By Liz Collin

PEQUOT LAKES, Minn. (WCCO) — As strange as it may sound, a northern Minnesota family is thankful for a terrible accident that sent their young son to the hospital.

It all started with a game of golf. Two-year-old Jairden Loukota was playing with his brothers in their backyard in Pequot Lakes.

What happened next likely saved his life.

“It was an everyday day. It was something they’d done 100 times before,” Megan Loukota said.

It was this game of golf that sent Jairden to the house in tears.

His other brother accidentally swung and struck him in the stomach.

“His eyes started to flutter and his lips got really white and he just went completely lethargic,” Megan said.

Without that game of golf ending with a freak accident, Jairden may have never gone to the hospital and doctors may have never discovered his dark secret.

“They basically came in and just said ‘Your son has a massive liver tumor,'” Megan said.

It was a cantaloupe-sized tumor that burst when he was hit. When Jairden came out of a marathon surgery, he had asked one question for hours.

“He kept asking me ‘Mom, who is that guy in the corner? There’s a guy in the corner. There’s light,'” Megan said.

His mom told Jairden it’s his angel; the same one that seems to have been with this family since the beginning.

“He’s really been a trooper throughout this whole thing and tolerated everything really well,” Megan said.

Doctors got the entire tumor but there are still a couple more hospital trips ahead. The brother who once felt so bad for hurting Jairden feels a lot better.

“He probably saved his life,” said Jake, Jairden’s father.

So while it’s been a crazy ride these last two months, the Loukota’s say it’s when they became confident that there’s no such thing as a coincidence.

“We’ll just go through this journey and when we get to the end of it, see where our next one leads,” Megan said.

Jairden has his last round of chemotherapy in two weeks at Children’s Hospital. Doctors expect him to make a full recovery.

If you’d like to help his family or follow his story, click on the links below.

CaringBridge: Jairden Loukota
Megan Loukota’s Blog: Purple Dancing Dahlias

Comments (38)
  1. Callina says:

    Children often still have the ability to see the spiritual, supernatural realm that fades as we grow older. I’m glad he could see his angel! Hope he continues to heal well.

    1. Mike says:

      It’s true. I remember as a child seeing Frankenstein s monster haunting me in my dreams.. Angels, never.
      It is likely that when he was semi conscious or in a dream state he saw the same aberration that we all see. It’s called dreaming. The brain and mind has protective, defensive mechanisms and they have a purpose beyond cognitive function. Angels are wishful thinking……..

      1. KRG says:

        Seriously, I am not here to debate the existence of God, angels, or the afterlife. However, how can some people feel they have to “inform” others their belief in a comforting protecting entity is wrong. Have you ever thought that the largest promoter of good in the world stems from a belief that we are suppose to treat others like we would like to be treated. Do you go around telling children there is no Santa at the mall, even though he represents goodwill and the idea we are held accountable for our actions? I really feel sorry for you.

    2. Judy Wiseman says:

      You’re right! Isn’t it amazing that we are so limited by our five senses, yet our reality is based on them? For those who are able to see beyond those constraints, they are truly blessed and for this family, their beliefs have been confirmed. You know they are happy. And through this awful situation, they are able to see the good (laws of attraction, perhaps?). Without faith, they would probably be feeling sorry for themselves and claiming victim. I’d rather be the “idiot” who has a positive outlook and can move past awful situations, than the victim who will simply always be a victim of his five senses and the reality they have created for him.

  2. Callina says:

    Hmmm… I believe. You don’t.

    If I’m wrong, I’m no worse off. If you’re wrong, that really would suck for you.

    I’ve had faith in God in my life for so many years, and have seen such amazing things, even miracles, that your claim that I’m “dumb and gullible” isn’t going to change my mind. Did you really think it would? LOL

    Amazing how “evangelical” some atheists can be about their beliefs (or lack thereof) and throw fits when someone else expresses a different belief! How many people have you “converted” to atheism?

    You keep up your evangelizing, and I’ll keep up mine. Life goes on. Have a nice day.

    1. diana says:

      It’s sad when people have such closed souls! You are right. If we are wrong, what are we losing…if they are wrong, it’s their loss. You don’t have to see to believe….it’s called faith!

      1. emmysnow says:

        You’re losing the ability to think and make choices for yourselves and to live in reality instead of putting it on–oh, that’s what God wanted.

  3. Callina says:

    Mmm. Yummy Koolaid. LOLOL! I actually wasn’t raised in this, but chose it later. And it doesn’t matter in the least to me if you feel I’ve been misled. I think the same of you, of course, but I know you don’t care.

    To each his own. Again, have a nice day… if you can. i know I will.

  4. Tom says:

    Wow, way to throw a great story about some little boy into your own little soap box. I can tell from the hatred in your email Jeff that maybe you should have a little “faith” in your life as you sound like one bitter, unhappy dude.

  5. Jeffneedsatutor says:

    Spell much Jeff?? Apparently you don’t believe in anything including how to spell correctly.

  6. KAY says:

    Please buy a dictionary. It wouldn’t hurt if you purchased a Bible also.

  7. Lee says:

    Way to put a damper on a great story. Some people think they are just always right and just don’t know when to keep their mouths shut. I believe in Angels..If you don’t well that’s your prerogative. I don’t lower myself to call others names just because they believe something else. Grow up

    1. Sharon White says:

      Amen, Lee. I find it really interesting that just because someone doesn’t believe in the same thing that these atheists believe, they get all PO’d and feel the need to become insulting and sink to the level of name calling. I don’t care if they are atheists. Doesn’t bother me. Funny how they are so bothered that others don’t always share their point of view. Would be a boring world if everyone thought exactly the same any way.

  8. Neve says:

    I honestly pray and hope that boy is fine. I truly believe he saw an angel. I believe in that very much. May God bless him.. 🙂

  9. JS says:

    Great it worked out for this kid.

    Every subscriber to religion should walk into a desert with no food or water and pray for gods help. Let me know how that works out for you.

    I’m sure the microwaved baby and the starved to death child hoped god would jump in too. Guess he stopped caring for them but came through this time.

    It’s crazy you sheeple still believe in a fairy tale. Santa is a made up story too, but that’s too far fetched as opposed to an all knowing force who chooses to help or not on whims and always needs 10% of your income to get by.

    If he is the all knowing and powerful force, don’t you think he could balance a checkbook and not need gold temples and your money?

    Sorry, idiot people bother me.

    Good luck little man, hope you make a full recovery and live a great long life!!

    1. Amelie says:

      Idiot people bother me too. You’re one of them.

    2. Sharon White says:

      Geesh, so people who don’t believe exactly as you do are all idiots, huh? Seems to me that closed-minded thinking like yours belongs to the real idiot. You want to be an atheist? So what? I don’t care. Funny how you feel the need to attack instead of just live and let live. It’s really curious how someone believing in something different than you can bring about such anger and name calling. Sure isn’t likely to sway people over to your point of view. Take a Valium and relax. Geesh!

    3. emmysnow says:

      totally agree–glad the boy is alright.

  10. Another Jeff says:

    Personally, I don’t think it matters if the boy “really” saw an angel or not. If he thinks he did and if it helps get him through this horrible ordeal, then as far as far as I am concerned, he did. Faith in something, whether it can be proved or not, can have tremendous rejuvenating effects.

    As for you Jeff, believe what you want – for all I know you may be right – but calling people dumb and attacking them is no way to make your beliefs heard.

    1. Sharon White says:

      Right. The above comment is from a level-headed mature adult who unlike the “first Jeff” can actually have a discussion without name calling. I agree with you–calling people dumb and attacking them isn’t a good way to get your point across.

  11. J Cline says:

    Why do atheists have to be such huge bigots? I’ve never met more intolerant people than these uber-aggressive nihilists who troll internet comment forums. If you don’t believe in God, super, but stop harassing those who do. Their beliefs have nothing to do with you.

  12. Ben Yates says:

    Those who don’t believe, don’t tread on the beliefs of those who do…
    “I’m a believer, I ain’t no deceiver, mountains move before my eyes”…

  13. Shelby says:

    In a world like ours, seems to me that there are much worse things to believe in

  14. getrealfolks says:

    While I really don`t believe in god, I do believe that there are forces in this world that science hasn`t yet accounted for. Don`t put down somewone elses religion til you can prove yours is more beneficial. As for believing in Santa, he`s my best bud…lol He always gets me exactly what I want. I feel sorry for anyone that doesn`t believe in something. Where`s the magic? if there`s nothing specail in your life, you might as well bury yourself now.

  15. Jessica says:

    Geez, every single news story I read there are people attacking one another in the comments section.

    We are all entitled to our own beliefs. So, if your beliefs do not match someone else’s, then accept that and move on. I am so glad I was not raised with a narrow mind. I believe in the poossibility of everthing and anything until it is proven 100% false.

    I work with a bunch of narrowminded people and it’s really sad. I like wearing black – so I’m gothic. I like animals – so to them that means I’m a PETA-loving freak. And so forth with the generalizations.

    Just be happy that this young boy is in recovery. Don’t berate people for what they believe or don’t believe.

    Obviously some people were not hugged enough or validated even, because their first response to people who do not share their same beliefs is to name call and insult. I pity you.

    I’m so happy this young boy is doing well. Hope you have a speedy recovery!

  16. retphxfire says:

    Jeff, you are a prime example of the anonymous who post rude, intolerant and judgmental comments knowing you will remain unknown. It’s the cowards and the ignorant who resort to such bullying behavior. I bet you are one of the people who scream and intimidate drivers who have irritated you fragile psych. I admit, I have NO tolerance for intolerant people.

  17. Jessica says:

    Kids are allowed to believe in fairy tales and myths – it’s part of being a kid! As you grow older, your dreams change.

    When I was 5 I believed in unicorns and that those scary things from Critters were real.

    When I was 7, my cousin and I started digging to China in my grandma’s backyard – and we both swear we heard Chinese people and stopped digging because we didn’t want to fall through to the other side.

    When I was 14 I believed an Ouija board was real.

    Kids can have imaginations. It is almost a requirement for being a kid – to believe and have fun.

    I know you say things because you know it will trigger a reaction. I know you need extra attention. So, Jeff, here I am validating you. Here is the attention you crave. Hi Jeff!!!

  18. JB says:

    If you google near death experiences online, you will get similar stories from people around the world. Research it before you pass judgment. Keep your mind open to possibilities you cannot see.

  19. random news reader says:

    You’re all hypocrites. You say Jeff is a “bully” because he spoke how he believes, which to my understanding is that some people are stupid and gullible, (Which may be mean, but it’s true cause some people will believe anything), but then you all gang up on him because he has no faith. And accuse him of bullying you for having faith? What sense does that make? Oh I hope I don’t have any spelling errors so I don’t get berrated like Jeff did. Is that how you spell berrated? Who cares? I’m also not defending anyone, I’m just telling it like it is. I thought religion was supposed to be about caring, loving thy neighbor, forgivess, blah blah blah….. but I don’t read any of that any of these faith based posts… so maybe we should just stone him. That’s in the bible.

    1. J Cline says:

      No, Jeff is just a bigot. I guess you must be one, too, based on the caricatures you’re trotting out about the Bible and whatnot. And it’s “berated” — gosh, what are you, 13? Live and let live, kid.

  20. AaronT3 says:

    Good story, what a blessed family ..

  21. Jacalyn Simpson says:

    How does her faith hurt you in any way? Shame on you for trying to destroy another persons hope.

  22. JESUSisLORD says:

    Praise the name of Jesus…What a blessed and awesome testimony

  23. emmysnow says:

    yes–what 2 yr old could say all that anyway—parents interpretation. puh-lease!

  24. annoyed says:

    Really? Lets turn this story into issues about us. This should be about a little boy and his condition and what he and his family are going through. Who cares what he may or may not have seen. Grow up people.

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