Wis. Bureau: Turkey Dinner Will Cost 11 Percent More

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Wisconsin Farm Bureau says the average price of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in the state is just over $50 this year.

That’s up almost $5, or 11 percent, from last year.

That might sound like a steep increase, but Farm Bureau spokesman Casey Langan says the costs are for a dinner for 10. That works out to about $5 per person, which he says makes a nutritious Thanksgiving meal a better deal than a trip through the drive-thru.

The study also factored in prices for items including cranberries, potatoes, peas, rolls and milk.

Wisconsin’s increase outpaced the rise in prices nationwide. The American Farm Bureau Federation says the average national price is about $49.

The average price for a 16-pound turkey is $23.20 in Wisconsin and about $21.60 nationwide.

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  • Bob

    And the government wonders why no one is spending money. Raise fees on everything, gas is more expensive,food is more expensive and employers are not giving as much in raises. At some point we do not have anymore money to spend.

  • ME


  • Sgt

    I havent a raise in over 5 yrs. Beer prices are going up 5 to 8%

  • Sgt

    I havent had a Pay Raise since 2007.
    on a side note beer prices are going up 5% to 8%

  • Bob

    3 years with no raise, and to deal with that I drink. It is a vicious circle.

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