MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Deer hunting got rather dangerous in Minnesota when the season started over the weekend, but firearms weren’t the main cause.

Gene Berthiaume, 72, of St. Paul died from a heart attack in Beltrami County. Arthur Knafla of Maple Grove was trying to start a propane heater, when his clothes caught fire and he fell from his tree stand in St. Louis County. Also, a 51-year-old Sartell man died in Cass County when he fell from his stand and his gun discharged.

“Tree stands cause more injuries during the deer season than any firearms do,” said Capt. Greg Salo with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Salo said he has seen broken bones and worse. Some hunters have died from falling from their stands.

“There’s no limit to how high you can go with a deer stand now, and that’s a big consideration for us, and that’s what makes the harness even more important,” he said.

So, just like all the orange gear hunters wear, a safety harness is an extra piece of important equipment for hunters using deer stands.

The Department of Natural Resources has other safety tips, too. Check your stand year after year, to be sure it’s secured well to the tree. Also, be cautious when climbing to the top, since rain, snow and ice can make your steps slippery.

The recommended height for a deer stand is less than 10 feet above ground.

“People think you need to be 12, 15, 18 feet above the ground to die from falling. People die two or three feet if they fall just right,” said Salo.

Salo also recommends using a rope to pull up your gun. He says it’s too dangerous to carry it up the tree with you to your stand.

Click here for more outdoor safety tips from HCMC.

Comments (7)
  1. dreamcatcher says:

    laws save lives there should be a law to wear a harness in a stand so simple lives are saved every day with the seat belt law ,harness save lives just as well its only a couple days why wouldnt some one were a harness that i do not understand why would you go hunt to be the victim the state should be protecting human lives and there not doing there job hunters have died falling since the beginning and not once did someone alive change the laws

  2. Susan says:

    A law to wear a harness in a tree?

    How about a law that you wear a helmet when getting in and out of the bathtub?

    Enough with all the ‘Save the Idiots’ laws.

  3. :) says:

    Yeah just what we need, more laws, rules and regulations, NOT. People just need to be smart. I dont use a harness because my stand has a shooting rest that surrounds you, be hard to fall out. I always wear a harness when I use a stand without a surround, but it should be preference, not a requirement.

  4. city people ruin everything says:

    city people especially if you wear a suit and tie your a worthless guy you should not be allowed to hunt

    1. Venisonsux says:

      At least these “city people” can put together a sentence. Hunting sucks.

  5. Buster R says:

    Let the herd thin its self. Only idiots clime trees to shoot Bambi. These deaths only help strengthen the gene pool.

  6. MrB says:

    And what a gene pool you must have come from BUSTER R! God help us all from your gene pool!

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