GWAR Guitarist Found Dead After Mpls. Concert

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The lead guitarist for the heavy metal band GWAR was found dead Thursday on its tour bus following a concert in Minneapolis, the band’s manager and record label said.

Manager Jack Flanagan and record label Metal Blade said Cory Smoot’s body was discovered Thursday before the bus crossed into Canada on the Richmond, Va.-based band’s tour.

It’s unclear what caused Smoot’s death or how old he was. A person who answered the phone at the Smoot family residence in Richmond declined to comment. Flanagan and Metal Blade’s Kelli Malella, vice president of publicity, said they had no further information to release about Smoot.

Smoot performed since 2002 under the name “Flattus Maximus” with the band known for its comically grotesque sci-fi/fantasy-based costumes, stage antics and vulgar lyrics. He produced GWAR’s last two albums.

Flanagan says there’s no word yet on funeral arrangements or the rest of the tour. The tour had been scheduled to stop in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, on Friday and Saturday.

Lead singer Dave Brockie, also known as “Oderus Urungus,” said in a statement that “at this point we are just dealing with the loss of our dear friend and brother” and asked for privacy.

He called Smoot “one of the most talented guitar players in metal today.”

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  • Crunchy

    TL your respect for the dead highlight’s the “validity” of your argument.

    • Real Talk

      Hard to have respect for a dead a “Flattus Maximus”…whatever that is!?!

      This would be just like if Lady Gaga died….who cares. Hundreds of respectable die everyday and you dont say boo. Why so high and might now?

  • Lyle Lyle Crocodile

    Its considered bad form to disparage the dead.

    • llp

      how true he was human before anything else

    • See BS

      GWAR killed Snookie from the Jersey Shore on Stage — of course it was fake and part of the show. But now you’re saying it’s bad to disparage the dead.

      Like I said — maybe the guy used up his stash before the border control checkpoint.

  • Bob

    “It’s unclear what caused Smoot’s death or how old he was.”

    LOL, unclear how old he was.

    • Samwich


      Well…he looks 50 but it’s written that he’s 20….hmm not sure about that!

    • See BS

      Maybe the guy used up his “Stash” before the Canadian boarder and Over-dosed?

  • truth

    That jealousy is really showing through TL.
    Can’t help your band isn’t good enough to break minneapolis…

    • Real Talk

      This band wasnt good enough either. Thats why they had to create their little gimmick and dress up like halloween to try and scare kid’s parents.

  • tom

    wow–what an example!

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