Penn State Sports Announcer Details Paterno Firing And Reaction

Longtime Penn State play by play voice Steve Jones shared details of legendary coach Joe Paterno’s firing late last evening in State College Pennsylvania.  The winningest coach in major college football history was unceremoniously dumped Wednesday night along with Penn State president Graham Spanier, fired in phone calls by a board of trustees fed up with the damage being done to the university’s reputation by a child sex-abuse scandal involving Paterno’s one-time heir apparent.  Jones talked with Dave Lee early Thursday morning.

  • JJHT

    He should have been fired immediately. I heard Sid Hartman this morning defending him. It is time for Sid to go too. When a child’s welfare is less important than bad publicity for a football team. Paterno should have expected an investigation when he “reported” what he was told. When he continued using that same assistant coach he was just as guilty. SId–what if it was your grandchild that was being sexually assaulted and a person in Paterno’s position did nothing more?
    Get your priorities straight. SId–call it a day and retire yourself.

  • Duddyjeffrey

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