New Brighton Man Charged With Soliciting Minors

ANOKA, Minn. (WCCO) — A 20-year-old New Brighton, Minn. man has been arrested and charged after allegedly soliciting sexual favors from young teenage girls.

According to the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office, Jesse William Asher was arrested on Tuesday after investigators were tipped to three reports of solicitation.

Investigators said they believe Asher was seen driving around Columbia Heights during school hours, and approaching young teenagers.

He has been charged with three counts of solicitation of a child, and an additional count of stalking a victim under 18 years old.

  • Terry

    Let’s legalize prostitution.

  • Kevin

    Aiin’t diversity grand?

  • See BS

    I think the media is promoting fake fear.

  • Just another Saying

    So What How is he going to know their ages. Now days kids are too gigantic than their age. He looks 12 to me too. Just let him go.

    • Another Liberal

      No way, I say we torture him.

  • Stu Sumpter

    Billy Gilman, stick to singing.

  • gily

    When I was in high school there was always the few losers who didn’t do anything when they turned 18 and continued to hang out with high school kids after school and during football games and things like that. That’s probably what this is.

    • See BS

      I was thinking the same thing, like the matthew mcconaughey character in the film “Dazed and Confused”

      ” I keep getting older, they stay the same age.”

  • markH

    When I was a kid we called it “cruising”, now it’s a felony.

    • Dude

      He was bothering 13 year olds

      • Setting

        Does he have somekind of Scanner to match their appearance with age. Just let him go. He’s just 18 and want a girl fraind.

        • Well

          He’s 20, not 18. And if you think it’s hard to tell the difference between an 18 year old girl and a 13 year old girl, you’d better stay away from schools!!

          • @Well

            Actually mr know it all in Minnesota you can be 40 and be with a 16 year old, as long as you’re not in a position of power and the female gives consent, so knowing the difference between a 13,14 or 16 year old can be difficult.

    • MarkH

      Now that I’m older & no longer closeted I still “cruise”..But now it’s done in Loring Park..Peace

      • finally the answer...

        Well thanks for the info…been wondering about you in many different posts as to what you’re all about…

        • MarkH.

          I’m so flattered that you’ve bee thinking about me…care to hookup?

          • @MarkH

            Actually, NO THANKS…May God’s Peace be with you.

  • Kayla

    haha my boyfriend went to high school with him & you guys are all wrong. We both agree he should not be let go. He was an adult & was all with it in his head. He knew what he was doing. He must have been leading almost a ‘double life’ persay, unless his girlfriend of a 2 years knew. Yuck, he deserves whats coming!

    • Chandra

      I agree with you Kayla!!! His girlfriend use to be my best friend and I dont think she would have stayed with him if she knew….

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