MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A 41-year-old Apple Valley woman is accused of assaulting another woman and damaging her car for her alleged role in a love triangle between firefighters, according to charges filed Wednesday in Dakota County Court.

Trudy Jean Hagert was charged with felony robbery, fourth-degree damage to property and fifth-degree assault in connection with the Nov. 8 incident.

According to a criminal complaint, an officer at the Apple Valley fire station was approached by a firefighter who was crying and yelling for help at about 9:30 p.m. on Nov. 8. The woman said she had just been assaulted in the parking lot of the station by Hagert and believed it was because Hagert didn’t approve of her new boyfriend, a fellow firefighter.

The woman also said she believed Hagert tampered with her car earlier in the week, causing it to run poorly. Due to the car incident, the woman left her car at the station and was using her mother’s car, which was keyed.

On the night of Nov. 8, the victim came to the fire station to pick up some personal items and saw Hagert near her car, which was parked in the lot. As she got closer, she saw Hagert spray painting the word “slut” on her car. The victim took a picture on her phone of the incident, and when Hagert saw that she approached her and tried to take the phone away from her, the complaint states.

A struggle ensued, and Hagert proceeded to hit the victim, pull her hair and strangle her, according to the complaint. Hagert allegedly pulled the victim from her car, and she fell to the ground on her knees and face. Hagert then took her phone and fled the scene.

Officers observed that the car had the word “slut” spray painted on it at least three times. The victim was taken to a hospital and treated for a concussion.

Police later found Hagert at her home and arrested her. If convicted on all charges, she could face more than 11 years in jail and/or $22,000 in fines.

Comments (10)
  1. Lisa Novak says:

    Wow, they’re worse than lovelorn diaper wearing astronauts…

  2. Murph says:

    Sound’ s like a story from the Netherlands to me!

  3. See BS says:

    They used mug shots for that U of M basketball player who posted something nice on someones facebook wall.

    Shouldn’t she be charged with Stalking too?

  4. Fireman Bill says:

    Firefighters always wear a mustache.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      I think Mustaches are sexy. My partner Bruce wore a mustache for many years. It tickled.

      1. sad but true says:

        Yum, i got a tickle from Bruce one time at ” The Park “…..just kidding

  5. Don Juan says:

    Things got a little HOT!

  6. KegHead says:

    Hmm..crack maybe?

  7. DeeDee says:

    lol…. that’s almost funny. A female firefighter who can’t handle a crazed angry woman?? If that was my car I would have had to whip dat tail! I really want to see what this crazy woman looks like.. And this other firefighter must be one hot daddy to cause all of this!!

  8. seal 'em says:

    keep thy legs shut and we have no problems girls…..

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