Duggers Announce 20th Kid

The Arkasas couple has announced a new addition bringing their brood up to 20.

  • John Clark

    20 and counting? Since I don’t follow this reality show I initially thought that this couple was admirable for adopting a 20th child. However learning that they had probably planned to have this 20th child through birth my opinion has changed. With the world population where it is in and resources dwindling I think that couples that decided to bring this many kids into the world is highly irresponsible.

    • Sara

      Just exactly who are YOU to Judge them???? They are two wonderful, upstanding parents and citizens who live by the laws of GOD! Perhaps you can learn something from them eh? CONGRATS TO THE DUGGERS!!!!

      • jackactionhero

        Live by the laws of god? What exactly does that mean, and why does it mean they’re wonderful people? What laws “of god” exactly? Please be specific.

  • 3 is enough for me!

    If someone wants to have 50 children and they can support those children, then who am I or is anybody else to judge them?
    Now if you become so ill that your 19th child has to be delivered by emergency c-section at 26 weeks to save your life I think it’s about time to start thinking about your 19 living children and what they would do without you before you try for the 20th.

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