Tips For A Healthier Holiday Season

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The holidays make life hectic and that could lead to some really bad habits including eating on the go and not picking healthy options.

An extra 300 calories a day can really add up this time of year — from Thanksgiving to New Years, 300 calories a day is more than an extra 11,000 calories. That translates into pounds.

You’re not alone if you want a strategy to beat the holiday bulge. We talked to Anika DeCoster, R.D., a registered dietitian for Life Time Fitness. Click below to hear what tips you can do while out and about from everything to holiday shopping to Christmas parties.

Experts also suggest hitting the gym before a party because your body is less likely to convert any treats into fat. Just don’t use that as an excuse to overeat.

Another tip is to take the good habits and strategies you pick up over the holidays and let that translate into a healthier New Year too.

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