MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul pushed his idea of smaller, no-nonsense government as he campaigned in St. Cloud Saturday.

Historically, he’s had a strong following in the Midwest, and he even did well in the area three years ago. But there’s another reason why Paul came to St. Cloud, according to professor Larry Jacobs of the University of Minnesota.

“Ron Paul was in town to raid some of the [Michele] Bachman votes in her own congressional district,” Jacobs said. “This is a conservative part of Minnesota, and it’s not surprising Ron Paul would be going where the conservative voters are.”

About 1,000 people packed into St. Cloud’s downtown auditorium, and they listened to a message about change. Paul talked of changing foreign and monetary policy, among other things. He said America is going down the wrong path and it’s time to change it.

“The revolution is alive and well even up north here,” he told the crowd. For 45 minutes, Paul preached his libertarian views. He said American should get out of every other country’s business, and that America should end all wars, because they are bankrupting the country.

“The big issue is personal liberty,” Paul said in an interview. “The second is the rule of law and following the Constitution. I think we’ve gotten soft. We’ve concentrated more on the blessings of liberty and the productivity of liberty. We forgot about the fundamentals, and now we’ve run out of both the material benefits of liberty. And now we have to restore our confidence and our understanding of liberty.”

Some call Paul’s viewpoints ‘radical,’ like the elimination of the Federal Reserve and Department of Education.

Jacobs calls Paul an agenda candidate.

“Ron Paul.. he’d like to win. But he’s also running for the ideas that he’s supporting,” Jacobs said. “Those ideas, that agenda is what Ron Paul is all about. He’s had a lot of successes, and I think he sees more and more reason for him to be in the campaign and make sure the Libertarian philosophy is well represented.”

Jacobs thinks Paul will campaign again in Minnesota. He also thinks the state could be an important battle ground state when the Republicans pick their presidential candidate.

“If the battle for the Republican party gets strung out, Minnesota could be a very important contest. And I think we’ll see more of Ron Paul. He’s got a lot of supporters here in Minnesota,” Jacobs said.

Comments (22)
  1. mike says:

    Ron Paul will guide this country from the words of the CONSTITUTION!

    Less entitlements….more LIBERTY and no more POLICE MAN for the world!

    GO RON PAUL!!!!!

  2. Parkz58 says:

    So, Crux, I fail to see your logic…if it’s the government’s fault (which it most certainly is), doesn’t the logical option for fixing it lie in becoming part of the solution? That’s exactly why Ron Paul is running – to be an integral part of the solution for all that is wrong with this country. It seems like an incredible waste of time and money if all he was trying to do is “dupe the idiots”…if he wanted to do that, he could just start his own talk show.

  3. insignificant says:

    cruxie…Ron Paul is an actual republican…not the facadal kind we are all used to seeing,eh?

    1. Paul Solinger says:

      If Ron Paul were an actual republican, he wouldn’t be so popular among college students.

  4. JB says:

    Well its plain to see you havent woken up yet. Sad.

  5. phy says:

    I just listened to an explanation of Austrian economics.I now know why Ron Paul is so concerned about changing our monetary system. The System we have now (Keynesian) promotes large government power by delivering the control of money to them. Austrian economics does not allow the government control. The control is spread out among the free market business large and small. That means power is not controlled by a few politicians in Washington.It is controlled by millions of business across the country. No special favors from Government to their friends at the big banks. Smaller government means less tax and less spending. Ron Paul is the only candidate democratic or republican with this brilliant common sense policy. We already have state governments with almost all the same departments as federal government. Why do we need a federal and state dept of education? Why do we need a federal reserve that is not a government agency,but can take money from taxpayers and give it to private banks?

    1. JB says:

      Read Liberty Defined for more info on Paul and why he thinks the way he does. Austrian Economics are discussed too.

  6. JB says:

    If he wanted to dupe idiots he would be running on the same tired platform the other candidates are running on in both parties. There is no difference other than the special interests they suck up to. The rest is just wars without end and bigger government. Ron Paul is the ONLY guy running that can fix anything.

  7. fkafka says:

    In your wildest dreams, can you ever imagine Ron Paul signing off on Solyndra or Lightsquared as Oblama did for political gain – never in a million years.Never elect a Chicago politician as president ever again.

  8. Jacy Bye says:

    it was actually about 3,000 people in attendance not just 1,000.
    i was there and it was packed with enthusiastic people who are tired of big government. Freedom is popular!!! Ron Paul 2012!

  9. Murph says:

    The question with him is how do you know how twisted he is in comparison to the other twisted sisters he’s running again’st.Yes he seems likeable,but so did some very infamous people like Bundy! Why take a chance on getting a pig in a poke!The word conservative is most certainly a bit twisted when equated with the current GOP clown crop! Democrats don’t start wars unless attacked!

  10. angus says:

    It is obvious that what Paul means is a country of the rich, by the rich, for the rich. If people are dying from hunger, illness, exposure (noplace to live), it doesn’t bother him as he drives to his fancy country club in his $100,000 auto from his McMansion in the white suburgs, aka a gated community.

    Very nice if you are rich but I doubt it is Christian as the conservative right likes to call themselves.

    This may not get printed as I have been informed by WCCO that their automated censoring machine kicks out comments but won’t tell me what causes the eviction and they are not reviewed by a person. Think a liberal comment is all it takes

    1. frozenrunner says:

      Somehow when you report too much truth about GOP causes it kickes it out. Funny the autosensor doenot kick out the mean spirited name calling.
      It is interesting how the people line up for a tax plan that will cost them more money.

      1. Citizen says:

        @frozen. Ron Paul is a nutcase, no explanation needed! As for the censorship, I think you are right about the liberal comments. Plus, WordPress is a mess anyway. I no longer even visit the national CBS website, and have routinely deleted CBS cookies and spyware.

        1. Common Cents says:

          @Citizen, me thinks you’re the nutcase. only a nutcase would call another a nutcase and not explain why… liberals just don’t get it!

  11. Murph says:

    Sadly, a no nonsense government would not include Bachmann,I’m pretty darn sure! No place there for Pawlenty and pawlenty more of those other GOP’ers too! I’m just waiting for them to shut down the government again and see what happens to their precious millionaire buddies nest eggs on Wall Street! I think a lot of them will finally wake up and smell the who the rotten eggs really are then! Maybe they can joins us at the soup kitchens and bunk at the REX 84 camps with us!

  12. Tracy M says:

    Ron Paul is OUR LAST HOPE!! otherwise its Reps VS DEMS Pooo. We are losing our freedoms daily..at the airports…in the courts….he is it.

    No Paul, then hello to a police state.

  13. Tracy M says:

    HERE! is is our choice. A POLICE state OR Ron Paul. We are losing our freedoms-libertys-soverignty daily. Stand up now, or enjoy your airport checkpoints. They will be everywhere soon.

  14. Pavel says:

    He’s talking about personal liberty and what should be discussed is “personal responsibility”.

    This is another Republican dressed in 20th century clothing, but expousing 18th century ideals. They may have worked back in that century, but they won’t work in the modern world.

    This guy is out to lunch just like Bachmann. They have the same kooks soaking up every word!

  15. Citizen says:

    A quote from the late, great Molly Ivins:
    “Next time I tell you someone from Texas should not be president of the United States, please pay attention.”

  16. Morgan says:

    My question if Ron Paul won the 2012 election is that will he get 100% support from his party (GOP) on new government regulations he proposes, especially a regulation to chance US financial system? I’d guess he will end up frustrated because of the lobbyist power in the Senate. In the end, his administration will be not to different than current administration after all.

  17. Common Cents says:

    Well it is refreshing to see more good comments than bad about Ron Paul on this website, maybe the trolls havent made it here yet.

    Im truly suprised RP hasn’t been assassinated… I hope he makes Obama a one termer.

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