Jeans Parties: Lower Prices, Honest Opinions

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Ask any woman and they’ll tell you: the toughest clothing item to shop for is flattering jeans.

Thanks to a sprawling company that’s grown 5200 percent in a little over a year, you can now say goodbye to cramped dressing rooms and sky high prices.

But what if you could take the pain out of shopping and save money at the same time?

These are the comments that can be heard in a room of women trying on jeans with their best friends:

“You know it’s good when they squeak!”

“These are a must-have!”

“Maybe do some squats in em’.”

The difference between your best friend and a saleswoman is that your friend isn’t afraid to get honest.

For example, Vault Denim representative Amy Pippin said to her friend while trying on jeans, “I won’t offend you? OK, the pockets need to be a little closer together!”

The women of Vault Denim say forget hours spent in cramped mall dressing rooms trying to squeeze in that bootylicious bump, and instead trade in that environment for your girlfriend’s kitchen.

“The last time I was in a dressing room, I had to bring my 4-year-old with me because I’m a full-time mom, and he kept saying, “Eww, you’re naked,” said Vault Fashion Consultant Shawna Pesina.

“It’s taken off like crazy here in Minnesota. We’re one of the fastest growing states,” said Vault Regional Consultant Leigh Ronsen. “Vault Denim buys overstock from the manufacturers that sell to the high-end stores, and we never know what we’re going to get.”

At their jean parties, you see the same designer jeans you see on store shelves for up to half the cost.

“If you can spend 50 dollars, and have your butt look half the size — it’s fabulous,” Pesina said.

At the end of the day, these women say they have one mission: “I think, honestly, we just want our butts to look fabulous,” Pesina said.

Illusion is these girls’ specialty. In fact, they call themselves the “smoke and mirror girls.

With so many factors, it can be a daunting task to figure out how to flatter your body the best.

WCCO-TV asked for the experts to tell-all. They say the first trick is hidden in the stitch. Don’t be fooled. Everything is deliberate, from well-thought stitching to precise placement of the wash.

The fashion consultants recommend finding a wash that is deliberately placed on the front and back of the thigh area. They say this wash should be a more narrow line so as to give a more slim illusion.

They also say the cardinal rule of creating a slim silhouette is finding jeans with pockets that sit closer together.

As far as the one trend the fashion consultants say they can’t keep in stock: pockets adorned in jewels.

There’s an incentive to hosting a jeans party — you get free jeans depending on how many pairs you sell.

If you want to be in touch with a Vault Fashion Consultant so you can host your own party, you can find them at or click on the links below.

Vault Denim

Vault Denim


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