MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Minneapolis police are looking for the public’s help in finding the person responsible for shooting that killed a man in north Minneapolis Saturday.

Police responded to a call of shots fired shortly before 4 p.m. near 43rd Avenue and Girard Avenue North. When they arrived, they found a wrecked SUV with a driver suffering from a gunshot wound inside.

The people who live near where the shooting took place said they heard the gunshot and witnessed the SUV travel slowly, running over a stop sign before coming to rest against a tree.

Police were on the scene within minutes.

“When they got there they found a lone male adult male inside the vehicle,” said Minneapolis police Sgt. Steven McCarty.

The doors of the SUV were locked so police had to ask a neighbor for something to break the window to get the driver out.

One neighbor said they used a hammer to crack the window and helped police get the man out of the truck.

The wounded man was taken to North Memorial Medical Center where he died a couple of hours later, McCarty said.

Police have no motive for the shooting and no suspect in custody.

“It sounded like originally there were two suspects that were possibly involved in this. Canine was there … but nothing developed from that, “McCarty said.

If you have any information about the shooting police would like to talk with you.

You can provide anonymous information to the police by calling the department’s tip line at 612-692-8477.

Comments (33)
  1. Bill says:

    Who said anyone was suprised?

  2. american says:

    Any life is precious. Who knows what happened.
    What can we do to end this senseless violence and turn the cycle
    of poverty around.

    If we don’t try we all keep paying over and over again.
    Education, jobs and role models.

    I’m tired of footing the bills for prison and welfare.

    1. Deb Grund Meyer says:

      Thank you so far you are the only one on here to have some compassion.

      1. Jon Mellberg says:

        Compassion? Define that please. Is that just a warm, sympathetic feeling for you? I hope not. Liberal “compassion” is the very thing that has created generational poverty, violence, crime, and under-acheivement, especially within the black community. It is very sad, since it never had to be this way. As a typical non-racist conservative, I’ve never felt that skin color was any basis for ability to achieve and thrive. Liberal policies tell them from the craddle to the grave, that the deck is stacked against them, that they can’t make it without goverment help, That there’s boot on their neck, that society needs to give them a break and judge them by a lessor standard, and that they should be less accountable for their choices. AND IT HAS RUINED AN ENTIRE CULTURE OF PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY. Feeling sorry for them, enabling the behavior that imprisons them and holds them down is right where liberaldom wants them to stay. In constant need of government help. That is the biggest crime of all. Liberalism has destroyed so many lives in the name of compassion that I’ve begun to hate that word.

        1. Deb Grund Meyer says:

          Well let me tell you this- he was not black- Compassion: my definition would be to show caring support to someone who needs it and his children WILL need it. This Man had a business of his own- he was not a welfare case that we are taking care of- How do I know this he was my nephew.

          1. Jon Mellberg says:

            It doesn’t matter what color this poor victim of liberalism is. My contention is that rampant violence, especially in this minority neighborhood, is the DIRECT RESULT of liberalism, Which can be easily demonstrated. And I’m very sorry for your loss. How incredbly sad. But what I’m saying is that along with the grief you and your family must feel, I hope that you are very angry at the cause of this crime. And there should be no doubt of the cause of senseless crimes like this. So sad to know why and frustrating that society keeps doing the things that make it happen.

          2. Amber says:

            I’m sorry for your loss Deb. His mother of his children is a close friend of my sisters. My prayers and thoughts go out to those two children.

      2. josie says:

        That’s the first comment, so of course it is the only one with compassion. DUH!

        1. Deb Grund Meyer says:

          No josie it was not the first comment look at the time and date- and many others were made that have been taken off

    2. Tom B. says:

      As someone who has volunteered in inner-city schools, I can tell you that the role modeling needs to begin at home. There’s a plethora of homes in which the parents take zero interest in their children’s well-being until one of them gets shot. Then, they appear on the news weeping and wailing, asking “Why?”

      Want a fighting chance? Don’t get pregnant before graduating high school. Don’t get pregnant without being married. Change the culture to embrace education rather than the thug lifestyle. Impress upon inner-city children that between untold riches and abject poverty lies an immense middle ground. An opportunity to earn a respectable wage at a respectable job. Quit telling inner-city kids that they’re “selling out” by doing their homework and dressing and speaking properly.

      And now, let the countdown commence to calling me a rabid, right-wing hate monger. And we wonder why the nation is polarized?

  3. Lars says:

    Sounds like Norwegians with a beef

  4. North Side says:

    Maybe you should try Sauk Rapids or Cold Spring.

    Oh yeah, I have never heard “norfff” side before. Over north maybe… but not norfff side. Who says that anyway?

    1. Obv. says:

      Sauk Rapids 1 murder this year, and because of a domestic dispute, North everyday there’s something, only thing im mad at is last summers tornado for not doing a better job.

    2. chester says:

      LOL, the ebonic slang is “”” Norfffffff”””” You obvoiusly don’t get out of the house very often, if you haven’t noticed our african american culture has a problem with correct pronounciation of the english language.

  5. Deb Grund Meyer says:

    Would this be so funny if it were your family? This was a SON ~BROTHER
    FATHER~UNCLE~NEPHEW does that make a difference? This was Family and right now we dont even knew what happened. So while all of you are thinking this is so funny if nothing else please have some compassion for his kids.

    1. ^ blind as a bat ^ says:

      Hahahahahaha! Pull your head outta’ the sand there Debbie. If that were my son, brother, father or uncle I would help the perp shoot ’em! Because all life is NOT precious. Wake up and realize that YOU are part of the problem, Deb. So try actually doing something that will help, rather than sit around and cry stupid tears for worthless individuals, thus coddling them to continue doing the same, and infecting their children with it, and on, and on, and on…

      Wake up already.

      1. Deb Grund Meyer says:

        I am sorry but you do not know what has happened- Just because YOU feel his life was not important – I am not a part of the problem I am a law abiding citizen, where does that make me a problem- I was simply asking you people on here to show his Children some compassion- Who by the way are VERY GOOD KIDS! Why dont you quit your spewing on here and go out yourself and make a difference in someones life– Leave the Judging to GOD.

    2. Blah says:

      How do you know he had a brother or was a father, geez Deb you’re so dense about everything your poor husband.

      1. Deb Grund Meyer says:

        how do I know? Go back and read my post from the start when you started spewing—HE IS MY NEPHEW!

        1. Right now... says:

          Paying for you, the family and his kids. God bless you all!

        2. @big Debbie says:

          Sometimes people with drug problems get caught in the wrong place at the right time, perhaps you should be comforting your sister or brother who lost their child rather than trolling ‘cco boards, so called aunt!

  6. KegHead says:

    Hmm……Looks like a St. Louis city sticker and Missouri plates.

    Crack maybe?

    1. just wondering? says:

      Why is it all your posts have the same theme…’crack’…’methheads’…etc?

      Makes me wonder if you might be using drugs, with the same ‘ol spew every comment, on every board.

      Challenge: Could you come up with something more thought provoking?

  7. not quite says:

    mike you apparently haven’t gone Escalade shopping lately. I wish they only cost 65k new.

  8. Murph says:

    Sounds like the GOP agenda is working as planned.You know,let the herd thin itself out ,while they sip martini’s in their gated communities and mansions! Move out of that Hell hole!

    1. sqweak says:

      Yeah, damn those people that worked hard, didn’t use their skin color as an excuse. Went to college, or worked hard and made something of themselves. Damn them! Just damn them.

  9. Kevin says:

    Oh my. Really? Are you sure?

  10. Apes says:

    Couldn’t the police use the end of their guns to smash the window? Just curious….

  11. Truthmaster Alice says:

    Looks like another drug deal gone good

  12. bkackie says:

    just another whitie comming to the hood to do dirt, and run back to the sticks and talk about black people, but i guess this one won’t be making back ha ha ha,send some more please.

  13. hippie chick says:

    I can’t believe all you people. The police have no idea what happened or why he got shot. I worked with Steve for 4 years and he was a good guy and a good father. He worked very hard and had his own company. For whatever reason this happened, and he has been taking from his family and his children way to early. Deb, I am praying for his children and his family. People who cannot feel compassion for someone who has lost a family member and a parent aren’t worth the time of day.

    1. Deb Grund Meyer says:

      Thank you-

  14. Deb Grund Meyer says:

    Judging a Person does not define who they are~ It defines who you are.

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