MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — We escaped the latest storm system without one single flake.

Parts of southeastern Minnesota racked up three inches, while some towns in Wisconsin endured nearly a foot of snow with others experiencing thunder snow.

The two things we can’t escape are the strong northwest winds and the cooler air being pulled in from Canada.

Thursday will be the coolest day since early May. Our high around 41 degrees will feel worse with a persistent northwest wind.

Now, the good news.

A warm front will be approaching from the west causing the wind to shift from the southwest. That will usher in warmer air for Veterans Day, and towns enjoying the feel of the 50s this weekend.

Also, I don’t see any big storms in sight.

  1. Lessons says:

    The Weatherman Is Not Always Right You Know

    Years ago, I received a great lesson from my son Bryan…he was 4 years old at the time.

    We were getting ready to leave in the morning…him to nursery school and me to work. It was cloudy outside and I told him to go get his jacket…it was going to rain.

    He asked me how I knew it was going to rain.

    I told him that I watched the weather the night before and that the weatherman said it was going to rain. Bryan stayed where he was.

    Go get your coat, I said.


    Finally, he issued his words of wisdom:

    “The weatherman is not always right you know.”

    Boy, oh boy. Has that resonated in my life over the years…over and beyond the weather. And it rears its head all the time in my professional life.

    . . .I learn, and remember the lessons, from four year olds.

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