ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — If only the Vikings had this kind of staying power on the field.

A Minnesota Vikings stadium bill that was on life support 24 hours ago is alive again, and lawmakers are now gunning for the end zone. Again.

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton met privately with the Republican stadium supporters this morning, just 24 hours after he accused top GOP leaders of walking away from the Vikings.

“I’m an old hockey goalie,” said Dayton. “After a tough night you just put the pads on the next day and go to work again.”

The Republican Senate author of the stadium bill, Senator Julie Rosen of Fairmont, promised what she called a “very good” stadium bill “very soon.”

“We are going to get a bill out,” said Rosen, flanked by Gov. Dayton and Democratic lawmakers.

Rosen said the new Vikings push will include public hearings, and a special session before the New Year.

“Before Thanksgiving? That’s not gonna happen,” she said, hoping for a December “action” month. “We need more time to get the bill together if we are going to do it right.”

The funding focus now: Gambling revenues, including electronic pull tabs and slot machines at race tracks. A casino is also still a possibility for revenue.

Republicans said they’ll go where the most votes are.

“I frankly don’t think we can put a deal together unless there’s gaming revenues that’s a part of it,” said Rep. Morris Lanning, a Republican from Moorhead, the House author of the stadium bill.

One more unusual twist in a day of Vikings twists and turns: The Republican House Speaker Kurt Zellers, the most powerful politician at the legislature, was not part of the stadium meetings on Thursday.

And on WCCO Radio, he said again he is not in favor of a special session for the Vikings.

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  1. Al says:

    All this posturing to create an aura of urgency by the politicians turns my stomach. I find it hard to believe that building a stadium is worth it for Minnesota. 10 games a year folks!! That’s it!! Maybe a playoff appearance once every 5 years or so. The only ones that profit from this are the restaurants.

    1. ProudVikingFan says:

      You are obviously not a somebody that has traditions with loved ones that is related around Vikings football. Families and friends all over the state come together on Sundays to watch the Vikings and have for years. Families and friends go to Vikings games together to make memories that they will never forget. Look past the money and fincial complications that come from a stadium. How much money would you pay for your greatest family traditions?? The implications of not having a NFL team in this state will impact MUCH MUCH more than just the restaurants. I hope WE will never see how much exactly it will impact. Go Vikings.

      1. Mr. Always Right says:

        Look past the money???? We’re not talking chump change here, we’re talking hundreds of millions of dollars…idiot

        1. Ryan says:

          The vikings bring in $9.1million dollars from visitors visiting our fair city EVERY GAME. That equates to $72.8million dollars off the regular season alone. This also doesn’t include Sales tax off vikings merchandise or ticket sales. Anyone with simple algebra skills can quickly figure out the state will receive a return on their invest in a few short years(and we haven’t even discussed other events that could be held at the facility) Maybe you should do some research on the subject before you get on the internet and start calling people names, tough guy.

          1. Spend Wisely says:

            A majority of that money would still be spent in the Twin Cities even WITHOUT the vikings. Maybe you should do some research before you start calling people names.

            1. Ryan says:

              Yeah, because vikings fans are going to still travel here to see the vikings who are out in LA, right? The figure I put up is from VISITORS who travel here solely to see games. That revenue is from Hotel, car rentals, etc. People from every state around travel here to go to games. I can’t tell how many people from other states I’ve spoken with while at the games. Yes people still travel here for other purposes, but that money i spoke of will be gone, football fans are not going to continue to travel here to see the timberwolves or go to a play.

              1. A Voter says:

                Way more people visit theaters, and art galleries than they attend Vikings games.
                Isn’t it nice that some families can sit in front of their televisions watching the Vikings while others worry about where their next meal is coming from.

                1. Also a voter says:

                  Guthrie annual attendance = nearly 500,000 Vikings annual game attendance = nearly 650,000(not including events that take place there the other 355 days of the year) Placing guilt on people who can derive pleasure from their lives seems kind of petty. I know the world sucks but why would you try to make people feel guilty for watching a football game? You could always be out organizing a food drive rather than complaining on the internet. Be proactive rather than reactive if it bothers you that much. Life is all about attitude. I’m happy that we live in a great state that can provide places such as the guthrie for those that like plays, a stadium for those that like baseball, galleries for art enthusiasts, and places for basketball, hockey, and football. I personally attend everyone of the things I just listed. I work hard for my money and chose to spend it on activities within our community so my money does just that, it stays in the community for the most part. I moved here from out of state to attend college, and love the fact that minneapolis has so much to offer so I never left many years ago. I hope this gets passed so myself and generations to come can continue to enjoy football and have a sense of pride for this state and community. I’m also part of a food drive this weekend. Our goal is to raise over 500lbs of food for local food banks. I for one do not feel guilty about deriving pleasure from watching or attending football games.

                2. A Voter who knows nothing.. says:

                  yeah, those are open year round. The Vikings play a minimum of 10 games a year and still top those numbers of theater goers. Please find a decent comparison next time.

                3. imamazed says:

                  wouldn’t you know that someone would only think of one place when there are alot more places than the Guthrie

            2. John says:

              Sounds like you should practice what you preach. If the Vikings go, the city would lose out on a great dal of money, not only from the people attending the games and the additional revenue that would bring in, but the income generated by taxes alone would be extremely substantial. If you don’t like them, then but out.

              1. orrin says:

                No study exists that shows spending money on a stadium pays back the investment. The money spent on attending gaammes wouls be spent elsewhere. Nothing new comes from a stadium Try researching the subject before you babble. To pay for the 600000 million from taxes generatedd by income and sales taxes per mn post (a prostadium article) there wouldd have to be a 7million dollar a game in sales taxable items, 70000 seat stadium thats 100 per person average.

            3. A Voter says:

              That should have been Museums, and Art Galleries, the Vikings don’t come close.

          2. Come on now! says:

            Having a new stadium is not going to make it harder on your family. Calm down, learn the facts.

            1. Walter says:

              Yes, it will. Having people steal your money is not good for your finances.

          3. orrin says:

            Where did you get your made up staistic of money being spent? The study by the Brookings Instiute will show how full of holes your point is.

        2. Rockford says:

          Wow, name calling. Classy

      2. Spend Wisely says:

        Even if the Vikings move from Minnesota nothing is stopping you form going to see a game. You can travel to where the new stadium is and go see it live there, and save me a bunch of money in the process.

      3. Tony Benjamin says:

        i’ve said it before, how will it impact the kids of Minnesota, ND, SD, Nebraska, Iowa, and even alot in Wisconsin who play football and watch and idolize the Minnesota Vikings? How would they feel if the team left? they would be heartbroken! I’m sure the lawmakers have kids or are related to kids or know kids who live in their neighborhoods who love the Vikings. Maybe they should look at it like that instead of playing the political card

        1. sam says:

          ya Idolize these convicted felons ? Go and take the twins with you ! haven’t been to either one and don’t plan on it. two jobs and a family to feed. If i want to see them they are on the television all the time. mostly whining about something.

          1. Come on now! says:

            Let me guess, you are an uneducated person who blames all your problems on others. A new stadium will not hurt you, your two jobs or your family. If anything it will bring more money to our state, add jobs and entertainment to this state.

      4. Good Bye says:

        Yes Go Away Vikings.

      5. 12 men in the huddle says:

        So, what other local businesses ask for public money to finance their operations (and I’m NOT talking about non-profit businesses)??? Why shouldn’t General Mills, Medtronic, Target, or Best Buy ask the public for money via a tax increase to expand their business with new stores, bigger headquarters, etc.. After all, they also provide a big benefit to Minnesota (not to mention being successful).
        I don’t know what memories you have to cherish ( 0-4 in Super Bowls, whizzinator, boat ride, 12 men in the huddle, take a knee, Herschel Walker trade, etc, etc.). Seems more like what one could see for MUCH cheaper at a comedy club.
        Go Vikes….and keep on going, all the way to L.A.!!!

        1. randy says:

          The state has bailed out Daytons before…and NWA a couple of times. The city of Richfield gave Best Buy a TON of concessions to build their campus there. Target got concessions from Mpls to build downtown…need I say more??

        2. gary says:

          You leave this comment on every Vikings’ story, troll. I sense a Packer fan/nut.

          1. gary says:

            Above comment of trolling was for ’12 men’ comment.

      6. Realist says:

        It is not my job, nor will it ever be my job, to preserve your family memeories around Vikings football….what a absurd argument! If the Vikes go, they go and if they stay, that would be great as well.

        Politicians are going to do whatever the Lobbyist tell them to do so they can collect their “profit”.

    2. Swamp Rat says:

      You forget that the people will own this venue and it will be a 24/7-365 venue if managed correctly. There are some great economic possibilities for the state and metro ares if this deal is done right. Other cities can bear these points out!

      1. Walter says:

        No they don’t. Studies show stadiums have a detrimental affect on local economies.

    3. Nate says:

      Common Al, if it were another indoor stadium, a lot of other events would be hosted there just like the dome. If the stadium goes through, I don’t see an need for the dome anymore. So where will we have the prep bowls, home and garden shows, and numerous other events? Hmmm…this is a statewide item now, isn’t it? Understand Zygi’s stance on some help now, especially if it will be used by others? Pass the Casino in Block E so it’s not on taxpayers.

      1. Guy says:

        SO – we already HAVE the dome. It is ALREADY PAID FOR. The ONLY one looking to build a new stadium is Ziggy. What are you suggesting doing with the dome after the new stadium is build. And what about all of those poor restaurants & hotels down next to the dome … and all of the people who work THERE?

        1. Nate says:

          The dome is out of date, it generates nothing for revenue. If you want the vikes to put together a good team you need to increase the franchise’s value, that is the stadium. It will also draw the apeal for higher end players, and not to mention the possibility of having a Super Bowl hosted here again, huge money for the State with that. If there is a new stadium, the dome will probably be sold to a developer, or build at the Dome’s location. Again this is an investment for the State too and again to make money you need to spend money. That is the risk with businesses.

          1. Jane says:

            Nate: : “The dome is out of date, it generates nothing for revenue.” When you say this we have to assume you are the administrator for the Dome and keep it’s books. You must be, anyone that would make a comment like that based only on what they hear in the media would be a complete idiot spewing garbage about something they know nothing about. What do you get paid a year for doing the domes books, 300, 400 thousand or more?

      2. Geoff says:

        Good point. Many events were cancelled when the dome roof was repaired. The state should consider electronic pull tabs at the airport terminals. Extract cash from out of state visitors before they leave the state. A domed stadium is an asset to the state. Putting it in Arden Hills would balance out the recent development that has occurred in the two downtown areas and the south metro.

    4. VCO says:

      The income tax revenue for 10 NFL games generates more in a season than an entire year acquired via the rest of working Minnesota. Quit thinking about principle. Communism was built on “principle”. The stadium construction alone will generate 8,000 jobs. The businesses surrounding the stadium will flourish (provided it stays downtown, which it should). This creates revenue and jobs. The NFL is an entertainment PRODUCT. We’re not building it for someone… we’re building it to maintain a viable entity and an identifiable part of MN culture that benefits our economy.

      1. Guy says:

        And the buisnesses around the DOME will wither … all you are doing is MOVING those jobs from Minneapolis to A-H. NOT generating NEW jobs.

        1. Lee L. says:

          And if the stadium isn’t built, those jobs will move from Minneapolis to L.A., At least when they’re in AH, you can take a bus to get to those jobs if you work for the Vikes

    5. rcunningham says:

      Yeah because the stadium could host NO OTHER EVENTS OR CONCERTS WHICH WOULD GENERATE REVENUE.

    6. @ AL says:

      I’m sorry you forgot about out-of-state fans that rent vehicles, hotels, airplane tickets, purchase drinks, souvenirs (ALL MN TAXED), which, YOU AL, are now taking advantage of. Care to raise the unemployment a bit, when those workers are no longer needed on their shift?

      1. @ AL says:

        Has anyone looked at the tax on a car rental!??? Yeah, lots of money goes into the state pocket!!

    7. RR says:

      Jeez people, it won’t be exclusively for the Vikings!!!!! Every event hosted in the Metrodome will probably migrate there once its built. Not to mention all the additional events it will bring in. Look at the big picture & realize its time to upgrade for the future. The Metrodome had a good lifel time

    8. sush says:

      The stadium would not just be used 10 times a year, d ummy. Other events would be held. Concerts, truck shows, prep sports, final fours, and so on… I support the using of gambling revenues for the stadium. Didn’t you all want “no taxes for stadium”? Now you got it and it can still be built, but, you still complain.

  2. spare me says:

    They are going to shove this down our throats one way or another. I don’t know why any of them act like they care what our opinions are. Great plan Dayton, just push this through at any cost to the taxpayers.

    1. Kyle Weaver says:

      didn’t know that gambling had anything to do with the taxpayers. thanks for making that connection.

      1. truedat says:

        Your post makes little sense.

    2. kman says:

      They don’t care Dayton or the Republicans they have a History of falling in line with the Failed Bush Tax cuts to Create jobs

  3. Cmon says:

    It’s scary when people don’t see the economic benefits of a new stadium for the Vikings. I like it here and want to see this community be the best it can be. Can’t be the best if huge economic drivers move somewhere there’s a better public private relationship that is willing to make the commitment.

    1. sam says:

      What economic benefit?
      Is this the theorized increase in spending disposable income? Economists have looked at the matter, and are pretty sure that it has, at best, a neutral effect. That disposable income is going to exist whether or not the sports team is in the area. And it is going to be spent whether or not the sports team is in the area. If you can’t go to a Vikings game, you’re going to go to a concert, or out for dinner more often, or to a movie.

      1. Clark says:

        Exactly Sam! I couldn’t agree more! There is X amount of ‘entertainment dollars’ to be spent in a defined market area. Those dollars will be spent regardless if the Vikes are here or not.

        1. patrick says:

          but what about tourism? there are a large number of out of state fans who come in to games to root for the vikes from surrounding states, or to root for their team against the vikes. they typically stay 2-3 days, and while the guys are at the games, a lot of times the gals are off at MOA or other tourist destinations.

          also, with a payroll north of $125M between players, coaches, support personell, etc, there’s a lot of state income tax paid on those salaries just within the organization

          and every opponent’s players are subject to MN income taxes on salary they get for the games they play in the metrodome…

      2. Right on Sam says:

        Right on Sam. People just don’t understand that the stadium is not a money factory. If the Vikings go away, the money will still be here, short of a few hundred jobs that would go with the Vikings org. People will spend their money elsewhere.

  4. Ray says:

    It’s narrow minded morons like “Al” that turn my stomach. He met be related to those other 2 short sighted blinders wearing morons Koch and Zellers.
    We could have built something less costly if we hadn’t stretched this out to 10 years. Zellers wants to wait till the next regular see ion so it will cost even more then. Great fiscal thinking!Yes restaurants benefit, along with their staffs, their food and beverage suppliers, etc.

  5. Clark says:

    Is expanded gambling going to be alright with Native Americans?

    1. Nate says:

      Who cares, it’s America, we have the freedoms to do what we want or pass what we want. Besides they have been raking in the money without paying taxes for years. Don’t give me any of the “we took their land” business either. If it wasn’t us, it would have been another more technologically advanced civilization. If you still don’t agree, than lets give all back right now, and I should see you in the front of the line to leave this country.

    2. Swamp Rat says:

      Who cares? There has been good and bad to the Tribes having the state monopoly on gambling. Now times have change for better or worse and the Native American Casino operators should realize they now are going to have competition.
      With that being said, maybe it’s time to change and enjoy the increased business that competition brings.

      Who knows maybe the tribes that have casinos might better improve the way they do business with or treat their peoples with the profits etc.. If the PC police stop trying to rewrite history and make faux paux appeasing overtures to the Tribes for problems that happened generations ago then possibly this gambling issue can benefit everybody.

      It’s the 21st Century and Americans of all ethnicities, ages, and persuasions must work together to make this nation and state better. If “legalized” gambling is one [short-term or long-term] way to accomplish economic benefit let’s do it. Let’s stop the vitriolic rhetoric and get this state and nation back on track. The same holds true for the new stadium venue.

      Let’s not lose the Vikings over arguing over ignorant precepts. Build it and they will come. There is money to made so let’s make the people reap the profits for a better life and state.

    3. randy says:

      Are you referring to the 220 multimillionaires living in Prior Lake? Who cares, they’ve had their metro monopoly long enough. It’s time they competed for the almoghty dollar just like every other business has to.

  6. TFerguson says:

    too bad the legislature’s and team owner’s firewall blocks this page:

  7. Ray says:

    Since when do we always have to bow to the Native American’s approval for any kind of expanded gambling? Did they invent the “sport”? Yes they do great work and contribute tons of money to worthy causes from their take, but there is room for more action with expansion. We could have had the stadium issue bought and paid for moths and years ago had we not crawled away from the Native American disdain toward any competition.

  8. m roz says:

    Maybe there should be a state vote to see how many people want the Vikings here–I’m sure more people want them here than not- Let’s get this done-The Vikings generate more money for the state then anyother sports team-Ziggy has spent the money on players to try and bring a winning team here-unlike our Twins who got a statium and don’t spend jack on and never have the Vikes should’ve got a statium before the Twins and the Gophers

  9. MNwokrer says:

    The legislature and governer always cut budget. How could they come up with new stadium. I guess we need to draw more blood then jobs.

  10. Not a fan says:

    Why don’t all the proud viking fans just donate their money for the new stadium. The rest of us who can’t afford to buy tickets to go, could care less about watching them on tv, and don’t benefit directly from the vikings won’t have to give out our money.

    1. MNHope says:

      I can’t afford tickets, but I love watching them on TV. So the “rest of us” does not include me. I am all for the stadium. I am one of those people who are unemployed and understand what it is like to be looking for work. It is stressful and not easy to live on unemployment. So if (and hopefully when) they get the big picture and approve the stadium, it can send a lot of people to and back to work. You may not benefit or like football (as some of our legislature appears to as well) but I (and my family) personally do. The stadium will host more than just 10 games. It will hosts concerts, other sports events, and other entertainment and charity events. As for the restaurants and hotels, they will benefit, as well as bring more people in for employment. And to me, some of those restaurant workers are some of the hardest working people out there.

      1. Tony Benjamin says:

        and conventions

    2. randy says:

      IGreat argument and ‘ll be happy to donate my money to a new stadium just as soon as all the parents in our state start paying for their own kids schooling. I never wanted to have kids, why should I have to pay for someone else’s to go to school, or why should my tax $$$ go towards welfare or …….

  11. Get rid of Zygi and his bad boys says:

    Unless Zygi pays for a new stadium with his own or private financing, let him leave the state.

    No tax money should be used for a stadium and promoting gambling as a source of revenue to support Zygi’s private enterprise is absolutely insane.

    Come on Zellers and Koch, get this to a statewide referendum. Let the people decide, not Zygi or Dayton or inebriated fans.

    1. Skol says:

      You are a moron. If everything was put to a statewide referendum, nothing would pass. Who wants to be taxed more?

      Simple question, do you want the Vikings in Minnesota or not.

      The majority answer is yes. Everybody else, get over it.

      I don’t like how the majority of my tax money is spent but I don’t spend the my days whinning on blogs like you gelded liberals.

      1. if brains were gunpowder ... says:

        You’re a broken record, dufus. To answer your simple question, NO, I don’t want the Vikings in Minnesota … nor do I want you in Minnesota.

        If you’re so sure you have a majority, why do you fear a referendum? Oh, I’ll answer that for you: you know you’ll lose.

      2. Guy says:

        ” Simple question, do you want the Vikings in Minnesota or not. ”

        Simpler answer – NO!

        1. @ Poor Guy says:

          @ Guy – Again, an opinion, no facts!

      3. Walter says:

        >> The majority answer is yes.

        Really? Then why don’t they want a referendum?

        Answer: Because it would go down in flames.

    2. Another tax payer says:

      Zygi is investing $400 million of his own money so we can have a facility for the whole state to enjoy. Go to any other state and tell them you want to invest $400 million into their community and see what they say.

  12. Wearejustasstupidastheyare says:

    I wish the Vikings would go, what about all the homeless families who is building them new homes. Why should these rich players and owners get any of our money when we should be helping our own citizens with jobs, homes and food. today on TV I say a spot saying there are more than 190 KIDS homeless in one county, why can’t we help these kids instead of the stupid Vikings and they did not say what race and anything they just said kids.

    1. Skol says:

      Wish you would leave

    2. Working 91.8% says:

      The homeless thankT-Paw who cut funding every year he was govenor from various programs. Thank the GOP led Legislature who cut more funding this year. Thank the bankers for the foreclosure mess which is probably why some of the kids are now homeless. Thank big business and federal government for allowing jobs to be out sourced overseas and allowing the highest unemployment rates.

      1. @ Working 91.8% says:

        @ Working 91.8%

        T-Paw – Your current Governor is behaving just like a Republican.

        Bankers at Fault – It takes 2 to Tango! The homeowner who didn’t read his/her contract, and now is in bankruptcy, please… Only buy what you can afford, that’s why the world is in a mess.

  13. Lester B/Zippy W says:

    GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR MONEY (except rich people, of course) OR I WILL THROW A TANTRUM AND TAKE MY TOY AND LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Get educated says:

      How is Ziggy throwing a tantrum? Many many people want the Vikings to stay.

      1. Walter says:

        Then they can pony up their money for their entertainment.

  14. It's not just for the Vikings people!!! says:

    Again…People…This stadium is NOT just for the Vikings. When will you people realize that. The Vikings will use the stadium a few days in a year. There will be hundreds of other events at the stadium besides Vikings football. That is why the Vikings should not have to pay for the whole thing. A new stadium will bring more events to MN…events that aren’t here now because the Metrodome is not a place many organizers want to hold their events. A new stadium will create thousands of jobs and help bring a lot of income to the state. Once you people start seeing past the “Vikings” and see what else it will bring to the state, then comment. Your narrow mindedness shows how much you really know about this issue.

    1. MNHope says:

      Amen! At least there are a few of us out there that get it!

    2. Clark says:

      The Vikings Owner would build his own stadium if he had ‘hundreds of other events’ that he could rent it to when his football team is not using it. Not sure how 8 football games a year is going to create Thousands of jobs. Certainly not full-time jobs. Guess I just don’t get it.

      1. Tired of Clueless people says:

        No Clark, you don’t get it! If you can’t see how this stadium will create thousands of jobs, then you are clueless. Research before you comment from now on.

        1. I agree, it's tiring says:

          Really? Yet you continue to look in the mirror every day.

          No, we can’t see how it will create thousands of jobs. How ’bout you list just one hundred of them for us?

          Yeah, talk about doing your research ………..

        2. Nate says:

          Thank You! It would create jobs, I am a Project Manager for a Construction Company. This is the time to build, the economy sucks, contractors are hungry for work, therefore you will get lower pricing. Labor, Materials, Equipment, and Fuel only go up, if you delay this longer it’s only going to cost more later. If they leave it will cost huge money to get a team back. It also sparks the economy in Minnesota, by lodging, food, drinks, merchandise, and many other services. These people really are clueless.

        3. Guy says:

          And every one of those “thousands of jobs” (yah – right) will come from people alread working at or around the dome. If football were ever to create that many jobs; IT ALREADY WOULD HAVE DONE SO! since we already have an active football team. This means that the net CREATION of jobs is EXACTLY ZERO!

          1. Nate says:

            Dude, a bigger Stadium will hole more people, therefore you will need more workers to compensate for that increase. Second, it would generate a lot of jobs to build the stadium. Lastly, the property around the new stadium would sky rocket, new businesses are going to want to come in. Again this is an investment and you have to look to the future. Like any business you either grow or you die, stay as we are we die, period.

      2. Bryan says:

        Someone will have to work at the stadium all the time. Just like Target Field when the Twins are not there in the winter, they still have people working. I like how everyone did not want Target Field and now they built it everyone loves that place. Let build the Viking a new Stadium before they are leave like the North Stars then we ended up building Excel Energy Center for the Wild.

  15. Brian says:

    SKOL!!!! If you don’t want a stadium move to a state that doesn’t have one then!! Football is about more than just $. It is about memories and coming together for a common cause. Thousands of people enjoy going to the games and interacting with one another. If not that, then having gatherings at home. So we should take all of our hard earned money and spend it in other states to go see a football game? Then who loses? Some people don’t like football, I get that. But I don’t like or use certain venues that I have paid for. That is reality. Get over it.

  16. cam says:

    Why should we have to vote on an issue that we elect leaders to figure out? Why do we have legislators if they are just going to have the people vote on difficult/unpopular decisions? Why didn’t I get to vote on my tax dollars funding the Guthrie? I don’t use it, I don’t care blah blah blah. There are so many other ways our tax dollars are spent (far greater amount than the stadium will result in) that we have no say over, why does this issue deserve a vote?

    1. Ziggy says:

      Because the law states a referendum is required to approve sales tax increases. Next?

  17. just sayin says:

    i am rilly dum

  18. Just reading between the lines says:

    Tell me who is making house payments from working at any stadium? or do these jobs you talk about pay more than 15.00 an hour?
    Are we not still paying sales tax for the Metro Dome?

    1. Swamp Rat says:

      No, but those sales taxes are being channel toward Target field! Read between the lines in the fine print!

    2. randy says:

      The sales tax used to pay for the Dome is now being used to keep the convention center going. Talk about a money pit, that place is a PRIME example!!

  19. red says:

    I had season tickets for 5 years in the 90’s when they VIkes were fun to watch They have a stadium. If they don’t like it, put up some frickin $ Ziggy or go to LA. The vikings stink any how. I am so sick of hearing about this! Just go away at this point.

    1. 12 men in the huddle says:

      The Vikings were fun to watch??? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

  20. Mayhem says:





    1. Ahh but that's why we have you. says:

      At least we have you and your over-sized brain to help us struggle along. It must be a burden to be so smart.

      1. Mayhem says:

        its actually more of a burden to have to share space with republican farts…..

        but yeah, you are 100% correct.

    2. Still reading between lines says:

      At least our S.S. and welfare can go to the states gambling and not the Reservations or will the reservations still have the better gambling.

  21. rcunningham says:

    No wonder Packer fans mock Minnesota for having no support for their team…

    1. Mayhem says:

      yet not as much as Viking fans mock fudge packer fans for being….fudge packer fans…….

    2. 12 men in the huddle says:

      Actually it’s not really a “team” per se, more like a bunch of overpaid men performing a “comedy of errors (and I’m NOT referring to the Shakespeare play). They have this idea that you are supposed to LOSE in the Super Bowl (0-4), make complete fools of yourself (whizzinator, boat ride), choke at the most opportune times (12 men in the huddle, take a knee), and make the BIGGEST business blunder in all of professional sports (Herschel Walker trade).
      They are entertaining, but not quite in the capacity they were meant to be.

      1. Mayhem says:


        but no ones been arrested for sleeping with children

        or thier brother/sister either……

        eveyone has there demons there, 12 men in a puddle…….

  22. j speedbag 64 says:

    ok zippy and all you vike haters it’s time to go buy case of kleenix because you guys are gonna be crying along time because we shall have our ”stadium”…….way to go dayton ……………

  23. GET RID OFF THESE IDIOTS !!!! says:


  24. thinker says:

    Fast forward 10 -20 years from now… at some point others will be in charge of government and they might be all about getting a team back to MN (since Viking went ot LA in 2014) the cost will be a least 20X what it would cost now to keep a team here. But the ones in charge do not care. They will get the money by taxing everyone and cutting schools, food stamps, whatever cause they want to get it done. And you will say why did we ever let a team go… look at what this is costing us now….

    1. RedSevens says:

      Yes thinker, look at other cities/states that had to buy a team back, the cost was insane! Opening a state casino would take care of this issue right now.
      And it would be a smoke free casino so my wife and I can play slots without getting second hand smoke, which leads to cancer and more health care costs for all!

    2. Get educated says:

      LOL They are not taking money from schools or food stamps for the stadium. hahaha you are too funny!! They are wanting to build a casino or add a half a cent tax to Ramsey county. For a thinker, you sure are uneducated!

      1. FutureMan says:

        thinker said 20 years into the future… not right now you fool… who knows what they will want to do then…do you know… they might cut out teacher pensions… the future is unknown, do somethign now…

  25. chuckster says:

    i swear people would complain if wilf paid for the stadium himself, there talking about gambling money , not your taxes going up . get it done

  26. RJC says:

    If this is such a great deal for everyone… and we’ve been told that it’s a partnership, we will give the Vikings funding – however, in return we get an ownership stake in the team. That way when Ziggy sells the team – the tax payers can partner in the profits…


  27. Scott says:

    First, Kurt Zeller and his way of legislating need to go away. Second, The Vikings are a billion plus dollar business that needs to stay in MN.. Third, Vikings and NFL needs to put more money into the deal. Forth, Arden Hills is the best place. New area, great new ideas. Fifth, This will help the area with jobs that right now we need. This is all my opinion. Thank you.

  28. roger says:

    this is simple – build a casino in block E. no food, no entertainment, just a complete casino. that would draw people to mpls restaurants and entertainment venues all year long. once the stadium is paid off, split the profits between the state and ALL indians in minnesota so they won’t complain that the casino is hurting them. downtown mpls would then be happy that the vikings are in arden hills if they get a year-round casino.

  29. Common Sense says:

    Can’t wait for the Vikings to leave…then Minnesota will suffer and pay the price… First will be tax increase to supplement the revenue brought in from NFL games and Income tax of the players and the team…Second we will have a DFL control legislature because the Republicans will not approved any new staduim (KOCH and KESSLER). Third, we will be the laughing stock of the country because we are the only State that drove our NFL team away.. At least traffic will be less since people will start moving out of this state.. And all the vikings fans will go to the theaters, museums…. not…
    Hey, atleast when the Vikings move to LA they will have real fans win or loss, not some jump the band wagon fan (like when Favre was the QB and they were winning). I just feel sorry for those real fans who bleed purple and gold..

    1. Common Sense says:

      That should be Zeller not Kessler,

  30. NO, NO, and NO! says:

    Show of hands. How many of you keep up with the daily news?

    There are people trying desperately to hold onto their homes and put food on the table. There are more people below the poverty line today than there were three years ago. We still have an immense budget deficit in the state.

    There is no public money available for a new stadium and expanding gaming is only asking for more trouble, not offering a solution.

    The solution is Mr. Wilf needs to use his own money and private financing to build his stadium. The state of Minnesota would not be advocating expanding gaming to build more gas stations or fast food restaurants or anything else; there’s no reason to do so for Mr. Wilf.

    NO public money, NO additional gaming, NO special session. The Vikings make plenty of money; they can build their own facility!

    1. Paul Bunyan says:

      What about the 7,000-8,000 jobs it will create?People say it’s only temporary employment, but it’s employment NOW !!!!Construction jobless rate is around 22%,this employment offer will help put food on familys plates.Minnesota look at the positive this project will bring to the state.

      1. 2 plus 2 does not equal $650,000,000 says:

        The report says 2-3,000 jobs, TOPS. And they ARE all temporary. And there are no guarantees those temporary workers will be Minnesota residents.

        IF there WERE 3,000 temporary jobs it would cost over $216,000 EACH to create them.

        Does that still make sense to you?

        1. Paul Bunyan says:

          THEY MAYBE TEMORARY JOBS BUT ITS EMPLOMENT NOW!!! And I saw on WCCO’s newscast earlier this year that Minnesota contractors were contacted by the Vikings.

  31. Payback time says:

    Hey Vikings Fan… 2012 is election year… Remember Koch and Zeller; word is that Koch is going to run for the seat to be vacated by Bachman…. I don’t like voting democrats since it is automatic increase in spending and tax… Looks like Independent party…..

  32. Econ Guy says:

    This is the best plan aside from the Vikings leaving the state: Let Ziggy pay for all the cost and give him serious tax break on the property or team. The only thing is the state will have to pay him to use the facility….

  33. Just a thought says:

    I think the state should build 3 casinos near the mall of america . The infrastruture is there and we can tap out of towners who visit the mall. One casino for general fund, one for schools and one for special projects. If you want to support any of these, then gamble. This would create jobs and revenue. I don’t think the government should be our moral compass for gambling. State ran casinos would benefit all Minnesotans.

  34. to gamble is bad says:

    Gambling and greed has ruined society.

  35. Realist says:

    I agree, greed has ruined our society. There are far too many people who choose to let others pay their way. They continue to have children they can’t afford and have no desire to take care of. Greed is the demise of our society.

    1. Gordon Gekko says:

      Greed is good.

  36. Paul says:

    Well, my other responses didn’t go so I’ll shorten things. I used to be a season ticket holder for both FB & BB, then the prices went up and the news told us about more players getting multi-million dollar contracts. I thought, we’re paying them to make more millions, so I quit going, they can to as far as I’m concerned. I don’t fly because the airlines are raking us over the coals and we keep hearing about companies making 200-500% profit per quarter, 1000% + per year so I drive but less, more car pooling now. Peanut Butter went up 40% now so I bought my last jar today. I now take my extra money and buy extra food and donate it to the Food Shelfs where people really need it. The state can take the 400-600 million for the stadium and donate that to people in need, people that lost their homes, jobs, cars etc, not to someone with 5 billion in their bank account. We can make them listen to us with what we spend, we have to, they only laugh at what we speak and then charge us more. It would be nice also if companies would stop making stuff outside of America and then ship it back here for us to buy with money we don’t have because they sent all our jobs to foreign countries…!

    1. Jesus says:

      Paul, no one likes you.

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