Gopher fans were given permission to storm the field after the U of M beat Iowa.  But a TCF Stadium security guard was roughing up the fans as they came down from the the stands.

Click here to see the video.


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  1. Swamp Rat says:

    The U’s rent-a-cops strike again. This nitwit rent-a-cop should join the Mafia goon squads in Chicago or Jersey. What ever happened to MN Nice? Oh, well, you get what you pay for and the University has another PR problem to deal with.

    Why does the U. outsource stadium security in the first place? What ever happened to event/game security being overseen by the legitimate Campus Police? Can’t wait to see what happens next at the Bank. You Tube news stories about the UofM make great global viewing!

  2. What S MnNice says:

    Minnesota Nice? Get over it – there is no such thing, Swamp Rat.

    Minnesota Nice is just a euphemism for the passive aggressive behavior you find in this state. It’s just a way for Minnesotans to make themselves believe that they are actually nice to their fellow neighbors.

    I do agree though, at a big univ like the U, security should be a law enforcement operation not a security guard operation where they are not as well trained and also do not have the power of arrest.

  3. Swamp Rat says:

    No argument with your “Minnesota Nice?-There is no such thing.” remark. It was meant as a figure of speech toward MN sports-fan behavior in general when compared to other collegiate football games I’ve attended. Minnesota fans are a bit more cooler in their exuberances than most.

    However the rent-a-fuzz should have been arrested on the spot. Incidents like these, when-&-if they happen, at other schools would have been dealt with in a legal judicious manner immediately, on-the-spot, at other schools etc.

    Law enforcement, whether campus or regional, should have overseen this outside auxiliary/axillary security operation. [Like you alluded to.] This is done at other Big Ten and collegiate events in most cases, 99.5%{?} of the time. The UofMn is being a bit too frugal[cheap] when it comes to stadium security. Let’s just hope the U corrects this overall situation to be on par with other BIG TEN stadium security procedures.

  4. Ex-CSC Employee says:

    This guy was doing what he was told to do. Keep fans off the field. CSC is a horrible company and should be removed from the U’s contract. He more then likely didn’t get the message that the fans could go on the field. He is better off with a different job because working for $8.00 hour with a horrible company isn’t worth it.

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