ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Former House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher will lead a 15-member state task force examining ways to expand access to broadband Internet across Minnesota.

Gov. Mark Dayton named Kelliher and the others Monday, hoping to advance a campaign promise of fostering border-to-border broadband. Kelliher was one of Dayton’s Democratic rivals in the 2010 campaign.

The task force intends to come up with an action plan for making high-speed Internet more common in homes, businesses, hospitals and schools — regardless of geography. The underlying belief is that greater, affordable access will contribute to state economic gains.

Besides Kelliher, who now runs the Minnesota High Tech Association, task force members include executives of cable companies and wireless phone companies. Nonprofit foundations, schools and tribal interests are also represented.

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  1. keel says:

    I communicate with other people in countries around the world on a regular basis. Amazingly, to me at least, we in the US have the lowest connection speed of any other civilized country…by a factor of at least 10! Shameful.

    1. really? says:

      Shameful? yes, shame on all those businesses that try to develop a profitable and sustainable market for services in a country 10 times larger than any of those other “civilized countries” you speak of. You know, you can get really fast 4G network coverage such as LTE in largely populated cities that rival any around the world, but let’s complain about why we can’t reach some podunk farm implement dealer in rural bumfk nowhere. …so shameful that the industry hasn’t catered to the 1% by building its infrastructure where it wouldn’t be used by the 99%. What kind of business model is that? Sounds like a need for government regulation, that’ll either bankrupt the industry or regulate it into obsolescence. Come on Keel, think this one out please….

  2. keel says:

    Ahh yes, those “podunk farm implement dealers”…and all the other little silly people who don’t happen to live in the “largely populated cities”…such a waste of time providing them with current technology. Far better that the US recognizes its’ limitations and accepts the mediocre. Mediocrity is, after all, what made this country great. I imagine that had we allowed the space program to be planned, initiated, developed, and operated by the “industry”, based on fulfilling the needs of the market, we would still be waiting for a lunar landing. Don’t be so silly, condescending, and small-minded. Seeing the big picture is the talent that has led people like Steve Jobs to recognize his success. I doubt that he spent much time detailing why he couldn’t do something. Life isn’t market-driven.

    1. really? says:

      Steve Jobs didn’t exactly rely on government provided iPhone EBT cards to bring a great solution to market.

      Ironic that the big investment in space is coming from private capital firms, not NASA as you would suggest.

      Seems the silly, condescending, small-minded intricacies you suggest may be your own. “Life isn’t market-driven”… maybe you don’t understand markets. your comment is very scary and concerning, or it should be. if not for the market, then what drives your life, government mandates by some big thinker such as the wizzard of oz? Some great orchestrator in the sky? everything is market driven, including the quest for freedom and individualism. I’m sorry sir, but it sounds like you have this great big grand plan for how everyone should operate, how everyone should think and feel, and it shall be that way or no way, even at the expense of making others comply unwillingly. Maybe your plan isn’t so far reaching, but a small plan that focuses on your own interest, a plan just the same. Perhaps you should really deeply research and investigate free-market economics just for fun and see what you find appalling about your statements. From the surface, it sounds like there’s no question about it, you’re right, i’m wrong, to those who don’t give enough thought to the subject. To the contrary, research the effects of socialism over time and see where it leads you. Come on Keel. jeez

  3. keel says:

    Indeed, I don’t understand markets…and I am very, very scary. Where oh where do I start? As a matter of background, I spent over 30 years making money in the “free-market” economy, (a glaring misnomer in itself), starting my own company at the age of 34 and becoming the COO of an international electronic component manufacturing company before I retired. I earned a substantial salary and bonus during those years. I am a graduate of the University with a degree in Physics. I am also a Marine who actually fought the “great communist menace” in the far east, evidently, by the shallowness of your comments, long before you were born. Please re-read my last comment and your reply. Notice, if you will, the gross disconnect between what I offered and what you chose to comment on. However you choose to criticize what I say, please don’t make the mistake of talking down to me. Don’t offer your puerile concept of what drives my life…or anyone else’s for that matter. If this nebulous “free-market” thing truly directs your life…I feel sorry about it.

    1. GOPSUX says:

      I love it when cons get punked.

  4. fkafka says:

    Just don’t let it interfer with GPS, like Obama’s Lightsquared seems to do after rushing to ram it through. Take time on thr requirements next time and do the testing, then get it retested and tested again by independent testers.

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