MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Last year e-readers were at the top of a lot of people’s Christmas lists. In fact, right at the start of 2011, libraries started noticing more people checking out electronic books.

Throughout the year, Librarians in Anoka County have noticed that more children’s titles are being checked out.

Some kids seem to really like e-readers. The digital screens and buttons help them get excited about reading.

Lily Myers, a fifth grader, loves reading titles on her new Amazon Kindle.

“I like to play with a lot of electronic things. It’s easier to read on something electronic,” said 10-year-old Lily.

Lily’s mother said her daughter liked to read traditional books before she got the Kindle, but notices her excitement for her new e-book.

“She does have to be asked to stop reading,” said Lily’s mom Adria Myers.

Kids of all ages are finding interest in e-books and libraries are preparing. Anoka County libraries introduced electronic titles earlier this year. So far, nearly 3,000 kids e-books have been checked out as well as nearly1,500 teen titles.

“It’s just nice to have it from the library because you know you’re getting a book from the library but it’s on one of my favorite things to ready on,” said Lily.

Libraries are offering picture books for younger children. The Trapskin family makes use of Anoka County’s online services to download books for their 1- and 3-year-old children.

“It brings the library to our house,” said Ben Trapskin.

You can find the program to download electronic titles from Anoka County Libraries here.

More parents have been asking about e-books for kids, which lets librarians know that a number of kids and teens will be receiving e-readers this holiday season.

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