Fergus Falls Hunter Attacked By Buck

FERGUS FALLS, Minn. (AP) — A hunter from Fergus Falls will have a story to tell at deer camp for years to come.

Don Stock says he’s a bit stiff and sore but glad to be alive after he was attacked by an injured buck while he and his hunting party were driving some land near his farm during the current deer hunting season.

Stock says he spotted the buck laying on the ground and thought it was dead. Then the deer’s ear twitched and everything changed. The deer scrambled up and charged Don, slamming into him with its head and antlers and throwing him to the ground. The hunters believe the deer had been shot shortly before Stock discovered it and was delirious. Stock tells WDAY-TV he’s done hunting for the season.

  • Boris Henderson

    Good for the buck!

  • mubamba

    Good thing he wasn’t poked with the horns.

  • Jake

    Yeah, but according to “mark too” and “sam”, he was a ‘good’ hunter because he didn’t shoot, probably better for him to get killed rather than shoot at a running/charging deer because he might not be able to shoot the deer precisely in the vitals. I had a large buck charge me a couple of years ago, it easily outweighed me by 50 pounds. I shot him from 15 feet away. Had I missed, I could have easily been killed.

  • PB

    So, what to the buck?

  • PB

    Oops, meant to say what happened to the buck?

  • at you dummy

    Buck You you idiot!

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