ST. PAUL (WCCO) — On Veterans Day, state leaders are highlighting the need to help unemployed vets.

Minnesota has a high number of veterans out of work with 23 percent of post-9/11 service men and women are looking for jobs in Minnesota.

That is the third highest in the nation.

At the official state ceremony in Inver Grove Heights, Gov. Mark Dayton and Sen. Amy Klobuchar talked about efforts underway to help veterans looking for work.

Dayton said the state is working to expand Minnesota’s GI Bill to assist with job training.

Klobuchar talked about legislation that just passed in the U.S. Senate Thursday with a vote of 94-1. She said the legislation would provide tax incentives to employers who hire veterans.

“While Minnesota does (do) so much better with our unemployment rate than so many other states in the country, we still have so much work to do when it comes to our veterans,” she said. “The last people who should be standing in line to wait for a job are those that have served our country so bravely.”

The bill still needs to pass in the House. Klobuchar said it does have bi-partisan support.

The bill comes at a time when the U.S. is about to welcome home nearly 40,000 troops from Iraq.

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  1. Elmo says:

    Being a 20 year retired Vet. I have a Masters Degree, so I don’t qualify for training. I have no job, and can’t keep up-to-date on my skills nor will companies take me on because I have a felony dating back 7 years ago. Little does the public know 10% of the prison population across our Country are Vets. When we get out, we have a 33% UI rate, and no programs to get us rolling again into society. I am ready, and look forward to working again one day. Hire A VET, please. Thank you

  2. lou says:

    Elmo post is why we should not have yet another handout for anyone. I am not a vet, but have plenty of friends and family in the military, and we all agree.
    It was the choice of the person to go into the military, it was the choice for them to commit a crime, it was a choice for them to stay in the military.
    This will just create another group of whiners that will complain they are going to die when the handout has to be removed when our government runs out of money.
    Why do this?
    I am not unpatriotic; I thank every service person and support their decision to be a vet.
    But why another hand out for them?

    1. Elmo says:

      Guess you can’t read. No Vet wants a Hand Out, hand shake, yes. We want a Job, and just ask to hire those that have no job. A person that has been away from Civilian life, weather overseas or in prison, needs work. We have skills, just need an opportunity again to put them skill to work. Once again I ask Hire a Vet.

      Sometimes depression kicks in a persons life, and we make a poor choice. Forgive me for making a mistake in my 50 years. I’ll try not to do anymore.

  3. Soldier says:

    I’m a Vet and many of my friends are Vets. The only thing that i think would be extremely helpful would be to eliminate the expiration of the GI Bill. Under the old GI Bill, the education benefits stop after 10 years whether the service members used them or not. I think it should be extended for life. Many homelesss Vets would requalify. To me, this is the break some need to get back into the swing of things again. This isn’t asking for anything special since they have contributed to this program and the money was allocated for in the past.

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