2 Men Sentenced In 2007 Home Invasion, Murders

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Two men received life sentences Monday for the deaths of three people in a 2007 home invasion.

Tyvarus Lee Lindsey, 29, and Rashad Raleigh, 33, both of St. Paul, were sentenced to life in prison on three counts of murder and 10 years in prison for one count of firearm possession for the March 23, 2007 incident in federal court.

According to the charges, Lindsey and Raleigh shot and killed Otahl Saunders, 31, his live-in girlfriend Maria McLay, 32, and McLay’s 15-year-old daughter Brittany Kekedakis. The criminal complaint states the three were shot in front of McLay’s two other children, ages 7 and 10, who later ran to a relative’s house for help.

District Court Judge Joan N. Ericksen said both men will serve virtually the entire terms of their sentence behind bars.

“There is nothing that would justify anything other than life in prison,” she said, in a release. “You only get one life, and you will be spending the rest of yours in jail.”

Both men were also ordered to pay $19,500 in restitution.

  • Yea

    Thank you Judge Ericksen for keeping these 2 in jail for LIFE…

    • Shameeka Hawkins

      I have some serious doubts abouth their guilt.

  • Rot In Jail

    Yes thank you, this was such a brutal act and they were tourtered in front of those two children whose lives will forever be changed as well. I hope that they think about what they did every day of their life and live with the regret of taking three wonderful people from their loved ones way to soon.

  • TaxPayer2011

    And now we all get to support these animals for the next 50 years. Is it 45K per year per inmate? Were is the death penatly when you need it.

  • just sayin

    I’d rather see them get a bullet to the head.

    • fred

      let them get what they gave

  • Deep Thinker

    Tyvarus & Rashad….gee…who would have thought it…prison is far to good for these two losers, why don’t they do the honorable thing & just kill themselves

  • Joe from Mn

    There is nothing you can do to these two to make up for what they have done. If you feel they need to be punished, let any and all that want to inflict pain on them do it, then dispsoe of them the cheapest way.

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