ST. PAUL (WCCO) — The Minnesota Vikings’ stadium issue has sparked a lot of debate and a lot of questions. So, WCCO-TV has received a lot of emails from viewers.

One guy who has some of the answers, or at least knows how to get them, is our political reporter Pat Kessler.

With building a new stadium, a lot of people, including Larry in Eagan, want to know: will the Vikings pay for any cost overruns?

Watch the report above for more!

Comments (11)
  1. Perry says:

    There are no economic benefits to taxpayer subsidized stadiums. Anyone who tells you different is lying.


    1. I'm just sayin' says:

      Perry, Are you saying that the met counsel lied to us? The dome that was built for about 54 million returned over 250 million in taxes and fees according to the met cousel. Did the met cousel lie to us, I for one want to know.

  2. sven and ole says:

    “Oh boy, oh boy, we gotta keep da Vikings here cuz dey keep da whole universe in bizness and it’s 18.67854 bezillion lyerkles out of our pockets if dey move ta sum udder place.”

  3. Rasputin says:

    Catholic Priest: “Did you year about what Zygi Wilf is trying to do to Minnesota?”

    Penn State Coach: “Yeah, and it make me sick to my stomach.”

  4. I'm Just Sayin' says:

    I keep hearing we are broke and can not afford this, but where is all of our money going? I do not hear people complaining about all the parks we have. I do not hear people complaining abot the new crosstown intersection. What about those 50K water fountains? How abot all the money spent on the select ARTS groups? I do not hear people complaining about the ten EXTRA BUSSES that run from out of state to MN the first ten days of each month, when AFDC and food stamps are distributed. So, you tell me, where are our priorities? Do we want to feed and give money to bus loads of people from Gary Indiana and Chicago Illinois, or do we want to build something that will have a positive economic impact here? PLEASE note, I am not a vikings fan, but if we lose them we will lose all of the tax revenue and the income made by the service people that live off of those ten games a year. I will say though that I am against how Minneapolis is playing political games to kill the arden hills stadium only to get one built in Minneapolis and to spend an EXTRA 100 million on Minneapolis pet projects. If you really are against this stadium, then you should be royally P.O.’d at Minneapolis and their wasteful spending..

    1. Skol always says:

      It’s not just 10 games of revenue. It is also concerts prep sports, special events. Why does this fact keep getting ignored?

      1. I'm Just Sayin says:

        Last I heard, the dome is booked 350 days a year. So the loss is for the ten games only. oh, and the first playoff game each year they lose… 😦

        Of course a new state of the art beautiful facility would bring in even more opportunity and the ability to host larger conventions in the twin cities. But of course, when talking about arts and other pet projects using tax payer funds we allow speculation on the future benefits, but not when talking about business.

    2. Gill says:

      I am upset about all of the wasteful spending. I think our state is insane that we are so far into debt and they are even enteraining the idea to spend more money we don’t have. The stadium along with most things are nice to have, not must have.

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