MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Minnesota Vikings are disputing a reading of their lease that suggests they might have to play in the Metrodome for one more season after this one.

Vice President Lester Bagley tells The Associated Press the team is on “firm legal footing” in its understanding that the lease expires after this season.

That has long been the understanding as the team pushed for a new stadium, with new urgency in the Legislature in recent weeks.

But the head of the commission that runs the Metrodome, Ted Mondale, told the Star Tribune that a clause in the lease triggers a one-year extension if the team is forced to play elsewhere for part of a season. That’s just what happened last year when a snowstorm collapsed the Dome’s roof.

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  1. THEY WILL RENEW IT !!! DA !!! says:


    1. Amy says:

      you are so stupid !!!!

  2. Walter says:

    So what?

    They can move.
    They can play in the dome.
    They can play at TCF stadium.
    They can pay for their own damn stadium.

    It’s a free country.

    1. Amy says:

      Ok…you can move out from mom house, get back to WI

  3. Penn Daho says:

    Shove it up your rear end. My girlfriend works in a industry which depends on the Vikings and professional sports, and so do many other people who live in places where the tallest buildings aren’t grain silos. If the Vikes leave, she’s out of a job. She’s a bartender, BTW.

    I can’t see why anti entertainment nazis want to turn the Twin Cities into a giant outstate Minnesota town. We already have a place that has no entertainment or pro sports in Minnesota. It’s called “North and South Dakota”. The reason why we’re in this pickle right now because when we had the chance to build a good stadium in the 1980s, we balked and built a cookie cutter, no amenity stadium like what they had over in Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Seattle (All demolished, by the way) because we didn’t want to make the outstate whiners cry. 30 years later, we’re in the same pickle.

    Build it right and build it now, and tell the frostbitten bitter outstaters to shove it up their rear ends and quit using us city folks to bankroll their town ice rinks.

    1. oh take a laxative and calm down says:

      So how do you feel about a new stadium?

    2. me says:

      Her job depends on the Viks? That means she works downtown; RIGHT?

      And if they build a stadium in Arden Hills??

      That means she is ALSO OUT OF A JOB.

      Hint: the only way she keeps her job is if THE VIKS STAY IN THE DOME!

    3. Joe the non-tipper says:

      your gf is a lousy bartender..tell her to get a real job where her wages aren’t dependent on a handout from a drunk..she sounds alot like zygi begging for a handout.

  4. gimme a break says:

    the dome and the bank are good enough for the queens.

  5. NO GREEN BAY says:

    Packers fans=white trash boys go away!!!…this is important only for MN VIKINGS
    save the vikings.
    packers sucks.

  6. Harry j says:

    If your gf works downtown and if the Vikings is what keeps her job that means that she only worksabout 8 days a year cause that is all the Vikings home games are. Also those people will still spend their money there just on something else.

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