Carver Man Indicted For Producing Child Pornography

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Carver man has been indicted in federal court for allegedly producing child pornography.

Randy Davies Anderson, 48, was charged with one count of child pornography production for an incident that happened in Jan. 2011.

According to the U.S. Attorney s Office, Anderson coerced a girl into engaging in sexual conduct for the purpose of producing pornography.

A criminal complaint filed in Carver County said authorities learned about Anderson during another child pornography investigation in July 2011. During that investigation, authorities found two pornographic images that were sent from Anderson’s computer.

In September, authorities executed a search warrant of Anderson’s home and seized computers that contained images of child pornography.

If convicted of one count of producing child pornography, Anderson faces up to 30 years in prison. Anderson remains in custody.

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  • just sayin

    What the heck is wrong with people. Get your heads out of the gutters you filth!

  • consider this

    How interesting though. He can get 30 years for one incident of child pornography yet Amy Senser will get an absolute maximum of 4 years for killing a man with her vehicle then leaving the scene without attempting to help him.

    Of course child pornography is a no-no and should be punished but is it seven and a half times worse than killing a man?

    • Realist

      I’m sure a good number of exploited children wish they were dead. They get to live the rest of their lives with a physical and emotional trauma.

  • Realist

    Your parents would like their computer back… you alloted computer time has expired.

  • th

    You are sick. Being gay is not what causes child pornography.

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