Hikers Released By Iran Set May Date For Wedding

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Two American hikers accused of spying and imprisoned in Iran are planning to get married in the spring.

Cindy Hickey, the mother of Minnesota native Shane Bauer, says her son will marry Californian Sarah Shourd on May 5 in the San Francisco area.

Bauer, Shourd and their friend, Josh Fattal, were arrested by Iranian soldiers in July 2009 as they hiked near the Iraq-Iran border. Bauer proposed to Shourd while both were in prison, fashioning an impromptu ring out of threads from his shirt.

Thirty-three-year-old Shourd was released after 14 months, but Bauer and Fattal, both 29, were held for more than two years before being freed on bail in September.

Fattal, an environmental activist, is from Elkins Park, a Philadelphia suburb.

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  • jackactionhero

    These are two of the most unattractive America Haters I’ve ever seen.

    • d

      CCO is this really news?

  • dan

    Who cares, just away!

  • mwern

    What’s wrong with you people ( jackactionhero and dan )??? Haven’t these innocent people suffered enough? I wish them much love and happiness as they deserve it.

    • jackactionhero

      What innocent people?

      Maybe the question that needs to be asked is what’s wrong with YOU?

      These people were living in the middle east making a living off speaking out against America’s involvement in the middle east, and became victims of the middle easterner’s hatred of America and Americans instead.

      They can go take a leap.

  • Larry

    Whats newworthy about this?? Who Cares WCCO. these two are nothing but cluless idiots that willingly and knowingly did a very stupid thing….whatever hardship and suffering they endured was all brought on by themselves!!. Wish america wouldn’t have given a dime to help them out; what thanks did they give, none, still america-haters. Maybe for their honeymoon they’ll go take a hike on the Mexican border never to return.

  • rj

    I hope their not leaving the country on the honeymoon. we can’t afford it.

  • maxey

    Surprised the nuptials aren’t on North Korea’s border with China.

    • larry

      Now that’s funny…..

  • They should be in jail

    These freaks have got to go away. Hope they spend their Honeymoon in Mexico

  • mini

    OMG! Do you suppose they may breed? Great, more morons in the USA.

    Hope they go hiking on their honeymoon.

    • God rid us of delinquents like this

      God, I was just thinking this. Please be sure that these two are neutered and spayed before letting them exchange nuptials – we sure don’t need numb-nuts like these breeding…

  • What Next?

    My daughter was not hiking in Iraq and is engaged to be married next December. Can you put this on as a news headline. Your standards have sunk really low “CCO

  • Al

    I still want to know who is in the negatives these idiots have? I mean they make the news more than Brett Favre!! I for one am glad they got home but they were the inheritors of their own naive stupidiity!!

  • Pavel

    Typical nit-wits and all three totally ignorant! Send them on a trip way out of this country. Hope comeone pickets their wedding.

  • Bugs

    Haven’t these two Marxist losers found work yet? Are they looking?

  • go away.

    WCCO please stop giving these losers publicity. This is not news. My cousin got married last weekend. He serves in the Air Force and loves his country.

    • molly

      Right On!! Are you listening ‘CCO. Lets use your newsstation for worthy news reporting.!!! THese idiot hikers and what they are doing in their lives is hardly newsworthy, we don’t care!! Report on the happenings of some real hero Americans like our troops. Quit bothering us with these stupid idiot hikers that are dumber than rocks and anti-americans.

  • red

    ggggggg Gag!

  • MarshallD

    I thought Sarah was out on Bail… is she going to skip out on her court date…can not bounty hunters working for Iran take her back for a reward?

  • What Next?

    Can you imagine what the offspring will look like? GAG!

  • jimmy

    I have a bullet for each one other their heads!

  • we are sooo coool

    This is like the Kardashian’s wedding, only with an Iranian theme.

  • joe

    I wonder if these morons are going hiking for the honeymoon. I sure hope they don’t reproduce. Enough stupid people in the world already.

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