By Bill Hudson

CLEAR LAKE, Minn. (WCCO) — It was just before daylight on Wednesday morning when Sherburne County sheriff’s deputies and area SWAT teams swarmed a rural Clear Lake home. Armed with a judge’s search warrant they were looking for illegal drugs.

On the driveway outside the home, resident Randy McEachern responded to search, “They’re not finding anything unusual. They’re not finding anything that they’re not going to find in anyone else’s home, in their personal life or in their closet of skeletons.”

But a sheriff’s department spokesman said they did find illegal drugs, including 394 grams of marijuana, 5 grams of methamphetamines and 3.8 grams of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Rose McEachern, 28, was arrested and arraigned in Sherburne County Court on Thursday for felony drug possession and child endangerment.

Besides the relatively small amounts of illegal drugs, agents seized 71 firearms and $30,000 in cash.

Rose McEachern is facing the child endangerment charge because investigators discovered a loaded shotgun in the bedroom of her 6-year-old son. Also nearby they recovered methamphetamine drug paraphernalia.

Randy McEachern calls it harassment and said the family has done nothing wrong.

“The guns, the cash, it’s all legal. So what they found is nothing,” McEachern added.

When asked if his sister was dealing drugs from the home, a very frustrated Randy McEachern simply responds, “Absolutely not!”

The investigation continues and it’s believed that more arrests are still possible.

Comments (21)
  1. Kevin says:

    71 guns!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! MARRY ME!!!!!

    1. Not only that says:

      She was holding 30 huge!!

      Man, whatta woman!!!

  2. jean says:

    drugs ,what a waste, another broken family,so sad for the children,..;(

      1. jean says:

        So bugs did you lose you meds or your girl freind,LOL

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Meth is not cool at all, but what difference does it make if they had weed and mushrooms? They can be found in the wild almost everywhere.

      But of course, we can go to our doctor at any moment and get 30 OxyContin and OD that night. God forbid anybody tokes any reefer though! Get the torches and pitchforks!

      Why is it a broken family? Why are you sad for the children? There is no evidence the kids have EVER been harmed, so why do you feel they are authorized to intervene?

  3. Nothing Unusual.... says:

    I wish i had 71 guns and 30k cash in my house. You can keep the drugs

    1. Fred Hanson says:


  4. Obv. says:

    I have 0 guns, $30, and some aspirin is all, what am i doing wrong, oh yea working for a living.

  5. felice says:

    drugs aren’t good around children , but 71 guns are !? Ridiculous

    1. rw says:

      Read the article again. One of the charges was child endangerment since there was a loaded gun in the child’s bedroom. That doesn’t support your theory that the guns were okay.

  6. jean says:

    Good Job sheriff’s, deputies and area SWAT teams

  7. Julie says:

    At least they didn’t bust into the wrong home this time.

    1. Molly says:

      Good job? Arresting people who use drugs is not working and never will. If they are doing them in their homes and not affecting the public at large, then the problem is contrived BS. Drugs and other impulsive behaviors like gambling, buying new cars and having your kids in sports are not bad when done responsibly and in moderation. Arresting people, incarcerating them with no help or coordinated effort to help them, (because it’s all BS) is not stopping or preventing the next person or generation from doing the same.

      Last weekend I watched a squirrel in the back yard getting high on over ripened berries in a tree. He chased his tail for a half hour, rolled around in the leaves, leaped around like a nut and eventually staggered back to his home to sleep it off. Thank goodness for him, the other squirrels didn’t seem to mind that he released a little pent up stress and let him have his day without shutting him out from the neighborhood.

      The outcome in this case will be a family destroyed because of draconian drug laws designed to benefit law enforcement and creating a society that undermines itself by pushing behavior under the radar and clearly making the act more dangerous to everyone. It’s all BS.

      1. @Molly says:

        They had 30k in cash and 71 guns, they were dealing drugs obviously thats how authorities were tipped off, since you’re fine with that I hope someone in your family becomes addicted to meth that this innocent family sells to them, you keep standing up for the drug dealers you’re an asset to this state.

      2. Uncle Rico says:

        @ Molly – If a family ends up being destroyed it’s their own fault. Your comparisons, anaolgies, and assumptions are ridiculous.

  8. Paul Solinger says:

    71 guns, and they’re all legal? Yeah, right.

  9. Citizen says:

    You can really see the porcine malevolence in her face, Just amazing.

  10. zee the reporter says:

    don’t believe anything you hear!

  11. Uhhh Duhhh, what's my name? says:

    Christ, woman – has the Sun touched your skin once in the last 5 years?! Looks like a sickly deer being shined…

  12. Bugsy says:

    Good Lord people. Illegal is Illegal… whether you think it should be or not. Weed, shrooms, meth, cocaine, etc. IT IS NOT LEGAL. You know the risks… you do it, deal it, or live with it… you deal with the consequences. And you think that is what a child should be around?! That’s why the world is the way it is.

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