search.. maybe she can get some help. and yes, Commies, I agree with you. 10 years for drug possession but a child molester or a rapist will get a slap on the wrist and told to not do it again and to play nice. Trust me.. I’m more afraid of the perverts next door than I am of a substance abuser who needs help… of course some of these drugged out folks have been going for broke lately but still… just saying. Get this poor girl some help while she’s still young. Nothing more sad than an old druggie

  7. paige says:

    thank you for the wise words everyone. its things i need to hear.

  8. J Davies says:

    Avoid Teen challenge at all costs! They are a dangerous cult that offers no science based rehab services. There have been many cases of abuse at teen challenge programs across the country. You can’t fight addiction with medieval superstitions!

    1. CITBOC says:

      Unless you have persoanal experience, or first hand examples of abuse at the programs, J Davies, I think you should keep your thoughts to yourself! MN Teen Challenge is NOT a cult and is VERY effective at transforming lives.

      You may be correct that they offer no science based rehab service. Maybe that’s why they have the success rate GREATER than NUMEROUS other programs for drug rehab…so maybe you should check out that ‘scientific’ data. I believe it speaks for itself.

      It isn’t about ‘science based’ services, but knowing who the higher power is in your life…God, Jesus Christ & the power of the Holy Spirit.

      Oh and by the way, I DO have experience, watching the transformation of my son and NUMEROUS other individuals, first hand, for the past two years…many who wouldn’t be here today and now productive members of society, if it weren’t for God working through these individuals in the MN Teen Challege program. It has been nothing short of miraculous!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. karma says:

    this is pathetic. Paige has been offered help before and only lied and schemed to get out of it. i now from personal experience that she’s a very sick person. she’s still out doing heroin and she needs mental help.

    1. still praying for you Paige... says:

      This behavior is very typical of drug addicts…lying, manipulation…unhealthy choices, deceit, broken promises, etc. Yes, this is wahat addicts do…

      Still continuing to pray for YOU Paige. Not just me praying, but some hard core prayer warriors too…we love you Paige, but Jesus Christ went to the cross for YOU. There is NOTHING you have done that is not forgiven at the cross. Jesus loves you more than you can even imagine! Walk into His arms Paige…He is waiting for you to surrender to the darkness of this world of drugs, etc.

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