What’s Gov. Dayton Giving Kids For Halloween?

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Trick-or-treaters in St. Paul have a special stop to make. Gov. Mark Dayton is welcoming visitors at the Governor’s Mansion.

But what is he giving out for Halloween candy? Watch the video above as Pat Kessler was live in front of the mansion as trick-or-treaters stopped by.

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  • Father of a Kindergartener

    how bout funding all day kindergarten so the other parent can work to buy candy for thier kids…how bout those apples!!!!

  • Walter

    Is he giving them higher taxes?
    Is he giving them bigger government?
    Is he giving them some of his meds?

    No thanks.

    • And we though Pawlenty was bad.

      Nope you lose. He is giving them money for a new Vikings statium. He is the gov for few not the gov for all. In bed with Zig

  • Kevin

    An STD?

  • Sue J

    Hew was taking 40% of their candy, but gave 2% back to look good

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