MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minnesota woman is charged with killing her ex-husband, but what makes the case even more disturbing is what happened to her boyfriend. He was found dead, too, just a day later.

Angelina Omara, 38, is in jail and faces a second-degree murder charge for allegedly killing James Omara, her ex-husband. Sauk Rapids Police say he was found with a gunshot wound to his head on Tuesday. A detective noticed he had a bloody face, along with a pillow covering his head.

“He was just a friendly guy,” said his neighbor, Roxanne Huston.

In fact, James Omara had opened his door to his ex-wife. Angelina Omara had been staying with him at his Sauk Rapids apartment, off and on, the last month.

Huston recalled seeing Angelina Omara just a few days ago, and a few days before James Omara was found dead in his Sauk Rapids apartment. Huston said she was holding a Burger King bag and wanted to bring James Omara breakfast.

“She asked me if I had a butter knife, because she was going to try and get in,” said Huston.

Detectives say they found that Burger King bag and breakfast next to James Omara’s body.

The next day, 200 miles away, police in Ashland, Wis., found Angelina Omara’s boyfriend, Michael Pies, dead at the Anderson Motel. He died the same way the ex-husband did. Pies had a gunshot wound to his head, and a pillow covered his head.

Angelina Omara was found a couple hours later by police in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She was walking alongside a road after abandoning her vehicle about a mile away, they say.

“Everything just kind of leads us to her,” said Sauk Rapids Police Chief Perry Beise, who believes Angelina Omara killed her ex-husband.

Ashland Police, however, aren’t talking yet about who exactly killed Pies. They’re expected to release more information about his death early next week. They’re only calling his death “suspicious” at this point.

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  1. markH says:

    “on probably cause,”? WCCO has no business calling this Journalism when it is so obvious that they rely on quasi-educated derelicts to transcribe news stories from other venues.

  2. askin says:

    Sauk Rapids police arrested 38-year-old Angelina Omara after finding her ex-husband, 43-year-old James Omara, dead on his coach.

    COACH???? Were there horses attached to this coach???
    Or was it his high school coach???

    Good job – journalism at it’s finest!

  3. ez says:

    “Police: Woman Arrested After Her Ex, Boyfriend Were Shot Dead” I find it so funny that they can’t use correct English. It should be “was”, not were.

    1. Donk Savant says:

      Are you two kidding us? Replace were with was and tell me how that sounds, note the comma helping to tell you it’s two people not only one person.

  4. Billy says:

    C’mon WCCO, “Woman Arrested After Her Ex, Boyfriend Were Shot Dead”

    Its “WAS” not “WERE”. Someone needs to go back to school..

    1. you need to learn to read says:

      No it is right. It’s two people – read the article.

  5. throwing it out there says:

    At what point does she realize that her life is pretty much over?
    Maybe thats one less welfare check saving the tax payers.

    1. Obv. says:

      It will cost the taxpayer more money to house her in prison for the rest of her life than welfare so it’s a losing situation for all of us as taxpayers.

  6. correction says:

    No – it is correct. It’s TWO persons.

  7. Metal DJ says:

    She looks like every other woman I’ve seen in South Dakota. When I hear Woman, and South Dakota in the same sentence, this is the image that pops into my head. She is also the image for Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Vermont.

    1. Ferris Lind says:

      Oh and Girls in MN are Hotties???? give me a break ..

      1. Obv. says:

        Yeah Ferris you’re a great judge of women, if I remember correctly you’re gay correct?

    2. Metal DJ says:

      I could show you a few of my close friends of my wife’s that would make your jaw hit the floor. You’re just not looking in the right places. Hot chicks don’t hang out at Applebee’s at 5pm on a Friday.

      1. Obv. says:

        HaHa you can show us some pics. of your wifes friends, but not your wife, sucks to be you, people in here that think there are no hot women need to take a look in the mirror, most of you are goblins. You think women aren’t hot because they have no interest in you, there’s hot women everywhere all the time, try getting out of the house a little.

        1. Metal DJ says:

          I would show you pics of her but, I’m a gentleman. She’s my Wife. And, her friends are single.

          1. mike says:

            And you are a freak. Nothing is better than saying something and not being able to back it up.

      2. Prove It says:

        pics or it didn’t happen

  8. max says:

    All the intellectuals seem to be posting today….

    1. What Next? says:

      And I can’t get a comment to be see…sheesh!

      1. What Next? says:

        Than should be “seen”…end of a long week. Censorship be damned.

  9. Jamie says:

    I thought she said head…..not shot in the head

  10. U R a moron says:

    You people are morons. Get out of your parents’ basement and get a life. 2 people are dead and you care about spelling and if girls are hotter in Mn or SD? Really? WCCO you should delete this whole comment section all together. The comments rarely make any sense. You’re just giving a bunch of idiots a forum to be stupid.

    1. steve says:

      Thanks wcco for giving all the idiots out there space to bash my sister. There is alot more to the story than wcco has repotred. Also sorry my sister was not on welfare. She has worked very hard to support her family.

      1. Hope you can visit says:

        Your sister I can tell is a caring person. Hope she spend the rest of her life in the pen.

      2. U MAD says:

        I call shenanigans. There’s no way you’re actually her brother. If you’re telling the truth, then your time would be better spent hiding. You dated her, and I heard she’s going after her ex’s. Hillbilly.

      3. RAE says:


  11. Gwen says:

    RIP Mike you will be missed by all of your family and friends. You didnt deserve this and we will miss you very much.

    1. keri says:

      my heart goes out to you and mikes family. james is the father of my son sean. both of these men didnt deserve this!

  12. keri says:

    so bashing your sister is the last thing i want to do!!! the crazy b**ch killed my sons father! so bashing your sister as to weather she was on welfare or not is a thing you should be talking about it should be why she would do this to her daughters father!

  13. christine says:

    James (kelly) is my cousin and mike pies was a good friend of mine for almost 20 yrs. i am sickened that this women left 3 lil girls with out fathers and two complete orphans. I just want to know why. they were both good ppl. I know she was suffering from post partum depression but i never imagined my cousin and my good friend were in danger

    1. keri says:

      she also left my son with out a father sean was james oldest child

  14. Get some good reporters says:

    LOL The reporter is an Eagle Scout and has a degree in Accounting. Really qualified for this line of work

  15. Bend over so we can stick our boots up your keisters says:

    Christ all mighty, what a bunch of losers – both the key players in this story, as well as all the relatives and “friends” posting their diarrhea here…

    1. keri says:

      what does meth have to do with these murders??

  16. Meg says:

    Does anyone else wonder why the neighbor lady (the one talking in this news clip), didn’t contact the caretakers immediately after this woman told her directly that she wanted to borrow a butter knife to enter her ex-husbands apartment??? If she had been given permission to stay there, and had nothing to hide, then she could have had the caretaker open the door with a key!!! Way to watch out for your neighbors Roxanne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Linsey says:

    Wow. Ridiculous. This woman was a complete psycho. Mike was a caring, loving person who only wanted to love & be loved. No matter what a person’s station in life, there is no reason on earth that someone should be defended for so callously murdering two men, taking them from their children, for her own selfish motives. There is NO excuse for this. I wish that they could fry her crazy ass, but seeing as we have no death penalty in MN I hope she ROTS.

  18. RAE says:

    RIP MIKE PIES & JAMES KELLY OMARA! ROT IN JAIL ANGELINA LUSSO OMARA! You dont deserve to live you crazy psycho beotch. You left at least 3 children without a father. So sad. I hope you never step outside a prison cell in your life. I wish MN or WI had the death penalty. Your children are better off without you in their lives.

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