MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system is pushing to get working adults who have earned some college credits to go back to school and complete their degrees.

It’s called the “Graduate Minnesota” campaign and it features 30-second radio spots and letters to more than 20,000 people who recently attended a state college or university, but didn’t earn a degree.

System Chancellor Steven Rosenstone says many Minnesotans are closer than they think to earning a degree, which would make them more attractive to employers.

Each of the 31 state colleges and universities has at least one adviser designated to help students determine how to resume their studies.

Currently, 40 percent of Minnesota adults have a postsecondary degree, but a recent study predicts that 70 percent of the jobs in Minnesota will require education beyond high school by 2018.

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  1. Crazy says:

    I have two degrees and still can’t find a job. What’s going to pay for my debts?????

  2. Alice says:

    I finished my four year degree from a MnSCU school and am now in $54,000 in debt. I would love to get my MLS from a MnSCU school, but it isn’t work being in more debt.

    1. Alice says:

      *worth. Not work. To tired to type, happens when you work three jobs to pay off your student loan.

      1. Erik says:

        I bet Uncle Sam takes a chunk out of your pay check.

  3. randy says:

    If they’re so intent on people finishing their degrees, why don’t they lower tuition so we can afford to go back?

    1. Kathy says:

      Don’t buy into this overpromotion of a promise for something that isn’t there, and quite possibly won’t be there if one is realistic about the fact that experience does matter when jobs are few, and the likelihood of new jobs for a very long time is almost nil.

      State University Programs will see a dwindling enrollment as time goes on. This level of academic achievement isn’t adequate to secure a job. Graduates are just one of many who will take a back seat to the private institutions which promote and hire their own through a philanthropic pool directly associated with access to financial resources of insurmountable limit, but your life will never be your own.

      I believe in advanced education for every young person. The pay-off will only come when young people and the rest of us are willing to create an economy based on a break-away from the pinacle which holds this nation in hostage.

      Don’t hold your breath for things to change. Industry of every sector abused the privelege of creating a benefit by our nation as a whole. Allegiance to our homeland became a dual citizenship for most. The outcome is a negation of our human dignity, financial growth and opportunity to be gainfully employed in a country where trust in each other promotes security and motivation.

      Occupy Wall Street is an influence fighting a losing battle if.taking action toward independence isn’t the ultimate goal. Protest won’t bring about the good faith needed to move forward. It’s like asking the devil for mercy and a change of heart.

      When I think about all of the talent and decency in our young people who recognize the corruption so widespread throughout our system of government and industry, I can’t help but have so much faith in their strength and ability to turn the misfortune into a positive that’s more profound than anything we as a country knew.

      In observation, I would encourage young people to step back and regroup for awhile. As events of dispute begin to escalate as they undoubtedly will, a picture of our future will be presented itself with more than a glimpse.

      Rome wasn’t built in a day. Be patient before you take on false hope and a debt that benefits someones’ bottom-line, and it won’t be yours at this time.

  4. Melissa says:

    I am currently still in college and the biggest thing I have noticed is that they care about you when you are first enrolling. After that you pretty much drop off their radar. Unless you now don’t finish your degree. Now your back on the radar come back and finish! I am currently enrolled in college going for my bachelor’s. However, with my AAS completed I cannot locate a job. I went from a job making all most 18 and hour lad off. Completed my AAS degree and found a job in my previous line of work for 9 and hour. A huge pay decrease! I ended up having health problems that caused me to lose that one. After all most a year of looking for one. Thats what needs to be fix is the job market. The cost of College continues to rise as the wages for jobs and available jobs deminish. So it’s a give and take sometimes one may be better off working at 9 an hour with no degree than working at 10-12 an hour with a degree and $$$$ of debt stacked behind it.

  5. Dumb says:

    Nowadays, education doesn’t cut it. Unless you are going for something that is not so competitive, good luck finding a job!

  6. Lori says:

    my son is now $45,000 in debt. He was told he would make great money when he came out. $8/hr was the pay. After two years of working that job and not being able to make the loan payments and living in our basement, he took a job outside of his field and worked 12-16 hr days and is paying off the loan. He feels he’s in jail and not able to move on with his life. He’s 23 and stuck on hold.

    and why are school loans at 8 and 9% when house loans are 4%?

  7. Chuck says:

    Hey, how about going t a 2year technical prugram. The country only needs about 20 per cent of their workers with 4 year degrees now and in the future. I know of 2 year programs that have more jobs for their graduates than they can fill. Oh, by the way they are not the “Do you want fries with that order” type of jobs. They train for technical jobs that have great upside.

  8. J D FROM ALA says:

    I suppose all those with SOME college will take up loans in hopes of finding work in the field they are studying. Banks get rich and educational institutions and professors go an as if nothing has changed in our lives.

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