MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — New research from the Breast Cancer Fund shows that some Thanksgiving favorites could be harmful to your health.

The fund tested 28 canned goods used around Thanksgiving for BPA levels, or the chemical Bisphenol-A.

BPA has been used to make the linings of metal food cans. At high levels, some studies have linked BPA to breast and prostate cancer, infertility, type-2 diabetes, obesity and ADHD.

The fund performed tests in four states, including Minnesota. The research involved canned goods like Cream of Mushroom Soup, Turkey Gravy and Pumpkin filling.

They found that about 12 of the canned foods studied would lead to dangerous exposures, although the results varied widely from state to state.

Minnesota had the highest BPA levels for Campbell’s Turkey Gravy and Cream of Mushroom Soup as well as Del Monte Fresh Sweet Corn and Green Giant Cut Green Beans.

The one product across the board without any BPA detection was Ocean Spray Jellied Cranberry Sauce.

“Consumers have no way of assessing BPA levels just by looking at cans on supermarket shelves,” said Gretchen Lee Salter, policy manager at the Breast Cancer Fund. “The findings of this report highlight the urgent need to remove BPA from food packaging so that shoppers can be confident that the food they are purchasing is safe for their families—not only on Thanksgiving, but every day.”

The people behind the study suggest using products sold in cartons and jars.

To see the full study, click here.


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