Trial Opens In Murder Of Transgender Woman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Opening statements are expected today in the case of a man accused of killing a woman in her apartment last January.

The murder of 45-year-old Krissy Bates was the first homicide in 2011 for the City of Minneapolis. The victim was a transgender woman who previously went by the name Christopher Paul Bates.

Bates was found on Jan. 11 by the caretaker of her apartment building on the 1300 block of Linden Avenue. She had suffered four stab wounds to the torso and neck.

According to the original criminal complaint, a neighbor informed police that Bates had recently begun seeing a man she met online named Arnie Waukazo.

When police caught up with him, Waukazo admitted to getting into an argument with Bates and strangling her with his hands until she lost consciousness.

Court records show when Waukazo made an attempt to move her, he said she jumped. He told police he didn’t want her to “come back,” so he grabbed a folding knife off a hutch and stabbed her multiple times.

Waukazo does not want a jury trial, so a judge will listen to testimony and make a decision in the case.

  • Christopher H

    If you can’t spell it, you shouldn’t be voting on it. LEAVE IT BLANK.

    • MarkH.

      My uncle & I blew a Tranny in Iowa last summer….Peace

  • Kim

    Don’t know era you are from, but your tasteless remark about Ms. Bates tells me you must’ve been brought up in the dark society of idiots. We’re in the 21st century and surely we’ve gotten past the crazy attitude that one person is better than another? Vote for equality for ALL humankind!

  • paulahare2


  • Kevin

    Why even put “transgender” in the article? Does it make the murder more or less criminal? Ever see the titile “Murder trial for hetrosexual begins?” I guess it sells the news……Racism and equality to all will happen…..when we are all just people. Not Hmong, Gay, White, Black, Somalian…..just people….sad…..

    • It's Chris!

      get back to the occupy minnesota protest, Libby!

  • Susan

    A man was murdered, not a woman.

    A man can have operations, hormone treatments, dress differently, etc., but he is still a man. Nothing can change that fact. Nothing. It is DNA.

    Buying into this fantasy of being able to change sexes is a bizarre delusion that should not be encouraged.

  • Tom


    The fact that your parents didn’t abort you should have been discouraged.

    • Susan


      Unless you have an intelligent comment to make, you should refrain from posting.

  • Special Agent Dale Cooper

    Wow Tom, way to respect another person’s opinion. No matter how much it differs from your own. It’s a shame your mother didn’t abort you out of smite. Although I would never wish that on anyone. Because you Tom – you add value to my life. I need you. Your bleeding heart liberal minded opinion on alternative viewpoints for certain issues – if absent from this world – would cause my hip to dislocate and and that “thing” on my lip to boil up to the point I felt I needed to treat it like a pimple….. But it’s not a pimple Tom. :) Carmex won’t treat it – and the doctors can’t save it. Ahhh…. and speaking of pimples. I had this one my butt that about as big as a quarter a couple weeks back. I simply let it be. But one day…..I farted. And would you believe the damn thing exploded? Wow what a relief that was…. Uh, where were we?

    • Mike

      It is apparant that you are the one that does not respect anothers opinion. Tom establlished his opinion and you failed the premise of your opening sarcastic statement by stepping on his. Fool.

  • Garbage

    Leave it to all the idiots on this page to cut others down instead of comments on the story.

  • Pat

    He/She probably didn’t tell the guy that she was a guy. This guy should get off with a warning.

    • paulahare2

      it is it-d-it’s like you –is why I have a tv show on MTN

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