Blind Dog Goes Missing, Gets Found By Animal Shelter

PRINCETON, Minn. (WCCO) — Boomer is a 9-year-old yellow lab and he lives in Princeton, about an hour north of the Twin Cities.

The trouble is Boomer is blind and wandered away from home Monday night.

As it turns out, Boomer is one lucky dog because he was found by a woman who runs a Princeton animal rescue organization. It’s a good reminder for all pet owners, though, to keep their animals safe, especially now that the weather is getting colder.

Ruff Start Rescue is a haven for homeless dogs. But it’s rare that these volunteers help a blind dog. Boomer went missing Monday night and was eventually found along a busy road.

“It was about rush hour and it was Halloween so everyone was out bringing their kids trick or treating, driving by, or driving into town,” said Emily Randolph with Ruff Start Rescue. “He was stumbling and running into things, she quickly found out he was blind, had to lure him, coax him into the car.”

Boomer spent the night a veterinary clinic, scared and shaken, a situation no one wants for their best friend. It could have been a lot worse had temperatures been below zero.

“With winter coming people need to definitely think about getting a fence if they don’t have one and if they have a fence also snow comes and builds up and dogs can jump the fence, we see it all the time,” said Azure Davis with Ruff Start Rescue.

Boomer’s owner was lucky to find him through word of mouth, but your chances of finding a missing pet are much better with a microchip.

It’s a little piece of science, it’s fairly inexpensive, and can be implanted in less than a minute. And any age dog can be micro-chipped from a senior dog like Boomer to a little guy like Loki. It’s a great way if your best friend gets lost that he can come home safe and soon.

And the puppy Lauren was holding is up for adoption. You can find out more about that process by heading to the Ruff Start Rescue web site.

  • BuffaloCitizen

    This is a wonderful story! I’m glad he is home safe with his family! I saw the “found” ad on Minneapolis Craigslist

  • Kristen Tillotson

    Boomer is a lucky dog – he was found by a fabulous rescue that Princeton is so lucky to have. Happy endings like this keep rescue workers involved in an often heartbreaking “job”. Way to go RUFF START!!!!!!!!

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  • Madalyn

    Ruff Start Rescue is AMAZING!!!! My sister is one of the ladies who are in this video! I am soooo proud of all of the hard work my sister and the Ruff Start Rescue volunteers do every single day to help animals in need like Boomer and many, many more!

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  • Appreciate life - all life

    Boomer is a good boy!! :-)

    Good job, ladies – keep up the great work.

  • Nana

    Please, if you are considering adding a pet to the family check out your local shelter. I got my dog about 6 weeks ago and he is the best dog I could have asked for. Also get your pet microchipped, it is well worth the $30.00.

  • glenn

    my dog went blind a few years’s pretty sad but she’s still happy. I remember when the vet told us she was going blind, she said “don’t move the furniture!” lol

  • John Doeadeer

    Microchips are wonderful. My pets are all chipped. But the easiest way your dog can be identified and returned to you is a COLLAR WITH ID TAGS!!! Extremely simple, and inexpensive too! And yes Boomer’s owner was lucky indeed, most pets without ID are not reunited with their family. Glad you’re home safe Boomer. :)

  • Karen Moskovitz

    MICROCHIP PLEASE!!! A good thing to remember is to also, when going to the vet, always ask them to check the chip. They sometimes move & it’s good to have peace of mind. Well done to everyone across the pond who do great work with animals – we here in England have all the same problems unfortunately. Lovely to hear a happy ending for a change!

  • Azure

    Thank you for the wonderful comments everyone :)
    Here is our monthly Ruff Start Rescue Newsletter is anyone is interested in reading it. Thank you again for the support!! (copy and paste link)

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