MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Department of Human Services kicked off an event Sunday aimed at promoting adoptions and giving children and teens loving and permanent homes.

Currently, there are more than 800 children in our state that are waiting for a home, and finding homes for older children is particularly hard.

Yves Spies, who came from Ivory Coast Africa when he was 12, was adopted just a year ago when he was 17. He said this event gives teenagers a chance at happiness.

“It means giving a teenager a chance to live, giving them a chance to be happy, to be normal and to have support,” he said.

Spies is a senior in high school and he hopes to go to college.

Comments (6)
  1. Jinx says:

    It’s “adoption”, not “adaption”.

    1. HDMC says:

      Its a Jersey thing, you wouldn’t understand…

  2. John says:

    More ‘kwality’ journalism from the MSM.

  3. Editorial Review says:

    Yves (pronounced Eve) was adopted at 17, not 12. He was adopted through MN waiting kids.

  4. Common Cents says:

    If they want people to adopt, maybe they should drop the price their charging per child. I looked into adoption to further do my part in society, but after finding out that it would cost over 30k per child, I’m afraid I can’t afford to help.

    Why does it cost 30K a child to fill out paperwork and welcome them into your home? Shouldn’t the state be paying us to help out?

  5. Jackie says:

    It doesn’t cost 30K to adopt a child out of Foster Care. It costs money to adopt a baby through a private agency. If you adopt a child out of Foster Care the pre-adoption fees are subsidized by the State of Minnesota.

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