State Rep. Talks Racino On WCCO Sunday Morning Show

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The debate continues over at the Minnesota State Capitol over a plan for a new Vikings stadium and exactly how to pay for it.

Financing options became limited after Gov. Mark Dayton announced that no taxes could be used as money to help pay for the public funding side of the stadium. That leaves few other revenue streams available, but one that can definitely help pay for a stadium is through gaming.

There has been much talk about putting slot machines at Canterbury Park and Running Aces as well as the possibility of putting a casino on Block E in downtown Minneapolis. State Representative Mark Buesgens, a racino supporter, stopped by the WCCO Sunday Morning Show to talk about what strengths the racino option offers.

  • Here's a thought, Zippy pays for it.

    How to pay for it? Simple. The public doesn’t pay for it, Zygi pays for it. He reaps all the rewards, let him absorb all the expenses.

    No public money for Zygi, no gaming proceeds for Zygi, just a lot of help packing so he can get out of Minnesota.

  • jimmy

    Of course Buesgensis for racino they probably promised him free drinks. Maybe even a room at the motel so he doesn’t kill anyone on the way home.

    • sick of people's BS

      That was over a year ago. People get help and change. Grow up jimmy. God forbid that you would ever make a mistake right jimmy

  • Ken

    The teams sucks anyways. With not one super bowl win or even an appearance since the 70’s what makes this team think they deserve a new place. The dome is nice and good enough for another 20yrs. No need to leave or demolish a perfectly good building. If they don’t like it then get out of here we will go to Green Bay for a get away and a game. Would be more fun anyways watching a team that wins.

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  • Jill

    First, the gambling revenue isn’t enough.

    Second, why should Zygi get our gambling revenue?

    Why not use it for bridges, schools, hospitals or property tax relief?

    • Gill

      I agree 100%.

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