EAGAN, Minn. (WCCO) — Joe Senser’s has closed its Eagan location, indefinitely.

Sources at the restaurant said they closed Monday morning but wouldn’t disclose why.

Joe Senser’s in Eagan is located at 3010 Eagandale Place.

The restaurant has three other locations in Roseville, Plymouth and Bloomington.

There is no word if the other locations are in danger of closing.

Tune in tonight for the very latest from WCCO-TV’s Bill Hudson.

Comments (20)
  1. Getting out before the rough gets going says:

    I see they are getting out before they get sued, this way he can claim they have no money and the restaurants went under. Can you say offshore accounts…..

  2. I Senser Something's Amiss says:

    Their restaurants aren’t the only thing that should get out of town.
    I hope those murderous curs lose everything.

  3. Too bad... says:

    The food was fantastic, I hope the staff can find new employment.

  4. M says:

    I hope they go broke!!! Then money cannot save them!! How come she is not behind bars, like any middle class person would be???? I still think it was the kid and drugs were involved!!!

  5. mitch says:

    JUST A BAD LOCATION in Eagan – that whole corner is dead, bad access.

  6. T says:

    To all you bashers. Joe Seansor’s restaurant’s have and had nothing to do with what Amy Sensor did. I can’t believe the tie-ins people are making. The family as a whole has done nothing wrong. When one of your hoodlum kids does something wrong I hope society sticks it to everyone of your namesakes for all eternity. God our Minnesotans stupid and I’m not denying being one though I’m trying to move.

    1. T says:

      Reading all the silly comments made me reply to fast to consider spelling and for that I’m sorry. I knew you spelling nazis would be on me fast.

      1. HMMM The plot thickens says:

        @T what if we don’t have hoodlum kids to do anything wrong. How do you know that all the people that made a comment have a hoodlum kid? Are you stating that you know something about this whole situation? Do you have an inside tract that one of the kids were actually driving? As far as I knew it was mommy dearest that was driving not a kid so why make a statement about kids being involved….. HMMMM the plot thickens????? T knows something I think….Maybe T is actually the son??????? It is time to play Who Done It???

        1. T says:

          I just pulled hoodlums out because I was once one. I don’t know the Sensers. I just find it funny that the entire past of the whole family now gets brought into question because of the actions of one family member. Your friends cousins climbing partner just killed a guy, “You suck, your family sucks and I can no longer buy minnows from your bait shop.”

    2. Damage Control ? Maybe says:

      T – guess you may be speaking to yourself or the hoodlums you know. Funny – my kids are doind well and I don’t know any hoodlums either.
      That stated I do know fairly well The Senser’s. I basically believe they are, or at least were, a decent family.
      This acccident changes my views of many things at that. Nothing to hide – forward we come AT the time of the accident.
      Whether this is an attempt to work the financial system or not I have no clue. I do kno wthey are acting 100% under legal counsel’s advice and the CPA’s. No doubt things go deeper than that also.
      Protect ones assets ? Likely that plays into this.
      Amy truly scewed up and no additional comments need be made

    3. Justice for ALL says:

      People are so damn judgemental, and those who are, usually cry the loudest when bad things happen to them. You aholes are just jealous that he has been sucessful. There is nothing wrong with being successful in life. As far as Amy Sensor getting special treatment. NOT! Am very sure they are doing only what the LAW allows. Don’t like it, lobby to change the laws you do not like.

    4. Monica says:

      Strange you mentioned the kids and the the wife “supposedly” did it….

  7. willie says:

    LIFE IS TOUGH. AND SUCKS AT TIMES… SO MOVE ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sam I am says:

    Last time I checked it was Amy Sensor that was charged, not Joe Sensor.

    If your relative commits a crime I hope people hold you accountable as well.

    And by suing Joe Sensor – what is that accomplishing the dead person is still dead.

    1. jimsy says:

      There must be consequences to your actions. Hitting rich folk in the wallet is about the only consequence that will have any effect.

    2. Hey Sam says:

      If someone within my family commits a crime and has an obligation I fully fufill that obligation. A marriage is consisted of joint assets you folol. That’s joint everything including the insurance and company assets.
      What hole in Iraq did you crawl out of? Go back in it please

  9. just sayin says:

    HAHAHAHAHA They deserve it those murdering POS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Driver says:

    Wonder if the Sensor Driving School of Excelsior and Waconia will close next? WCCO never reports on things like that.

  11. ella says:

    the hole deal sounds fishy…umm like why was the truth HIDDEN for so long? or wait di we even know the truth? Seems like they played a waiting game for a reason like umm maybe until someone sobers up and nothing can be traced in blood or hair, or time to hide so evidence, or perhaps even give the big man time to relocate money or even perhaps remove her name from any “ownership” Could she possibly be a pawn? or a scape goat for someone elses mistake(cough)? this whole deal leaves a lot of open ends.

    Dont wish bad things to happen to anyone but a man was killed here,and for this reason alone The Senser family Should be held to the law just like all the rest of us would be Money shouldnt play a factor in keeping someones butt out of jail!!!.

  12. Jim says:

    Joe on owns about a 10 or 20 percent interest in those bars. The staff at the Eagan location are wonderful people and they are getting totally hosed by this deal. Some have young children and no other job prospects. How about we focus on them instead of what you think of Amy.

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