Hunter Takes Rare Piebald Deer In Minnesota

OUTING, Minn. (AP) — A hunter has bagged a rare two-toned whitetail deer on his first hunt ever in Minnesota.

Joshua Winchell shot and killed a piebald deer, a spotted brown and white variety. During an initial sighting of the piebald in Cass County, Winchell’s hunting partner, Pat Maranda, thought it was a dog. But when he looked a little closer, Maranda saw it was a rare spotted whitetail. Winchell and Maranda researched state hunting rules and found nothing prevented them from shooting the deer.

So when the two headed out on Saturday, they eventually ran across the piebald deer, which Winchell says stood out like a “cotton ball in the middle of the woods.”

Winchell tells the Pioneer Press that he paused for a moment and thought twice about killing the deer, then decided to shoot it.

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  • Chris

    This is too bad. While I dont’t hunt, I do a lot of fishing and I think hunters could learn from the fishermen, some fish are just worth throwing back. The hey it’s a rare deer, better shoot it mentality, gives hunters a bad name..

  • Jake

    A really great story. Does anybody recall the dozens of rounds of high powered ammo being fired at about 8:45 PM last friday, about 6-7 miles west of Onamia, MN?? I counted at least 40-50 rounds within 5 minutes. Same thing happened two years ago, with no media coverage, no arrests, and no explanations.

    • Tom

      so what.

    • Tom D

      High powered ammo!!! OMG!!! You have no clue what you’re talking about.

  • Barb Ha

    I found this man simply disgusting!

    • Tom D

      I find you simply disgusting!

  • Bob

    so much for being a responsible hunter.

  • john

    What a shame – some people just don’t get it.

  • Bob

    He only killed it to be in the news

  • Le

    If this guy hadn’t killed it another would have and that person would be on the news… I think it’s neat

  • wow

    why the hell would you kill a RARE animal… come on… are there not enough other deer to kill goodness sakes….

    • Tom D

      It’s only rare because it’s a genetic mutation; it’s not like it’s some mythical creature dude.

      • Tom SuX

        Tom D The huntin hillbilly. Gon get em self some jerkey this season.

  • ^ Dorks abound ^

    And the American pussification continues – see most comments above. Quit worrying about a stupid little deer and go get a job, already.

  • Rifles firing the day before opener

    Dorks abound comment, too bad you aren’t one of the few “Real” men, remaining on this planet. They have dignity. And poaching is a sorry happening in the state of MN. I doubt any more, the DNR will ever get it under control. I saw my first deer fur from a kill, and gutting gloves where I live in early August next to a portable stand. It is the 365 night and day a year Deer Season, where I live. Many deer were shot the day before opening when Only ducks are to be hunted. Ducks don’t congregate in the woods. No, “Real men” have ethics.

    • Karyn Roesler

      What does that have to do with this story. Its a deer..It was taken legally. Again-as said before-it wasnt a ystical creature. Would you prefer huntng stop. And then the deer can thrive, and be overpopulated, and starve to death. Because starving to death is certainly better huh.

  • MrAwesome

    Gun vs. deer? Real manly… Those fat ass Minnesotans need to eat some damn vegetables.

  • Steve

    Real men head into the woods this time of year to shoot things that don’t shoot back…and they leave guy’s like me back in the city to entertain their women…PRICELESS!!!

  • Manny

    I usually don’t bother commenting on these things, however piebald deer are not as rare as most people think and hunting, although controversial for some, is an essential part of keeping the deer herds healthy and maintaining a balanced eco-system. Hunters do more for conservation than 99 percent of the ordinary people do!

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