ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Who would have gained from votes in thousands of rejected absentee ballots in Minnesota’s close 2008 Senate race will forever remain a mystery.

The Minnesota Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected a television station’s attempt to gain access to the ballots.

Even if KSTP-TV and other Hubbard Broadcasting Corp. stations had prevailed, it wouldn’t have changed Sen. Al Franken’s 312-vote win over former Republican Sen. Norm Coleman. The ballots had been deemed flawed or improperly cast.

The high court said the sealed ballots “unambiguously” count as private information under the state’s Data Practices Act.

KSTP sued for access in 2009, saying the goal was to examine how the election process worked in 2008, and where it didn’t. A lower court initially granted access, but that was overturned on appeal.

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Comments (11)
  1. dan says:

    Go figure – Democracy at its finest!

  2. Jill says:

    During the recount, the acceptance standards for absentee ballots were lowered in democratic leaning precincts.

    That is how all those extra votes for Franken magically appeared.

    Come on guys, do we have to do the reporting for you?

  3. Pavel says:

    Some people never get it! Democrats got over the election when Bush stole the Presidency. Why is it that Republicans can’t get over this when it was ruled by the courts……most of the justices were appointed by Republican Governors.

    Just overgrown babies!

    1. DougT says:

      Oh we get it – the Democrats are superior and are the only ones who should be allowed to rule us simple folk – who just do not understand nor appreciate all the goodness and light the liberals force upon us.

      Yes master

    2. Betty says:

      At least all the ballots were counted in Florida.

      1. betty says:

        You clearly didn’t pay attention in Florida. Look it up, you won’t believe me

        1. Betty says:

          No one magically showed up the next day with a trunk full of Bush votes like they did in MN with Franken votes.

  4. DougT says:

    The election was stolen – slight of hand by the Democrats……

    So we get a comedian who is not funny, as senator…..And the rest of the country laughs at the joke….

  5. I'm Just Sayin' says:

    Another fine example of great reporting: “A lower court initially granted access, but that was overturned on appeal.” Appeal; by who and why? are us lemmings not allowed to know where the system that governs us is potentially flawed?

  6. Same old, same old says:

    The process was reviewed, reviewed and reviewed again. Both sides had ample opportunity to present evidence and make arguments. Each time, Coleman’s side lost.

    They’re TeaBaggers so they know better than everyone else. Plus they’re way too lazy to take the time to become familiar with the facts of the case. It’s so much easier to make stuff up and shoot their mouths off.

    Man. And they wonder why we laugh at ’em.

    1. See BS says:

      I think we have a Supreme Court with a bunch of Vietnam Draft Dodgers, back when lawschools accepted money for draft waivers.

      Changing the rules made by the Entire Minnesota State Legislative Branch, after an election date is really corny and almost childish.

      “Count all the votes up until Franken wins and then don’t count votes anymore”

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